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This article is about Treasure Trails in general. For help with solving a clue, see Treasure Trails guide.
"TT" redirects here. For the minigame in Morytania, see Temple Trekking.

Treasure Trails (also abbreviated "tt") is a minigame available to members in which a player follows a series of clues to get a reward. The value of rewards can range from about 100 coins to over 140,000,000 coins but more commonly is between 10,000 and 3,000,000 coins. Level 1 clue scroll rewards range from as few as 100 coins to 2 million coins. Level 2 clue scroll rewards range between 2000 coins to 18 million coins. Some players chose to do treasure trails to make money, due to the chance of getting an extremely valuable item. A treasure trail is started by finding a Clue scroll. Clue scrolls are dropped by various monsters and give the player their first clue to follow. For a list of clue-dropping monsters, please see List of clue scroll dropping monsters. You will only receive a new clue scroll if you do not already have one in your inventory or bank (or in your Kingdom Management resources). Clues can involve following maps, solving puzzles, finding coordinates, talking to various NPCs and fighting monsters. After you have done the treasure trail you will receive a reward, example: if you finished a level one clue scroll you might get black (t) armour and some nature runes.

Most unique rewards (with some notable exceptions) can be placed in the treasure chest in the costume room of a player's house.

  • Level 1 trails can be between 1 and 5 clues long.
  • Level 2 trails can also be between 1 and 5 clues long.
  • Level 3 trails can be between 4 and 8 clues long, with multiple enemies to defeat.

Note: Trails that have more clues and require a longer period of time to complete do not necessarily guarantee the chances of a more valuable prize.



An example of a Treasure Trails reward

All clue levels

Image Name
Varying amounts of Coins.
File:Saradomin page.png File:Guthix page.png File:Zamorak page.png God pages for God books.
File:Purple firelighter.png File:Red firelighter.png File:Blue firelighter.png File:Green firelighter.png File:White firelighter.png Gnomish Firelighters.
File:Purple sweets.PNG Purple sweets.
File:Air Rune.PNG File:Fire Rune.PNG File:Earth Rune.PNG File:Law Rune.PNG Various Runes and elemental staves.
File:Sapphire amulet.png File:Emerald amulet.png File:Ruby amulet.png File:Diamond amulet.png File:Dragonstone amulet.png All player-craftable Amulets, up to and including Dragonstone.

Level 1 rewards

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Treasure Trails only. It is possible to obtain normal Black armour, black weapons and black nails, oak planks, willow shortbows, trout, green dragonhide chaps, green dragonhide body, yew shortbows, Purple sweets and salmon.
A player wearing Pantaloons, rewarded from a level 1 Clue Scroll.
Image Name
File:Black t helm.png File:Black platebody (t).PNG File:Black platelegs trimd.PNG File:Black plateskirt trimmed.png File:Black Kiteshield (t).PNG Black Armour (trimmed)
File:Black g helm.png File:Black platebody (g).PNG File:Black platelegs gold.gif File:Black plateskirt trimmed gold.gif File:Black Kiteshield (g).gif Black armour (gold trimmed)
File:Beret-black.png File:Beret-blue.png File:Beret-white.png Black, blue and, white Berets
File:Highwayman mask.gif Highwayman mask
File:Wizard hat t.png File:Wizard robe t.png File:Blue skirt t.png Wizard robes (trimmed)
File:Wizard hat g.png File:Wizard robe g.png File:Blue skirt g.png Wizard robes (gold trimmed)
File:Studded body (t).PNG File:Studded legs (t).PNG Studded leather armour (trimmed)
File:Studded body (g).PNG File:Studded chaps (g).PNG Studded leather armour (gold trimmed)
File:Willow composite bow.png Willow composite bow
File:Blackkiteh1.gif File:Blackhshield h2).gif File:Black kiteshield (h3).PNG File:Black kiteshield (h4).gif File:Black kite (h5).PNG Heraldic Black Shields (h1 to h5)
File:Black helm (h1).PNG File:Black helm (h2).PNG File:Black helm (h3).PNG File:Black helm (h4).PNGFile:Black helm (h5).PNG Heraldic Black Helmets (h1 to h5)
File:Red ele' shirt.gif File:Red ele' legs.gif File:Red ele' blouse.gif File:Red ele' skirt.gif Red Elegant costumes
File:Blue ele' shirt.gif File:Blue ele' legs.gif File:Blue ele' blouse.gif File:Blue ele' skirt.gif Blue Elegant costumes
File:Green ele' shirt.gif File:Green ele' legs.gif File:Green ele' blouse.gif File:Green ele' skirt.gif Green Elegant costumes
File:Bob shirt.png Bob the cat shirts
File:Flared trousers.png File:Sleeping cap.gif File:Powdered Wigg.png File:Pantaloons.PNG Emote enhancers
File:Amulet of magic(t).gif Amulet of Magic (t)
File:Saradomin vrobe top.png File:Saradomin vrobe bottom.png File:Guthix vrobe top.png File:Guthix vrobe bottom.png File:Zamorak vrobe top.png File:Zamorak vrobe bottom.png Vestment robes
File:Black crossbow.png File:Blackbolts.png Black crossbow, Black bolts
File:Black cane.png Black cane
File:Spiked helmet.PNG Spiked helmet
File:Black nails.PNG Black nails and coif

