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A universal translator, or UT, was a device used to translate alien languages into a language which the user can understand.

As early as the 22nd century, communicators had U.T.s installed, while their wearers kept them out of view, while conversing. However, not all communicators were such. Self-contained systems (PADDs, tricorders etc.) and starship computers at this time didn't have them distributed throughout, internally. (ENT episode: "Civilization", ENT episode: "Acquisition", ENT episode: "Precious Cargo") By the 24th century, this was common practice. (VOY episode: "The 37's")

Brain waves were known to play a role in experimentation of a totally incompatible dialect. Ergo, synthesizing a suitable voice print to match the speaker's sample. (TOS episode: "Metamorphosis", TOS novel: First Frontier)

Some Hortas had universal translators attached to them to allow them to easily communicate with other lifeforms. In case of emergencies, such as a universal translator malfunction, Horta were also taught how to burn messages in Federation Standard as an alternative form of communications. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

23rd Century Limitations

Universal translators were often only able to re-produce sounds and not the dialect itself (without any known syntax of reference), resulting in gibberish, if used. (TOS movie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, TAS episode: "The Counter-Clock Incident")

Jurisdictions outside the UFP often confiscated U.T.- as ships could track down their signal and locate hostages. Forcing outsiders to become "bi-lingual". Especially in Klingon space, these are easily recognizable on two-way transmissions. (TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

24th Century Limitations

Universal translators did not easily cope with period slang, much to frustrations of often perplexed visitors to the Vic Fontaine holosuite program. (DS9 novel: Avatar)

UTs are still a progressing art and science, with many new introductions of speech. Damage and incomplete basis or analyses also have been known to cause them to be in-operative. (TNG episode: "Darmok", DS9 episode: "Sanctuary", DS9 episode: "Babel", VOY episode: "Hope and Fear", DS9 episode: "Little Green Men")



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Language Achievement Line
Languages Achievement Points
5 Explainer 5
10 Linguist 5
15 Translator 5
20 Interpreter 5
25 Cryptographer 5
30 Lexicographer 5
35 Etymologist 5
EverQuest II Achievement Information
Category: General
Learn 15 Languages.

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The Translator is a character who appeared in "Confirmed Dead".

In Tunisia, she traveled with Charlotte to the site of an archaeological dig where she translated for her information about the dig site from one of the men working there. After gaining access to the dig site, the translator was shocked that the remains of a polar bear were found in the desert. ("Confirmed Dead")

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