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Originating Location: Europe

Originating Era: early 1990s


Key Artists

  • The KLF
  • Hardfloor
  • Eternal Basement
  • Solar Quest
  • Vincent de Moor
  • Ronski Speed
  • Tiësto
  • System F
  • Super8
  • Ayla
  • Paul van Dyk
  • ATB
  • Blank & Jones
  • Airbase
  • M.I.K.E
  • Nu NRG
  • Matt Darey
  • Resistance D
  • Progressive Attack
  • Arpeggiators
  • LSG
  • Union Jack
  • Dance 2 Trance
  • Jam & Spoon
  • Terra Ferma
  • Moogwai
  • Nostrum
  • DJ Trancemaster
  • Groove Coverage
  • Jan Wayne
  • Starsplash
  • Rob Mayth
  • Special D
  • DJ Volume
  • Rocco
  • Psygone
  • mfg
  • S.U.N. Project
  • Man With No Name
  • Astral Projection
  • Juno Reactor
  • DJ Scot Project
  • Darude
  • JS16
  • Dallas Superstars
  • Bostik
  • Mighty 44
  • DJ Wag
  • Yoji Biomehanika
  • Cosmic Gate
  • Hennes & Cold
  • DuMonde
  • Uberdruck
  • Alphazone
  • Marcos
  • JK Walker
  • Blutonium Boy
  • Lady Dana
  • DJ Pavo
  • DJ Neo
  • DJ Virus
  • BT
  • Cosmic Baby
  • Art Of Trance
  • Sasha
  • John Digweed
  • ATB
  • Marc O'Tool
  • Lemon8
  • Shiva Chandra
  • Etnica
  • Infected Mushroom
  • Astrix
  • Phacelift
  • Total Eclipse
  • Buzzmonx
  • Magnetrixx
  • Ticon
  • Beat Bizarre
  • Phony Orphants
  • Antix
  • Freq
  • Lish
  • Parks & Wilson
  • Etnoscope
  • Tarentella
  • 4 Strings
  • Lange
  • Ian Van Dahl
  • Above & Beyond
  • Fragma
  • Paradise
  • Lost Witness
  • Armin Van Buuren
  • Chicane
  • Milk, Inc.
  • Lasgo
  • Ferry Corsten

Key Albums

  • The KLF - The White Room
  • Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace
  • System F - Out Of The Blue

Genre Description

Trance music is a form of Dance music that is often repetative and hypnotic in its repetition. It is often at about 130-160 BPM and features a morphing, evolving set of patterns betweens the drum tracks and the synth lines. It was particularly popular in the 1990s. The KLF are thought of as starting Trance, or at least bringing it to the forfront with their "What Time Is Love?".

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Labels in this Genre

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Trance may refer to:

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Marvel Database

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Real Name
Hope Abbott
Current Alias



unnamed father



5' 8"

134 lbs (61 kg)



Unusual Features
White hair in astral form.


Marital Status


Xavier's School for the Gifted


Place of Birth
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

First appearance

New X-Men Vol 2 #12
(June, 2005)




Hope was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. When Hope's powers manifested, it appeared as if a ghost had came out of her body, giving her father a heart attack. She was then sent to the Xavier Institute by her parents believing that she would be "cured".

While at the Institute, Hope was put in the Paragons Squad under the watch of Wolfsbane. Hope then took on the codename Trance. When it was revealed that Wolfsbane and a student (Elixir) had been in a relationship, Wolfsbane decided to leave. Magma then took over as the squad's adviser.

After the events of M-Day transpired, she was one of only 27 students to keep her powers. Greatly weakened by the losses, Emma Frost placed all of the remaining students into an all-out brawl to determine who would become the team of X-Men in-training. Hope did not make the team yet, like all of the other students who retained their powers, still resides as the Institute.

In response to M-Day, the government began gathering all information they had on the remaining mutants. Additionally, the Sentinel Squad O*N*E, a team of human-piloted Sentinels, was sent to "watch over" the X-Men and the handful of refugees symbolically know as The 198. According to said files, Hope was willing to work with other mutants in training sessions but had not yet received any combat experience.

She has not shown any violent tendencies. However, she is loyal, and as such she will be expected to follow any mutant rebellions if led by Match or another Paragon, but will be reluctant to resort to violence. However, this is merely speculation as she has not had enough exposure for her action in such a situation to be decided.

Trance was among the students who were captured by Belasco and transported to Limbo. As per X-23's request, Trance used her powers to get a message to the students still on earth. She told them that they were taken to hell and then she said Belasco, then disappeared.

Since the Messiah Complex events, Trance has joined the X-men in San Francisco.

Powers and Abilities


Astral Projection : Able to project her consciousness into an energy state that can travel distances outside her body, avoid physical injury, and produce a disruptive surge of energy on contact.


Astral form

Strength level

Average Human


  • Trance's interests include old films and classic music, and it appears she is rather culturally sophisticated.


  • In the 'New X-Men Academy X Yearbook Special', Hope was voted best-dressed by her classmates.


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