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A tree on Sesame Street with Grover and Telly.
Miss Piggy sings "Trees" to a tree on The Muppet Show

Trees are inanimate objects, but have been featured many times in Muppet productions, both as animated and inanimate objects.


Sesame Street

The Muppet Show


Christmas Trees


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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus





0 1 2 3
4 11Ash 14Ash 10Ash 2Ash
5 7Ash 5Ash 12Ash 2Chestnut_tree 5Ash
6 10Ash 1Chestnut_tree 9Ash


Astrub Forest

-2 -1 0 1 2 3
-29 5Ash4Chestnut_tree The Cradle    
-28 5Ash5Chestnut_tree 5Ash3Chestnut_tree 3Chestnut_tree6Oak1Maple 4Ash4Chestnut_tree3Walnut 2Ash3Chestnut_tree2Walnut6Oak 1Ash1Chestnut_tree1Maple
-27 4Ash5Chestnut_tree 7Ash5Chestnut_tree5Walnut 6Ash4Chestnut_tree 7Ash2Chestnut_tree1Oak 18Ash3Chestnut_tree
-26 3Ash5Chestnut_tree 6Ash4Chestnut_tree 7Walnut 9Ash3Chestnut_tree 11Ash4Chestnut_tree 18Ash3Chestnut_tree
-25 5Ash5Chestnut_tree 3Ash5Chestnut_tree 7Walnut 3Ash5Chestnut_tree Lumberjacks' workshop 6Ash8Chestnut_tree 6Ash8Chestnut_tree
-24 7Ash4Chestnut_tree 5Ash4Chestnut_tree 8Ash 9Ash3Chestnut_tree 2Ash2Chestnut_tree2Walnut2Oak 2Ash4Chestnut_tree4Walnut
-23 3Ash4Chestnut_tree 7Ash2Chestnut_tree 6Ash  
-22 5Ash2Chestnut_tree ASTRUB

Astrub City

-1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


-21 1Chestnut_tree1Walnut1Oak1Maple 2Ash1Maple 1Ash1Chestnut_tree 1Oak Lumberjacks' Market
-20 4Ash2Chestnut_tree1Oak1Maple 1Chestnut_tree1Maple
-19 2Ash2Chestnut_tree1Wild Cherry Tree
-18 1Ash1Chestnut_tree 1Chestnut_tree2Walnut2Maple1Charm 1Ash2Chestnut_tree1Walnut
-17 1Ash2Chestnut_tree
-16 4Ash2Chestnut_tree1Walnut 3Chestnut_tree 1Ash
-15 2Ash2Chestnut_tree1Walnut1Maple 3Ash2Chestnut_tree1Walnut

Astrub Fields

Cords 8
-26 2Ash

Field Dungeon

Cords 7
-25 12Ash 4Chestnut_tree 1Oak 2Maple

Astrub Outskirts

Cords 5 6 7 8
-22 2 Walnut
-21 A
-20 S
-19 T 2Ash1Chestnut_tree1Walnut
-18 R 1Ash1Walnut1Oak1Yew
-17 U 3Ash 1Ash1Maple
-16 B 1Ash2Chestnut_tree1Walnut 2Ash1Chestnut_tree1Maple
-15 1Ash1Chestnut_tree2Walnut1Maple
-14 3Ash1Oak

Edge of the Treechnid Forest and Cemetery of Heroes

-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1
-12 2Ebony 1Elm
(Flowers Secret Route)
-11 1Ash 2Chestnut_tree 1Walnut
-10 1Yew 1Charm 1Walnut 2Ash 1Chestnut_tree
-9 1Chestnut_tree 1Yew

Bonta and Cania Plains

Around Bonta (includes Eltneg Wood)

Warning: Trools in this area are aggro!

