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Trap Monsters are a type of Continuous Trap Card that is Special Summoned as a Monster Card after it is activated.

All these cards are treated as both Monster Cards and Trap Cards while they are summoned to the field, and as such, take up both a Monster Card Zone and a Spell & Trap Card Zone at the same time. If they are negated with "Jinzo" or "Royal Decree", they will return to the Spell & Trap Card Zone as Continuous Trap Cards with no effect, and will remain there even after "Jinzo" or "Royal Decree" are removed.

Trap Monsters are typically used as an "Emergency" Defense, to stonewall an opponent ("Metal Reflect Slime" is particularly useful to do this), but they are also used to provide quick Tribute Fodder for higher-level monsters, such as the Monarchs, and can in some cases be used offensively as well. Also, because they don't count as monsters while in a players' deck or graveyard, some effects might work on them as a trap card, while others (like the effect of Morphing Jar 2) don't see them as a monster. This can be helpful in some cases.

Now that Synchro monsters have made their debut, another use for Trap Monsters besides defense and Tribute Fodder for Tribute Summons is a method of getting enough monsters of a particular level on the field for a Synchro Summon.

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