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Tree seeds are somewhat rare seeds that are planted in tree patches that grow into your own personal tree as part of the Farming skill. Growing trees is somewhat different to other plants, in that there is an intermediate growing stage where the seed must be grown into a sapling before being planted into a cleared tree patch.

First, an empty plant pot may be used on any farming patch, even if something is growing in it, with a gardening trowel in the player's inventory to fill the plant pot with soil. Use a single seed on a filled plant pot with the gardening trowel still in the player's inventory and water it with a watering can. At this point, the seed has grown into seedling. After a few minutes, the seedling will grow into a sapling which can then be planted in a cleared tree patch. In order to do this, the player must have a spade in their inventory. Add compost or supercompost to the cleared tree patch before transplanting the sapling. Seedlings and saplings are unable to become diseased while growing in a plant pot. However, once a sapling is planted in a tree patch, it can become diseased and needs to be protected. Seedlings and saplings are not tradeable.

Like bushes, most of the experience gained in the Farming skill is from checking on the tree's health, not in planting it or chopping it down.

Note: Saplings and trees do not need watering.

Level Seed Payment Growth time* Plant XP Harvest or Check-health XP GE Seeds Price Notes
15   File:Acorn(oak) Tree Seed.PNG
1 basket of tomatoes 140 mins 14 C:467.3 31 Oak trees can be cut down for Oak logs. Oak roots can be used to make Supercompost or to brew Axeman's Folly.
30   File:Willow_Tree_Seed.PNG
Willow seed
1 basket of apples 220 mins 25 C:1456.3 9828 Willow trees can be cut down for Willow logs. Willow roots can be used to make Supercompost. Willow trees can be trimmed with secateurs when fully grown to get willow branches for the Enlightened Journey quest or for weaving into baskets on a loom.
45   File:Maple_Tree_Seed.PNG
Maple seed
1 basket of oranges 300 mins 45 C:3403.4 56300 Maple trees can be cut down for Maple logs. Maple roots can be used to make Supercompost.
60   File:Yew_seed.PNG
Yew seed
10 Cactus spines 380 mins 81 C:7069.9 119200 Yew trees can be cut down for Yew logs. Yew roots can be used to make antipoison+ and supercompost.
75   File:Magic_Tree_Seed.PNG
Magic seed
25 Coconuts 460 mins 145.5 C:13768.3 276900 Magic trees can be cut down for Magic logs. Magic roots can be used to make Amulets of Nature, Super strong anti-poison, and Supercompost.

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