- -28 -27 -26 -25 -24 -23 -22 -21 -20 -19 -18 -17
62 4Chestnut_tree3OakEbony
61 Ash2Chestnut_tree2Maple
5Wild Cherry TreeCharmEbony
2AshYew2Charm 2Ebony
60 2Walnut2Maple4Yew
59 2Maple2Yew 2Oak2Maple
58 B 2OakYew 2Walnut2Maple
57 O 2Maple2Wild Cherry Tree 2Walnut3MapleWild Cherry Tree 7Walnut2Wild Cherry TreeYew
56 N Bonta entrance Walnut2Chestnut_tree3MapleCharm Lumberjacks' workshop 3MapleYew 4Oak4Maple 3Chestnut_tree4Walnut
2OakWild Cherry Tree
55 T 5Ash3Chestnut_treeCharm Maple3YewEbony 3Chestnut_tree3Maple 5Ash4Chestnut_treeWalnut 3Chestnut_tree4WalnutMapleWild Cherry Tree 2Chestnut_tree3MapleYewCharm 6MapleYew2Ebony 7Chestnut_treeYew
54 A 2Chestnut_tree3MapleYew 2Ash4Chestnut_treeWalnut 3Ash3Chestnut_tree
Chestnut_treeWalnut4MapleYew 2Chestnut_tree2Oak2Maple 2Chestnut_treeWalnut2Oak
53 OakMaple2Yew
2Wild Cherry Tree
5WalnutYewCharm 3Ash5Walnut 5Chestnut_tree3Oak
52 Chestnut_tree2WalnutOakMapleWild Cherry Tree 3Chestnut_tree3Walnut
51 Maple3Wild Cherry Tree 2AshChestnut_tree2WalnutOak Ebony
50 5OakMapleEbony
49 4Ash2Chestnut_tree 6Ash 6Ash WalnutMaple
48 2Walnut2YewWild Cherry Tree 3OakMaple Chestnut_tree2WalnutOak
47 Chestnut_treeWalnut 2Walnut WalnutOak

Cania Massif

101 Bombu

-10 -9 -8
-32 5Bombu 7Bombu
-31 9Bombu
-30 8Bombu
-29 10Bombu
-27 10Bombu
-26 6Bombu
-25 9Bombu
-24 9Bombu
-23 9Bombu
-22 7Bombu 8Bombu 4Bombu


Western Amakna

The Village and surroundings down to Gobball Corner

-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5
-4 1Maple
-3 1Charm
0 1Yew Zaap 1Chestnut_tree
2 6 Chestnut_tree
4 5 Ash 1Ash
5 1Wild Cherry Tree
6 2Chestnut_tree
7 6Chestnut_tree 2Walnut 1Maple 16Ash 10Ash Zaap
8 Imp Carrier 13Ash 9Ash 8Ash 16Ash Lumberjacks' Workshop 9Ash3Chestnut_tree
9 1Chestnut_tree 4Ash 10Ash 9Ash 12Ash 6Ash
10 1Yew 3Yew
11 1Charm 3Ash

The Amakna Forest

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
13 1Ash1Chestnut_tree1Maple
14 1Walnut4Oak
15 2Wild Cherry Tree 3Ash3Chestnut_tree2Walnut 2Chestnut_tree1Wild Cherry Tree
16 1Maple 6Ash 2Chestnut_tree 1Chestnut_tree1Maple1 Elm 3Ash7Chestnut_tree3Walnut1Maple 1Ash4Chestnut_tree1Walnut2Oak Lumberjacks' Workshop
17 8Ash3Chestnut_tree1Walnut1Oak2Maple 8Ash5Chestnut_tree2Walnut1Oak1Maple 1Chestnut_tree
18 2Chestnut_tree7Walnut3Oak 5Chestnut_tree3Walnut3Oak1Maple 1Yew
19 1Maple
20 8Ash4Chestnut_tree3Walnut 1Wild Cherry Tree