Level 2 rewards

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Treasure Trails only. It is possible to obtain normal Adamant armour, adamant weapons, adamantite nails, adamant crossbows, teak planks, Swordfish and Lobsters.

A player wearing different Boaters, rewarded from a level 2 Clue Scroll.
Image Name
File:Adam-full-helm-t.pngFile:Adam-platebody-t.pngFile:Adam-platelegs-t.pngFile:Adam-plateskirt-t.pngFile:Adam-kiteshield-t.png Adamant Armour (trimmed)
File:Adam-full-helm-g.pngFile:Adam-platebody-g.pngFile:Adam-platelegs-g.pngFile:Adam-plateskirt-g.pngFile:Adam-kiteshield-g.png Adamant Armour (gold trimmed)
File:Ranger Boots.gif Ranger boots
File:Wizard Boots.gif Wizard boots
File:Black headband.pngFile:Red headband.pngFile:Brown headband.png Headbands (Black, Red, Brown)
File:Blue straw boater.pngFile:Black straw boater.pngFile:Red straw boater.pngFile:Orange straw boater.pngFile:Green straw boater.png Various Boaters
File:Green-dhide-body-t.pngFile:Green-dhide-chaps-t.png Green dragonhide armour (trimmed) (also untrimmed)
File:Green-dhide-body-g.pngFile:Green-dhide-chaps-g.png Green dragonhide armour (gold trimmed)
File:Adamant kite (h1).PNGFile:Adamant kite (h2).PNGFile:Adam h3.gifFile:Adam h4.gifFile:Adamantkiteh5.gif Heraldic Adamant Shields (h1 to h5)
File:Adamant helm (h1).gifFile:Adamant helm (h2).gifFile:Adamant helm (h3).PNGFile:Adamanthhelm h4.gifFile:Adamant helm (h5).PNG Heraldic Adamant Helmets (h1 to h5)
File:Black ele' shirt.gifFile:Black ele' legs.gifFile:White ele' blouse.gifFile:White ele' skirt.gif Black and White Elegant costumes
File:Purple ele' shirt.gifFile:Purple ele' legs.gifFile:Purple ele' blouse.gifFile:Purple ele' skirt.gif Purple Elegant costumes
File:Yew composite bow.png Yew composite bow
File:Amulet of strength(t).gif Amulet of Strength (t)
File:Saradomin mitre.pngFile:Guthix mitre.pngFile:Zamorak mitre.pngFile:Saradomin cloak.gifFile:Guthix cloak.gifFile:Zamorak cloak.gif Vestment mitres and cloaks
File:Penguin mask.pngFile:Sheep mask.pngFile:Bat mask.pngFile:Cat mask.pngFile:Wolf mask.png Animal masks: Penguin, Sheep, Bat, Cat, Wolf.
File:Adamant cane.gif Adamant cane
File:Pith helmet.png

Pith helmet

Level 3 rewards

The items listed below are the rewards you can get from Treasure Trails only. It is possible to obtain normal Rune armour, rune weapons, rune nails, rune bolts, rune crossbows, magic shortbows and longbows, mahogany planks(noted) and food items such as noted lobsters and sharks, as well as noted Super Restore Potions (4). This is the only level of clue scroll you can receive the rare 3rd age armour rewards from. The Black d'hide armour is also common to find in the Treasure Chest

