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Maps are found at all levels of clue scroll. You need to take a spade to the place indicated on the map and dig there. Maps are grouped into those with crates or X's. X maps have buildings, fish, or no buildings.


Maps with crates

File:cluescroll clocktower.PNG The Clock tower south of Ardougne's Castle. (Quest not required)
File:mcgrubors clue map.png Inside McGrubor's wood, west of Seers' Village. Levels 1 and 2.
File:Dark knight fortress clue.png Level 14 wilderness, at the Dark Warriors' Fortress, search a crate in the south-west part of the main room.
File:Observatory new clue.png Near the Observatory, north of Castle Wars, search a crate in the west most building. It is near the houses by the 3 goblins.
File:Varrock lumber clue.png Northeast of Varrock, at the lumberyard, search the crate indicated.

Maps with X's (no crates)

These maps are further divided into those with buildings and those without buildings.


Maps with X's and buildings

File:Chaos altar trail.png The Chaos Altar north of the Observatory. Stand and dig left next to the standards behind the altar.
File:Wizards tower map.png Just south of the Wizard's tower, south of Draynor Village. Dig near the DIS fairy ring, directly in front of the tower window.
File:cluescroll brother galahad.PNG Brother Galahad's house. Across the river from the coal trucks, west of Seers' Village.
File:rimmington clue.png Just west of the chemist's house in Rimmington.
File:Miscellania clue map.png On Miscellania, just east of the castle.
File:West ardougne clue2.PNG In West Ardougne, dig in the hut with broken walls. Facing north it is the top left corner of the hut.
File:Yanille anvil.png South of Yanille bank, behind the house with an anvil.
File:Necromancer north Tower of Life map clue.PNG Just south of Ardougne, north of Tower of Life, near the Necromancer's tower, fairy ring code DJP is very close.
File:Ranging guild map clue.PNG East of Ranging Guild.

Maps with X's and no buildings

File:North falador rocks clue.png North of Falador's walls, to the east side is a small area with some stones. Dig in the spot indicated.
File:Varrock west mine clue2.png South-west of Varrock, near the mining spot. Note: due to recent changes, the actual map has a bridge over the River Lum.
File:north falador statue clue.png Just north of Falador, at the crossroads where there is a statue.
File:Varrock west mine clue.png South-east of Varrock, near the mining spot.
File:Road to relleka map clue.png On the road between Seers' Village and Rellekka. The two trees indicated on the map are oak trees. Dig in the spot indicated, just west of the fern. 12 degrees 31 minutes north 7 degrees, 3 minutes east
File:Craftguildclue2.PNG On the peninsula west of the Crafting guild.
File:Picnic tables clue.png South of Legends' Guild, East of Ardougne.
File:Volcanoes3 clue.png Level 50 Wilderness, Near Wilderness Agility Course; south-west of Deep Wilderness Dungeon entrance and west of the Mage Arena; dig between the three small volcanoes.
File:Relleka bridge clue.png Road between Rellekka and the Lighthouse.

Maps with fish

File:Draynor clue map.png South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot.
File:Mortmyreclue.PNG North of the Abandoned Mine, by the path to Mort'ton. 03.15N 31.03E

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