Scaraleaf Plain

0 1 2 3 4 5
21 Walnut Ash
22 AshChestnut_treeWalnut 3Ash2Chestnut_tree3WalnutOak Maple
23 5Chestnut_treeMaple
29 5Ash 7Ash2Chestnut_treeWalnutOak
30 2Chestnut_tree 10Chestnut_tree 6Chestnut_tree 12Chestnut_tree 3Chestnut_treeWalnutOak Lumberjacks' Workshop 5Ash3Chestnut_tree
31 Ash10Oak 4AshWalnut7Oak 2Ash7WalnutOak 8Oak
32 Walnut

The Dreggon Peninsula

-6 -5
-29 1Ash 8Chestnut_tree 2Walnut 3Chestnut_tree 2Walnut
-30 1Ash 6Chestnut_tree 2Chestnut_tree
-31 1Ash 4Chestnut_tree 1Walnut 1Maple 1Ash 3Chestnut_tree 1Walnut

Porco Territory

2 yew 15 maple 3 ebony 1 charm

Eastern Amakna

The Ingalsses' Fields down to the Bandit Territory

9 10 11 12 13 14
5 1Wild Cherry Tree
9 2Chestnut_tree 2Walnut 3Walnut 1Walnut
12 1Charm
13 2Ash 1Walnut
14 3Chestnut_tree
15 1Ash 4Chestnut_tree 3Walnut
19 5Chestnut_tree 1Maple
20 2Yew 5Ash 6Chestnut_tree 2Maple 5Ash 6Chestnut_tree
21 2Ash 1Wild Cherry Tree 2Ash 5Chestnut_tree 1Maple 1Wild Cherry Tree 5Ash 3Chestnut_tree 2Walnut 2Yew

The Jelly Peninsula

6 7 8 9 10
29 9Ash 3Walnut 5Ash 4Ash 7Ash 5Ash 1 Wild Cherry Tree
30 3Ash 6Walnut 3Maple 1Wild Cherry Tree 13Walnut 2Ash7Walnut 1Charm1Ebony 5Walnut
31 7Oak 8Oak 4Maple

Sidimote Moor

77 Oliviolet

- -27 -26
8 5Oliviolet
9 8Oliviolet
10 10Oliviolet
11 12Oliviolet
12 8Oliviolet
13 9Oliviolet 5Oliviolet
14 10Oliviolet
15 10Oliviolet

Koalak Mountain

Kaliptus Forest

Coords. -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6
6 1Kaliptus
7 1Kaliptus
8 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus
9 1 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus
10 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus
11 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus
12 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus
13 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus
14 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus 1Kaliptus

Pandala Island

Air Pandala

Requires the correct alignment.

15 16 17 18
-35 2Bamboo 3Bamboo
-34 3Bamboo
-33 2Bamboo 4Bamboo 3Bamboo 1 Holy Bamboo 2Bamboo
-32 2Bamboo 3Bamboo 3Bamboo
-31 3Bamboo

Fire Pandala

Feudala Village

 - 26 27 28 29
-51   4 7  
-50   3 7  
-49 4   5 Zaap

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From Lostpedia

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Tree or Trees may refer to:

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about all varieties of trees. For an ordinary tree specifically, see Tree.
Magic trees are distinctive from other types of tree.

Trees are a part of the natural scenery of RuneScape. Trees can be found all across the realm of Gielinor, but especially in forested kingdoms, such as in the tropical jungles of Karamja and the temperate forests of Asgarnia and Misthalin.

If players use a herring (raw or cooked) on any tree, they will receive the message: "This is not the mightiest tree in the forest." This is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and is one of the many cultural references in RuneScape.


Functions of trees

A player lighting logs on fire.

Trees have many functions in RuneScape. Players can interact with most trees, although some are non-interactive and only exist as scenery. Trees play a role in quests, skills, and transportation.

Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Fletching

Players can use a hatchet to cut trees using the Woodcutting skill to gain logs, and different trees yield different types of logs when cut.

Players can then burn these logs with the Firemaking skill to make a fire, usually by using a tinderbox on them. Members can also use the Fletching skill to shape logs into items used for Ranged by using a knife on them.


A Magic Tree grown by Farming.

