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Trebuchet located in the Pre-Searing Ascalon area.



The trebuchet is a powerful siege weapon that can be found in the Fort Ranik mission as well as in some PvP scenarios (outside the Guild Hall). It is different to a ballista in such as it has to be armed before it can be fired. To arm a trebuchet, the lever beside it has to be pulled once. Another activation of the lever will trigger the shot. Trebuchets have unlimited ammunition. Trebuchet damage appears to come in the form of the skill Statue's Blessing.

The Trebuchet in the PvE Campaign

The Trebuchet appear several times in the PvE campaigns, though are not repaired in the same manner that they are in GvG matches.



In the Fort Ranik mission, players must repair a trebuchet by finding and returning three bundle items to it. The mission has another trebuchet that is already in working condition. As the campaign goes on, there are Stone Summit ballistae and numerous other enemies with siege attacks, such as Siege Wurms. These cannot be operated by players, and their base AoE damage varies.


In the Chahbek Village Mission, players must load a catapult with Istani Fire Oil before using it.

The Trebuchet in a GvG Match


There are two Trebuchet situated on the following guild hall maps:

  • Warrior's Isle
  • Hunter's Isle
  • Wizard's Isle

They are found on the high ground just outside and to the left of the main entrances to the Guild Hall and Away Team Base.


They can be used during GvG matches do deal huge amounts of damage to any player or NPC caught in the blast of their projectile impact. Trebuchet strikes will normally kill any character instantly. They cannot be aimed; the landing area of the projectile impact is in a random place between the gate of the hall and the area where the Guild Lord is.


The Trebuchet must first be repaired with the Repair Kit; this item can be picked up from the high ground just outside and to the right of the Hall and Base Entrances. It must then be carried to the Trebuchet and activated by clicking on the lever of the Trebuchet while carrying the Repair Kit.

The Repair Process takes 4 seconds, once finished the Trebuchet will be ready to load.


The Trebuchet must be loaded before firing by clicking on the lever of the Trebuchet once more. The loading process takes 6 seconds.


Firing the loaded Trebuchet is achieved by clicking on the Trebuchet lever. The time from firing (clicking on the lever) to the impact explosion is 7 seconds.

Trebuchet Tactics

Stashing the Repair Kit: Stash the Repair kit from outside your Base or Hall at the start of a GvG match inside your Base or Hall. This is very important as it ensures you will always have access to a repair kit if needed, and ensures the opposing team will not have access to your repair kit. If your opponent neglects to use this tactic you should endeavour to repair his Trebuchet with his own kit as soon as possible.

Preparing the Trebuchet: You should try and repair and load the Trebuchet outside the opponent’s Base or Hall as soon as possible in a GvG match. Having the Trebuchet ready to fire will save time should you need to fire it off quickly.

When to Fire: There are 2 main opportunities for you to use the Trebuchet.

  • The first is to disrupt the opponent team’s flag runner by firing the Trebuchet and killing the runner or forcing the runner to stay back from the gate and the side exit.
  • If you have pushed back the opposing team to their Hall or Base entrance have a player ready to fire the Trebuchet should they retreat to within the Hall or Base. The Trebuchet will kill any players which have fallen back through the doorway, including your own so make sure your team knows you are firing the Trebuchet and they do not follow the opponents into their Base or Hall.

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Assault on Eridanus Secundus

Operation: TREBUCHET





The Eridanus rebellion is terminated.

  • 12-20 vessels (Destroyer and Carrier class), Ground Troops
  • 100 vessels (Improvised civilian craft, various classes), Ground Troops
  • Four Destroyers, Marines
  • Rebel Soldiers

Operation: TREBUCHET was the United Earth Government's military response to the numerous civilian uprisings in the Outer Colonies known as the Insurrection. Spanning over ten years and encompassing at least two star systems, Operation: TREBUCHET involved numerous Marine units and many vessels from the UNSC Navy. It is one of the largest and farthest reaching operations known to have been conducted by the UNSC in its long history.[1]



Beginning in 2513 with a large uprising in the Eridanus System, Operation: TREBUCHET was intended to be a heavy handed fight to bring all dissenting outer colonies in line, effectively crushing all resistance to the Earth's authority in the outer colonies.

At first the aggressive response was widely accepted, however, as the fight dragged on and the theater of operations expanded, the continuing operation became extremely unpopular with the human civilian population. Operation: TREBUCHET eventually became the central conflict for Earth's premiere fighting force, the UNSC, only being ended with the massive genocide that followed with the Human-Covenant War.



