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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Trance Kuja
Japanese トランス・クジャ
Romaji Toransu Kuja
Location Crystal World
Class Humanoid/Flying
Steal Ether, White Robe, Rebirth Ring
Item Dropped Nothing
Card Dropped None
Abilities Flare Star, Holy, Flare, Meteor, Curaga, Reflect, Ultima
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Float, Doom, Venom, Death, Poison, Heat, Mini, Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Freeze, Trouble, Berserk, Regen, Vanish

Trance Kuja is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. The party fights him in the Crystal World. He casts Curaga to replenish his HP and Reflect on himself in addition to Flare and Holy. He periodically casts, sometimes as a counter, Flare Star against the entire party. There is a quick way to defeat Trance Kuja and that way is to level Zidane's Thievery to the highest level possible and make damage with the skill, the player can do the same thing with Freya's Dragon's Crest and Quina's Frog Drop, that way with a full powered threesome of attacks, Kuja can be defeated in only six turns. Upon defeat, Trance Kuja will cast Ultima on the party, which suggests that they are killed, since they are sent to the Hill of Despair where Necron is fought. "Dark Messenger" is played during the fight against him.

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