Members can also grow certain types of trees from seeds using the Farming skill. Players can grow trees by planting tree seeds, fruit tree seeds, or spirit tree seeds in soil-filled plant pots, watering the seeds with a watering can, waiting for a short germination period, then planting them with a seed dibber in tree patches. The only trees which can be grown using Farming are the types of wooden trees which can be cut using the Woodcutting skill, fruit trees, which produce fruit, and Spirit Trees, which can be used for transportation.


Bagged trees can be planted by members in tree hotspots in gardens in player-owned houses using the Construction skill. This also requires a certain Farming level and a watering can.

Bagged trees can be bought from the gardener in the park in north-east Falador. These trees cannot be cut. There are also four types of trees which yield logs which can be made into planks at the sawmill. These planks can then be used to make furniture using Construction.


Specific trees occasionally play roles in quests, such as the Dramen Tree, which is the focus of the Lost City quest or the swaying tree in Fremennik trials. The Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold has a role in some quests involving gnomes, including The Grand Tree quest and the Monkey Madness quest.


The Grand Tree quest also rewards players with the ability to use Spirit Trees, sentient ancient trees which are used by gnomes and friends of their race to travel between certain locations.

Canoe trees can also be cut down using a hatchet and the Woodcutting skill. Once a canoe tree has been felled, players can right-click on it to make one of four types of canoes, which can be used to travel up and down the River Lum, even into the Wilderness.

Types of trees

There are four main types of trees. The type of tree usually determines its uses.

Skill trees

These trees can be cut using the Woodcutting skill, burned using the Firemaking skill, crafted into bows using the Fletching skill, and grown using the Farming skill.

Name of Tree Pay-to-play only? Location(s) Type of logs Level to cut XP for Cutting Level to burn XP for Burning Level to fletch Notes
Tree No Everywhere Regular logs 1 25 1 40 1 Most common type of tree.
Dead tree No 'Haunted' or 'Dark' forests, such as in the Wilderness, around Draynor Manor or in many areas of Morytania, such as the Haunted Woods Regular logs 1 25 1 40 1 Only found in so-called 'haunted' areas.
Achey tree Yes In the Feldip Hills and south of Castle Wars Achey logs 1 25 1 40 7 Also features in some quests involving ogres.
Oak tree No Many forests Oak logs 15 37.5 15 60 20 Oak logs are also used in Construction.
Willow tree No Near most bodies of water Willow logs 30 67.5 30 90 35 Popular for fast Woodcutting and Firemaking experience.
Teak tree Yes Several in the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai Village and on Etceteria, and one tree in the woods south of Castle Wars Teak logs 35 85 35 105 N/A Teak logs are also used in Construction.
Maple tree Yes Near Seers' Village and Sinclair Mansion Maple logs 45 100(200 with clay axe) 45 135 50 Only tree that is members only, that the logs are for all players
Arctic pine Yes On Neitiznot Arctic pine logs 56 40 42 125 N/A Oddly requires high Woodcutting level to cut, but gives little Woodcutting experience, however arctic pine logs require a much lower Firemaking level to burn, but give excellent Firemaking experience. Also featured in The Fremennik Isles quest.
Eucalyptus tree Yes Oo'glog Eucalyptus logs 58 165 58 193.5 N/A Found in a multi-combat area, filled with wolves and Ogress'.
Mahogany tree Yes Several in the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, on Etceteria, and on Ape Atoll Mahogany logs 50 125 50 157.5 N/A Mahogany logs are also used in Construction.
Yew tree No Many forests Yew logs 60 175 60 202.5 65 Popular for profit and Fletching experience, best free-to-play skill tree, common macro target.
Magic tree Yes Lletya, Mage Training Arena, around Sorcerer's Tower Magic logs 75 250 75 303.5 80 Best skill tree, extremely slow cutting, popular for cash and Fletching experience.

Farming trees

Members can grow these trees from tree seeds planted in plant pots and then in tree patches using the Farming skill.

