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Trapper's Shack

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: Trapper's Shack
cell name: DLC04ShackTrapper
ref id: xx00811f

The Trapper's Shack is a shack with a basement in Point Lookout, and is inhabited by a random Swampfolk.



The main section of the shack is laid out similar to the other shacks in Point Lookout, but with the exception of the large amount of traps in and around it, and an unusual basement.

In the Shack's basement you will find two connected cages containing a Swamplurk and Swamp Ghouls in the other. They are hostile towards one another. An electric switch allows you to open a door between the cages to unleash the Swamplurk on the Ghouls.

Notable loot

  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found in the Swamplurk's cage in the cellar. It is on top of the two safes.


  • Inside the house, the cabinet to the right of the refrigerator contains a frag grenade trap. Opening the cabinet will drop 3 LIVE frag grenades on you.
  • Prepare for a fight. You will be ambushed when you leave the basement, similar to the shed in the Capital Wasteland city of Andale.
  • The Ambush consists of approximately four swampfolk, usually a couple of Scrappers and Trappers but a Brawler can also spawn all with their usual array of weapons. They have also cleverly set Frag Mines in a semi circle around the entrance/exit of the cellar so keep an eye out for those. These however can be in your advantage becasue they will explode if the swampfolk walk over them not killing them but they will have sever health damage.


The Trapper's Shack only appears in the Fallout 3 Add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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