A player wearing Enchanted robes, rewarded from a level 3 Clue Scroll.
Image Name
File:Rune-full-helm-t.pngFile:Rune-platebody-t.pngFile:Rune-platelegs-t.pngFile:Rune-plateskirt-t.pngFile:Rune-kiteshield-t.png Rune armour (trimmed)
File:Rune-full-helm-g.pngFile:Rune-platebody-g.pngFile:Rune-platelegs-g.pngFile:Rune-plateskirt-g.pngFile:Rune-kiteshield-g.png Rune armour (gold trimmed)
File:Saradomin-full-helm.pngFile:Saradomin-platebody.pngFile:Saradomin-platelegs.pngFile:Saradomin-plateskirt.pngFile:Saradomin-kiteshield.png Saradomin armour
File:Guthix-full-helm.pngFile:Guthix-platebody.pngFile:Guthix-platelegs.pngFile:Guthix-plateskirt.pngFile:Guthix-kiteshield.png Guthix armour
File:Zamorak-full-helm.pngFile:Zamorak-platebody.pngFile:Zamorak-platelegs.pngFile:Zamorak-plateskirt.pngFile:Zamorak-kiteshield.png Zamorak armour
File:Gilded-full-helm.pngFile:Gilded-platebody.pngFile:Gilded-platelegs.pngFile:Gilded-plateskirt.pngFile:Gilded-kiteshield.png Gilded Armour
File:Blue dragonhide body t.PNGFile:Blue dragonhide chaps t.PNG Blue dragonhide armour (trimmed)
File:Bluebody(g).pngFile:Blue dragonhide chaps(G).gif Blue dragonhide armour (gold trimmed)
File:Magic composite bow.png Magic Composite Bow
File:Pirate hat.png Pirate hat
File:Robin hood hat.PNG Robin Hood hat
File:Enchanted hat.pngFile:Enchanted top.pngFile:Enchanted robe.png Enchanted hat, top, robe
File:Tan cavalier.pngFile:Dark cavalier.pngFile:Black cavalier.png Cavaliers (Tan, dark or black)
File:Rune h1 2.gifFile:Rune h2.gifFile:Rune h3.gifFile:Rune h4.gifFile:Rune h5.gif Heraldic rune shields (h1 to h5)
File:Rune helm (h1).PNGFile:Rune helm (h2).PNGFile:Rune h3 helmet.PNGFile:Rune helmet (h4).PNGFile:Rune helm (h5).PNG Heraldic rune helmets (h1 to h5)
File:Third age warrior helmet.pngFile:Third age warrior platebody.pngFile:Third Age platelegs.PNGFile:Third age warrior shield.png Third age warrior armour
File:Third age mage hat.pngFile:Third age mage top.pngFile:Third age mage legs.pngFile:Third age mage amulet.png Third age mage armour
File:Third age ranger coif.pngFile:Third age ranger top.pngFile:Third age ranger chaps.pngFile:Third age ranger vambraces.png Third age ranger armour
File:Amulet of glory (t).PNG Amulet of Glory (t)
File:Saradomin stole.pngFile:Guthix stole.pngFile:Zamorak stole.pngFile:Saradomin crozier.pngFile:Guthix crozier.pngFile:Zamorak crozier.png Vestment stoles and croziers
File:Zamorak blessed dragonhide coif.pngFile:Zamorak blessed dragonhide body.pngFile:Zamorak blessed dragonhide chaps.pngFile:Zamorak blessed dragonhide vambraces.png Blessed d'hide armour (Zamorak)
File:Saradomin blessed dragonhide coif.pngFile:Saradomin blessed dragonhide body.pngFile:Saradomin blessed dragonhide chaps.pngFile:Saradomin blessed dragonhide vambraces.png Blessed d'hide armour (Saradomin)
File:Guthix blessed dragonhide coif.pngFile:Guthix blessed dragonhide body.pngFile:Guthix blessed dragonhide chaps.pngFile:Guthix blessed dragonhide vambraces.png Blessed d'hide armour (Guthix)
File:Rune cane.png Rune cane
File:Top Hat.png Top hat

Former Rewards

Flatpacked furniture pieces were a former reward from Treasure Trails. Oak from level 1 Clue Scrolls, Teak from level 2 Clue Scrolls and Gilded furniture and Opulent tables from level 3 Clue Scrolls. However, the flatpack furniture rewards were removed, by request of players.


See Treasure Trails Guide for more information.

A coordinate clue scroll.

Types of clues

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