Name of Tree Name of Seed Type Payment for Farmer to Watch Level to grow Growth Time XP to Plant XP to Check Health XP to Harvest Harvest Roots Notes
Oak tree Acorn Wood 1 basket of tomatoes 15 140 min. 18 467.5 N/A N/A Oak roots
Apple tree Apple tree seed Fruit 9 raw sweetcorn 27 880 min. 18 1200 8 Apples N/A
Willow tree Willow seed Wood 1 basket of apples 30 220 min. 25 1456.5 N/A N/A Willow roots
Banana tree Banana tree seed Fruit 4 baskets of apples 33 880 min. 28 1750.5 10.5 Bananas N/A
Orange tree Orange tree seed Fruit 3 baskets of strawberries 39 880 min. 35 2470.5 13.5 Oranges N/A
Curry tree Curry tree seed Fruit 5 baskets of bananas 42 880 min. 40 2907 15 Curry leaves N/A Three curry leaves can be used in an uncooked stew which can then be cooked to curry (requires level 60 Cooking).
Maple tree Maple seed Wood 1 basket of oranges 45 300 min. 45 3404 N/A N/A Maple roots
Pineapple tree Pineapple seed Fruit 10 watermelons 51 880 min. 57 4605.5 22.5 Pineapples N/A Pineapples can be used to make supercompost.
Papaya tree Papaya tree seed Fruit 10 pineapples 57 880 min. 72 6147 27 Papayas N/A
Yew tree Yew seed Wood 10 cactus spines 60 380 min. 81 7069.5 N/A N/A Yew roots
Palm tree Palm tree seed Fruit 15 papayas 68 880 min. 111 10100 42 Coconuts N/A Coconuts can be cracked open with a hammer and the milk can be poured into an empty vial to make a vial of coconut milk, a high level Herblore ingredient.
Calquat tree Calquat tree seed Special 8 poison ivy berries* 72 1300 min. 48.5 12096 Calquat fruits N/A Calquat fruits can be hollowed out with a knife to make a calquat keg, which can hold up to 4 pints of beer. Calquat fruits can also be used to make supercompost.
Magic tree Magic seed Wood 25 coconuts 75 460 min. 145 13768 N/A N/A Magic roots Magic roots can be spun into magic string which can be used on an unstrung emerald amulet and can be enchanted with Enchant Level 2 Jewellery to make an Amulet of Nature (requires level 19 Crafting and level 27 Magic).
Spirit Tree Spirit tree seed Special 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, 1 ground suqah tooth 83 3680 min. 199.5 19302 N/A N/A N/A Only one can be grown at once. Once fully grown, Spirit Trees can be used for transportation. Their seeds are untradeable.

Construction trees

These trees yield logs which can be made into planks at a sawmill. These planks can then be made into furniture using the Construction skill.

Name of Tree Name of Logs Name of Planks Cost for Planks Minimum Construction Level to Use
Tree/Dead tree/Achey tree Logs/Achey logs Planks 100 coins 1
Oak tree Oak logs Oak planks 250 coins 15
Teak tree Teak logs Teak planks 500 coins 35
Mahogany tree Mahogany logs Mahogany planks 1,500 coins 40

Quest trees

These trees play roles in quests.

Name of Tree Location Quests Description
The Grand Tree North-east section of the Tree Gnome Stronghold The Grand Tree, Monkey Madness Features heavily in the entirety of The Grand Tree quest, contains the start and finish of the Monkey Madness quest.
'Odd tree' In small grove of trees north-west of the Lumbridge Swamp, west of Lumbridge, south-east of Draynor Village, and north of the Wizards' Tower Lost City This tree cannot be chopped down, but rather has a 'chop tree' right-click option, which causes a leprechaun to appear.
Dramen Tree In a small cave in the Entrana Dungeon Lost City Features prominently in the Lost City quest, in which players must go to Entrana, kill zombies in the Entrana Dungeon to obtain a bronze hatchet, attempt to cut the tree, defeat the Dramen Tree Spirit which attacks, cut a Dramen Branch from the tree, and use a knife to carve the branch into a Dramen staff, which is needed to complete the quest and gain access to the lost city of Zanaris.
'Swaying tree' In large forest in the Fremennik Province, south-east of Rellekka The Fremennik Trials Features briefly in The Fremennik Trials quest, when players must cut a branch from the tree and use a knife on it to get an unstrung lyre.
Willow tree Tree patch Enlightened Journey In the Enlightened Journey quest, 12 willow branches are needed to weave a basket for a hot-air balloon. These branches can be cut by using secateurs on a willow tree grown from a 'special sapling' given to players during the quest or simply cut from any player-grown willow tree (one branch per tree, branches take 5 minutes to respawn).
Achey tree The Feldip Hills and south of Castle Wars Big Chompy Bird Hunting Used in the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest to make an ogre bow and ogre arrows to hunt chompy birds.
Golden Apple Tree East of Relleka The Fremennik Trials The sheep wool underneath it are used during the quest.

