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Kuja in his Trance form
"Trance is induced by a surge of emotion."
—Steiner in battle

Trance (トランス, Toransu) is a physical state, unique to Final Fantasy IX. It is the game's equivalent to Overdrives, Limit Breaks, and Desperation Attacks.

Trance is accumulated over time by attacks of hostile nature. This means that the Trance bar, shown beneath the ATB bar, fills gradually whenever attacked by an enemy (but not an ally, since ally attacks are not hostile in nature). Once the Trance bar is filled, the character involuntarily enters Trance. When entering Trance, the characters attributes rises and certain special abilities can be used, dependent on the character that has entered Trance. The Trance bar then gradually decreases with every action taken. With attacks, it is depleted by the strength of the attack. A character will "snap out of" Trance when the bar is fully depleted, when exiting the battle (by running away or killing the enemy), or by being inflicted with the Zombie status ailment.

The Trance system can lead to some frustration in players like when an enemy's dying attack is what sends the player character into Trance, or when Trance occurs when fighting weak enemies. Since Trance is forced on when the bar is full, instead of the player being able to choose when to enter trance, like one can choose when to use Overdrives and Limit Breaks, the player has no control over the matter.

Only two non-playable characters enter Trance, one being the villain, Kuja, the other being Eiko's pet moogle, Mog. The former achieves Trance using Queen Brahne's soul and destroys Terra, while the latter enters Trance to reveal its true nature as an Eidolon.

The temporary player characters, Marcus, Blank, Cinna, and Beatrix, have no Trance gauges. Furthermore, Dagger's Trance gauge becomes temporarily unavailable in the early parts of Disc 3. This is understandable because Trance is fueled by strong emotions, especially rage and hatred, as noted by Kuja. Her extreme sorrow and despair following the destruction of Alexandria temporarily renders her mute, (though not afflicted with Silence, playability speaking) and thus unable to muster any strong emotion to initiate Trance.

The amount that the Trance gauge fills up is equal to a random MOD Spirit. If the ability High Tide is equipped, the gauge fills up equal to the character's Spirit stat instead. The amount that the Trance gauge decreases while in Trance is as follows.


Zidane's and Kuja's Trance forms serve as their EX-Modes in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

List of Trances

Character Description
Zidane Skill command changes to Dyne, which grants special attacks at the cost of MP and Trance.
Dagger Summon command changes to Eidolon, increasing the chance of a summon having a stronger attack (full animation) and the Eidolon summoned has a chance of reappearing, and will continue to reappear at random intervals.
Vivi Black Magic command changes to Double Black, allowing Vivi to cast two consecutive Black Magic spells per turn, providing he has MP for both of them. The spells still count as two actions and deplete the Trance gauge individually.
Steiner Does not have any actual Trance skills, but physical attack power triples. If attacking with the Blood Sword, will only get the normal 50% increase bonus instead.
Freya Jump ability changes; Freya stays in the air instead of landing after a Jump. While airborne she rains spears on all enemies whenever it's her turn. When her Trance gauge expires, or battle ends, she performs a final attack and lands.
Quina Eat command changes to Cook, making it easier for Quina to consume an enemy, as the enemy only needs to have lost 50% of its HP instead of the usual 75% required for Eat.
Eiko White Magic changes to Double White, allowing Eiko to cast two consecutive White Magic spells in one turn, providing she has MP for both of them. Like Vivi's Double Black, both spells will deplete the Trance gauge individually.
Amarant Flair changes to Elan, making all of Amarant's skills apply to multiple targets.



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