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Terra morphed into an Esper.

Trance, also known as Morph, is Terra Branford's special ability in Final Fantasy VI. She only has access to this ability once she fully regains her memory. When Terra Trances, she transforms into an Esper and her Vigor, Speed, Defense, and Magic Power all double, but this does not work with Ultima. Terra can only stay as an Esper for a limited amount of time. Her ATB gauge slowly decreases as she is an Esper, and when it empties, she turns back into a human. The length of time that Terra can stay Tranced is dependent upon the amount of magic AP she has gained after battle. If she has not gained enough, she cannot Trance. The maximum amount she can have is 255. Terra can also change back into a human at will if she uses the Revert command. In the second battle with Humbaba, Terra automatically Trances at the start, will stay that way for the rest of battle (which likely will not be very long), and cannot Revert.

A common misconception about Trance is that it wastes a turn of Terra's. It does not. If one were to create a party of Terra solo and Tranced her, he or she would find out that Terra immediately gets another turn without waiting. Also, if Terra were to be put to sleep while an Esper and the ATB gauge empties, Terra is permanently Tranced for the remainder of the battle. A similar effect can be produced by the Trance Glitch.


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