Transportation trees

These are trees which are used to travel around the RuneScape realm of Gielinor.

Name of Tree Location(s) Transportation Destinations Description
Spirit Tree Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village, The Grand Exchange, the Khazard Battlefield south of Ardougne, Mobilising Armies, the canyon east of Poison Waste (requires The Path of Glouphrie), and, if grown using the Farming skill, in either Port Sarim, Brimhaven, or Etceteria (requires level 83 Farming, see above for details) Any other Spirit Tree The Spirit Trees in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (after The Grand Tree and the Tree Gnome Village can be used to travel to any other Spirit Tree, while others can only be used to travel to the Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Village (which can then be used to travel to any other Spirit Tree; after The Path of Glouphrie, this intermediate step is no longer required.)
Canoe tree On the banks of the River Lum in five places: Lumbridge, near the Champions' Guild, Barbarian Village, Edgeville, and level 35 Wilderness Any other station along the river Canoe trees can be cut into canoes using a hatchet and the Woodcutting skill. This requires level 12 Woodcutting to make a log canoe, which can travel up to one station away from where it was made, level 27 Woodcutting to make a dugout canoe, which can travel up to two stations, level 42 Woodcutting to make a stable dugout canoe, which can travel up to three stations, and level 57 Woodcutting to make a waka canoe, which can travel to any station. Only the waka canoe can enter the Wilderness.


File:Stub.png A tree stump is what remains of a tree after it has been cut down by a player. The stump's examine text depends on the type of the original tree, so it is easy to determine which stumps go with which trees for some tree types. Some time after the tree was cut down, anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, most stumps will respawn into the trees they came from so they can be cut again. Some stumps, however, are purely for decoration and will not do so.

You can remove a tree stump of a tree a player planted by using a Spade on it.


If players are chopping down trees just to have a tree spirit random event, (since they drop rune hatchets) players might want use the Fairy rings to travel to Centaur Valley and chop any tree there, as every time a tree is chopped, a Tree Spirit will appear. This monster is similar to the random event of the same name, but the loot is slightly different (however, these still drop rune hatchets), and their combat level is always 14.


  • Some Players believe that by clicking the tops of trees will make the tree last longer in woodcutting. This has yet to be confirmed.

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From TibiaWiki

Trees are objects which usually appear in forests, but can be found almost anywhere. You can't walk over them so they might block your way.


