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Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest is a boss monster.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Aggro range
Life AP MP Resist Neutral Resist Earth Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Air AP loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  


Item Name Prospecting Lock
# players (Min observed PP)
Drop Rate (%)
Normal (Archmonster)
Tailor Manual (100) 100
Bauxite (100) 30
Coppery Stone (100) 30
Crystal Stone (100) 30
Diamond Stone (100) 30
Emerald Stone (100) 30
Granite Stone (100) 30
Ruby Stone (100) 30
Kobalt Stone (100) 30
Sapphire Stone (100) 30
Rushu's Shushu Hormone (400) 1


This monster can't be captured in a soul stone

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Fame is all fine and dandy, but what every adventurer dreams of is fortune! The sound a chest makes when it drops is almost as greatly anticipated as the Ding! sound when gaining an adventure level. Here is a list of the types of chests found in EverQuest II.


Small Chest

Small Chest

Common in frequency, these chests often contain crafting tomes or other low value treasure rated Uncommon at most. See also Small Chest, a common monster in The Estate of Unrest.

Note that on the Outpost of the Overlord and the Queen's Colony this same graphic may be used for Ornate Chests (visual proof).

Also note that in some raid zones such as the Inner Temple of The Silent City (where Godking Anuk resides), a small chest may drop containing 10+ rare Adept spells. It will have the same graphic as the small chest shown here, but it will be called "a small chest," not "Small Chest," and should not be confused with the chests that are actually mobs or traps in other zones.

Small chests are never trapped, and as such do not require a Scout to disarm them. However, disarming them will give the opportunity for advancing skill in Disarming.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Adept tomes are the most common items found in these chests, although some decent armor will sometimes appear. They contain at least one item tagged with the "Treasured" title, although they may contain rare crafting ingredients, depending on the tier.

Ornate Chest

Ornate Chest

Contains at least one "Legendary" item, and usually drops from named creatures. However, there is a chance that one will drop from epic "trash" and heroic "trash" mobs from many zones. (For example, the Echoes of Faydwer zone The Acadechism has a reputation for the most Ornate Chests from non-named mobs.)

Exquisite Chest

Exquisite Chest

Considered the motherload of drops, these chests are rare and will contain generally two to six pieces of total treasure, including least one item of "Fabled" quality.

False Chests

A false chest in The Estate of Unrest

Not all chests offer up treasure and riches. Some chests in EverQuest II appear when monsters are killed, but contain other monsters. The appearance of these chests is slightly different from regular treasure chests, although you may see the same name on them as the regular treasure chest (e.g., a small chest). These mimics can be safely ignored. As long as you don't try to open them (or disarm), they will disappear or remain otherwise inert.

Companion Chests

...for the people who are still alive...

The cloak may be a lie, but the treasure chests aren't. On April 1st 2008, treasure chests were changed into what cannot be denied is a Norrath version of Portal's "Weighted Companion Cube."

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Treasure Chest may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Treasure refers to a specific type of chest found only in Elona and which requires no key to open. Instead, upon opening one of these chests, a "magical force" will prevent that character from opening the chest again for approximately 30 days after the last attempt to do so. Opening a chest causes gold to be added directly to his or her inventory, with the amount indicated in the chat window, and an item of gold or purple rarity or a jewel will drop. The amount of gold and quality of item varies depending on where the treasure is located and how many times that particular character has previously opened treasure chests. Characters opening treasure chests for the first time can typically expect to receive approximately 3Platinum from treasure located in the Realm of Torment and around 500Gold for chests in Istan. Drops of gold-quality items are almost guaranteed on the first opening and are quite typical on the second, but gold quality drops often become rare after that.

Assuming all drops are identified and sold to merchants or traders, the expected return for collecting all 12 treasures can be roughly estimated as follows:

  • The first run typically nets about 30Platinum.
  • The second run typically nets about 20Platinum.
  • The third run typically nets about 15Platinum.
  • Further runs will typically net about 10Platinum or less, assuming no jewels drop.

Naturally, certain items and components salvaged from these will net more when sold to other players.

There are three types of objects that are considered to be treasure:

  • Treasure Chest
  • Buried Treasure
  • Do Not Touch

The exact mechanics of the diminishing returns are still not fully understood. It has been speculated that waiting longer than 30 days between treasures may increase the yield and quality of items dropped, but many players have failed to observe this. Some players also report that opening only some of the chests diminished their returns on chests they had not yet opened, but other players have only observed diminishing returns on the chests they've previously opened. Another unknown element, possibly even the order in which chests are opened, may be responsible, but this is speculative.

Opening "Do Not Touch" usually spawns four Immolated Djinn or Ruby Djinn in close proximity. Due to the confined spaces where these are located, it is strongly advised that parties spread out before anyone opens these. Both varieties of Djinn use either Savannah Heat or Searing Flames. The Djinn type and the elite skill used appear to be random.

Historical note: Previously, treasure in Elona was not subject to diminishing returns. It is not clear which update changed this.



Region Location Treasure Maps
Istan Issnur Isles Buried Treasure (Map) from Beknur Harbor
Mehtani Keys Treasure Chest (Map) from Kodlonu Hamlet
Kourna Arkjok Ward Buried Treasure (Map) from Command Post
Jahai Bluffs Treasure Chest (Map) from Command Post
Bahdok Caverns Do Not Touch (Map) from Moddok Crevice
Vabbi The Mirror of Lyss Buried Treasure (Map) from The Kodash Bazaar
The Hidden City of Ahdashim Treasure Chest (Map) from Dasha Vestibule
Forum Highlands Do Not Touch (Map) from Tihark Orchard
The Desolation The Sulfurous Wastes Treasure Chest (Map) from Remains of Sahlahja
The Ruptured Heart Buried Treasure (Map) from The Mouth of Torment
Realm of Torment Nightfallen Jahai Treasure Chest (Map) from Gate of Pain
Domain of Pain Treasure Chest (Map) from Gate of Fear
or Alternate route (Map)


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  • The "Do Not Touch" in Bahdok Caverns cannot be reached during the Moddok Crevice mission.
  • Opening treasures in hard mode does not increase values.
  • All treasures reset exactly one month after finishing the final mission for the first time on that character and opening the chest for the first time. If the chest has been opened before beating the final mission, a one month wait is still required.
  • Treasure chests reset approximately 30 days after the last time the character opened it. If a character attempts to open the chest again before the month has passed, nothing will drop from it and it will be necessary to wait another month from that date for the chest to reset again.
  • If you are opening treasures in a party, you won't share the money that you receive when you open a treasure.
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From TibiaWiki

File:Treasure Chest.gif
This Object is in the Constructions class.
Treasure Chest
Object Class: Constructions
Attributes: None.
Walking Time: Not walkable.
Location: Amazon Camp Treasure Room, Bregar Treasure Room, Darashia Catacombs Treasure Room, Ferumbras Citadel Treasure Room, Kazordoon Treasure Room, Nargor Treasure Room, Pits of Inferno Treasure Room and Yalahar Treasure Room.
Notes: An unreachable chest.
See also: Objects.
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