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Lieutenant Colonel




Rachel Morgan (first wife, deceased), Tara (second wife); Jennifer Morgan (daughter); Joshua Morgan (son)


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6' 0"

188 lbs (85 kg)




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Image:Quote1.png Survival -- the most fundamental of human dramas. It takes a special breed of man to stand in the face of overwhelming odds in a world where merely staying alive is the greatest challenge of all. This is the epic tale of such a man. They call him... the Warlord. Image:Quote2.png



Travis Morgan, the Warlord is a former combat-trained pilot for the United States Air Force who accidentally crash-landed in the strange land of Skartaris, a world of swords, sorcery and dinosaurs, where he was forced to begin a new life for his own survival.[1]

As the Warlord, Morgan travels Skartaris adventuring and righting wrongs. His companions include Tara, the beautiful barbarian and his wife, Machiste,[2] his best friend the warrior King, Mariah,[3] Russian fencing champion, Shakira,[4] feline shapeshifter, and his daughter Jennifer Morgan a sorceress.

Originally, Warlord's greatest nemesis was the evil sorcerer Deimos, whom he killed shortly after their first meeting. Although Deimos rose from the dead several times to plague Morgan again, he was finally killed permanently when Warlord hunted him down after he had been stripped of his powers.[5] Deimos is responsible for causing Morgan to believe he had killed his own son Joshua, although it was a clone, and Morgan's legitimate son lives on under the name Tinder.[6]

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Meeting Green Arrow
  • Travis Morgan bears a striking resemblance to Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. During Grell's run on Green Arrow, Travis Morgan shows up in Seattle and the two of them meet.[8] After being attacked on sight by half of the Seattle underworld population (all of whom mistake him for Green Arrow), Morgan shows up at Oliver's house and declares, "Whatever you've been doing to piss these people off... cut it out!!" Finally appearing on-panel together, Grell illustrates that while there is an uncanny resemblance, Travis Morgan is significantly taller than Oliver Queen, and seemingly several years older. When Aquaman accidentally passes through a dimensional portal that leads to Skartaris, he meets Travis Morgan and mistakes him for Oliver back from the dead (this was after Oliver had been killed by a terrorist's bomb, and before he was resurrected by Hal Jordan). During Kevin Smith's Green Arrow run, during the "Quiver" story arc, Deadman pokes fun at the resemblance as well.[9]

Appearances in Other Media

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A DCAU version of Warlord appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode Chaos at the Earth's Core. He teamed up with Green Lantern, Supergirl, Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. to save Skartaris from Deimos, and members of the Legion of Doom including Metallo and Silver Banshee. Other members of the Warlord Family appeared as well, including Tara, Machiste, Shakira and Jennifer Morgan. At the end of a lengthy fight between Shamballah and Deimos' forces, Deimos was slain by Warlord in personal combat. The Legion of Doom had been attempting to extract a gigantic boulder of Green Kryptonite, but were thwarted by the Justice League, who made sure to seal up the portal to Skartaris behind them when they left. Most of Warlord's personal history as Lt. Colonel Travis Morgan remained seemingly unchanged, and Skartaris was confirmed as being in the center of the Earth, not in an alternate dimension. It was pretty cool, you should check it out.[10]

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