Insurrectionist forces take control of Eridanus II, establishing their own secessionist government in the wake of the coup d'état.[2]


UNSC forces begins their campaign to retake the planet, deploying a battlegroup of unknown size to engage the makeshift Insurrectionist defence fleet. Despite the UNSC's best attempts at removing the entrenched rebellion, ONI fails to discover the location of their base. This hollowed-out asteroid would remain a safe haven for Insurrectionists for another three decades.[2]


Fighting breaks out in the Eridanus Star System first, particularly at Eridanus II and the space around it, as rebels supporting the system's breakaway from the UNSC build a small navy of civilian craft and attempt to take over the system. The disorganized Eridanus Rebels are eventually brought together by Colonel Robert Watts.

The UNSC responds harshly, sending a Fleet of Destroyers and Carriers to the system to combat the rebel fleet. The resulting battle pitted the UNSC against at least one hundred smaller rebel craft.[3] The UNSC forces defeated their rebel counterparts with little difficulty. During the battle, the rebels were routed and the remnants of their fleet fled into the asteroid belt to Eridanus Secundus. They would eventually establish a fully functional asteroid base and began conducting raids again by 2525. [3]

A ground campaign begins on Eridanus II, as units from the 9th Marine Expeditionary Force are sent to the planet in force, hoping to capture leaders of the movement and pacify the population. One of these units, the first Battalion of the 21st Marine Division commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ponder, was involved in a disastrous mission to try and capture a rebel leader - the second in command - in Elysium City, which ended in the leader's family being killed and Ponder wounded and demoted.[4]


Fighting continues, now in Epsilon Eridani. By this point, the war has taken over a million lives, the majority of which being civilians. A Marine Battalion is posted at the colony world of Tribute, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Aboim and supported by the corvette UNSC Bum Rush and air support from Hornets. The battalion attempts to put a stop to rebel bomb makers. Two special warfare squads, led by Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne, are involved in disastrous operation in June. Byrne's team is killed during a hostage situation at a Jim Dandy restaurant near Casbah city. Thirty-Eight civilians, three Marines, and two rebels are killed in the bombing. Byrne and Johnson are pulled from the system, and later sent to Harvest.[5]

In the meantime, the Insurrectionists resort to bolder, more deadly tactics, such as the bombing of a civilian liner in orbit over Reach.


The last known operations involved the SPARTAN-II soldiers in 2525. A team of five SPARTAN-IIs were dispatched and to infiltrate the rebel base at Eridanus Secundus and capture Watts, the rebel leader. They succeeded in doing so, crippling but not destroying the rebel infrastructure in the Eridanus system.[6] Shortly afterwards, the Spartans were sent to halt a rebellion on Jericho VII.

The operation was abruptly concluded with the start of the Human-Covenant War after the First Battle of Harvest. Though the Insurrection continued for a long time, the rebel threat in the system was rapidly decreased when the genocidal Covenant destroyed the systems, glassing planets and killing every human they encountered. In the meantime, many of the rebels, seeing that the UNSC offered the only real protection against the overwhelming Covenant force, ceased to resist, and either submitted to the UNSC's control or hid themselves away from both UNSC and Covenant attack.[7] Some groups of rebels survived free of UNSC control for as long as 2552. The majority simply continued their daily lives without interfering with the UNSC. Others even decided to offer dealings with the UNSC. However, it transpired that some were traps.

The rebel base in the Eridanus system was marked for further attack, but for some reason, likely due to the greater threat the Covenant posed, it was left alone and mostly forgotten until 2552 when Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb and a small crew including the AI Cortana and several Spartans (including all but one of the team that attacked the base) returned looking for repairs. After being convinced to help by a Covenant attack, the rebels repaired the Ascendant Justice-Gettysburg to operational status, but the two ships were too badly damaged to be fully repaired before the Covenant returned. The UNSC forces were forced to abandon the rebels and the base and the rebels have been presumably destroyed.


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The trebuchet shortly before it crumbles.
A computer-rendered model of a trebuchet.

A trebuchet was built and used by Locke and Boone in an attempt to break the glass on the hatch in ("Deus Ex Machina"). It failed to have any noticeable impact but split apart, wounding Locke's leg.

Locke said their trebuchet could deliver "a half ton of force."

Boone did not know how a trebuchet differed from a regular catapult, admitting he probably couldn't even spell it.

Locke and Boone's trebuchet is different from a regular one. Medieval trebuchets shoot objects forward, whereas theirs had a simple placement modification to swing down. Instead of flinging an object into the air, their trebuchet moved a sharp object downward.


A trebuchet is a medieval siege weapon and was possibly invented in China. While superfically similar, a trebuchet is distinct from a catapult, which uses tension to fling a projectile; a trebuchet uses a counterweight. A catapult builds tension in the arm in order to fling a projectile when that tension is released; a trebuchet holds a counterweight in place and the release of the counterweight flings the projectile, with no tension in the arm.


It is possible that this trebuchet is related to Mouse Trap, which appeared in Locke's flashback in the episode. As an employee at a toy store, Locke demonstrated a mastery of the game, which is probably meant to be a parallel for his knowledge of this creation.

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