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A Tram in San Fierro.

The Tram is a non-drivable cable car in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which appears on tracks around San Fierro. There is a Tram terminal in the King's district, but Trams are most usually seen in the Garcia district.


The Tram is based off of the single-ended variant of the "California Car" cable car, the kind which typically run on the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines of the San Francisco cable car system.

There are never any brakemen seen controlling the Tram or any passengers seen riding it, and the player cannot board or drive it; as such, it has no identifiable name, and is simply referred to as the "Tram" by the Grand Theft Auto community due to its file names (tram.dff,tram.txd and TRAM in vehicles.ide). Trams can commonly be seen with their destination displayed on the sides of the cars, toward the top.

A notable aspect of the Tram is that it is completely indestructible (it can, however be targeted with Heat-Seeking Rocket Launchers, but their missiles have no effect on it), and cannot be stopped by obstructions. Players can also throw Molotov Cocktails at the Tram and the back of it will catch on fire.


  • There is a glitch involving the Tram. If the player climbs onto the Tram and takes a picture, CJ will fall into Blue Hell and, after a few moments, will land on the sidewalk beside the Tram.
  • There are times when the Tram completely stops. It usually happens after accidentally appearing in a cutscene.
  • A simple way to make it drivable (via modding) is to switch any train's ID number with the Tram's. When opening the "door", the whole tram moves.
  • There are mods that allow the Tram to be ridden by the player and/or NPCs, seeing as it is one of the only unusable vehicles in the game.

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