Name Walkable Attributes Notes
Banana Palm Image:Banana Palm.gif no Not movable. These yield one banana per character.
Banana Tree Image:Banana Tree.gif no Not movable.
Beech Image:Beech.gif no Not movable. You can find those all over Tibia.
Birch Image:Birch.gif no You can't move/take it. A tree newly introduced in the summer update 2008.
Blooming Jade Spike Plant Image:Blooming Jade Spike Plant.gif no You can't move/take it.
Cherry Blossom Tree Image:Cherry Blossom Tree.gif no Not movable. There are cherry blossoms on it.
Coconut Palm Image:Coconut Palm.gif no Not movable.
Dead Tree Image:Dead Tree.gif no You might get rare items out of it.
Dragonbone Tree Image:Dragonbone Tree.gif no You can't move/take it.
Dry Mangrove Image:Dry Mangrove.gif no You can't move/take it. Once this plant was still fresh and green.
Dry Solstice Tree Image:Dry Solstice Tree.gif no You can't move/take it.
Dwarf Tree Image:Dwarf Tree.gif no Not movable. Looks like an ancient tree (very thick).
Fir Tree Image:Fir Tree.gif no You can find those all over Tibia.
Giant Tree Image:Giant Tree.gif Unknown. Some of these trees make up The Treehouse.
Holy Tree Image:Holy Tree.gif no You can't move it. Holy Trees are usually guarded by elves.
Mangrove (Large) Image:Mangrove (Large).gif no You can't move/take it. See also other Mangrove versions.
Mangrove (Medium) Image:Mangrove (Medium).gif no You can't move/take it. See also other Mangrove versions.
Mangrove (Small Dry) Image:Mangrove (Small Dry).gif no You can't move/take it. See also other Mangrove versions.
Mangrove (Small) Image:Mangrove (Small).gif no You can't move/take it. See also other Mangrove versions.
Old Tree Image:Old Tree.gif no Not movable.
Orange Tree Image:Orange Tree.gif no You can't move/take it. Oranges grow on this tree.
Palm Image:Palm.gif no Not movable.
Pawpaw Tree Image:Pawpaw Tree.gif no You can't move/take it. It can have fruits or not, although you can't collect them.
Pear Tree Image:Pear Tree.gif no Not movable.
Pine Image:Pine.gif no You can't move/take it.
Plum Tree Image:Plum Tree.gif no You can find those all over Tibia.
Poplar Image:Poplar.gif no You can't walk over it. You can find those all over Tibia.
Red Maple Image:Red Maple.gif no You can find those all over Tibia.
Small Fir Tree Image:Small Fir Tree.gif no You can find those all over Tibia.
Snowy Dead Tree (Branched) Image:Snowy Dead Tree (Branched).gif no You can't move/take it. A tree became dead and snow fell over it.
Snowy Dead Tree (Half Alive) Image:Snowy Dead Tree (Half Alive).gif no You can't move/take it. A tree became dead and snow fell over it.
Snowy Dead Tree (Rotten) Image:Snowy Dead Tree (Rotten).gif no You can't move/take it. A tree became dead and snow fell over it.
Snowy Dead Tree (Twisted) Image:Snowy Dead Tree (Twisted).gif no You can't move/take it. A tree became dead and snow fell over it.
Snowy Fir Tree Image:Snowy Fir Tree.gif no You can't move/take it. A Fir Tree which is covered with snow. Also commonly known as a Christmas Tree.
Snowy Pine Tree Image:Snowy Pine Tree.gif no You can't move/take it. A quite rare one, under the Snowy Tree series.
Sycamore Image:Sycamore.gif no Frequently used to hide Loot Bags.
The Demon Oak Image:The Demon Oak.gif no Not movable. This kind of living tree is locked up in a strange place.

Makes sounds like: "Release me and you will be rewarded greatefully!"; "What is this? Demon Legs lying here? Someone might have lost them."; "I'm trapped, come here and free me fast!!"; "I can bring your beloved back from the dead, just release me!"; "What a nice shiny golden armor. Come to me and you can have it!"; "Find a way in here and release me! Pleeeease hurry!"; "You can have my demon set, if you help me get out of here!".

Thread Tree Image:Thread Tree.gif no Not Movable. The threadlike vegetation of this tree is used to make Ropes. It is quoted in this book.
Throatslitter Image:Throatslitter.gif no You can't move/take it.
Throatslitter (Rotten) Image:Throatslitter (Rotten).gif no You can't move/take it.
Tree Stump Image:Tree Stump.gif no
Twines Image:Twines.gif Unknown.
Willow Image:Willow.gif no You can find those all over Tibia.
Yellow Maple Image:Yellow Maple.gif no You can find those all over Tibia.

See also other objects.

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