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"I'll probably be getting one of those stupid training sabers..."
Rosh Penin
A training Lightsaber.

Commonly thought to be low powered lightsabers, training lightsabers, also known as practice sabers, were actual lightsabers that possessed a highly intensified electromagnetic containment field which was far more difficult to penetrate than that of a standard lightsaber. Thus the energy plasma which formed the blade was better contained and able to do far less damage, and would result in welts, bruises, and minor burns instead of amputation or death. This feature could be readjusted by a fully trained Jedi to enable a Knight or Master to utilize a trainee's weapon in emergencies. These types of lightsabers were commonly used by Jedi Initiates and younglings.

Using the training weapons, younglings learned the basics of wielding a lightsaber. Like a regular lightsaber set to low power, they could not sever limbs or pierce flesh. Skin contact was painful, producing burns which could cause serious welts and bruises.

In the Jedi Praxeum, during the New Jedi Order, these sabers were given to grown Padawans and training droids. Rosh Penin received a yellow training lightsaber during his early training.

Training lightsabers were also used by the Lost Tribe of Sith on the planet Kesh.


A training lightsaber with a Synthetic lightsaber crystal
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