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Train Tunnel

world map exits: Train Tunnel
other exits: Trainyard
quests: Into the Pitt

The Train Tunnel is a metro tunnel, it's very small and is inhabited by slavers and slaves, and only has 1 interior.



It was converted into a make shift camp so slavers can sell slaves to pitt raiders.




Small camp that houses slaves and slavers and where they sleep.


There's a pump cart that takes you to The pitt.


Related Quests


  • If the Wanderer wishes to go on foot a message will appear stating that the tunnel leads into darkness and he/she cannot continue.
  • If you choose to not get an outfit and just pass by the slavers, Werhner will automatically appear inside the Tunnel, without conflicting with the slavers. You may still obtain a slave outfit at the end of the bridge on your way to the front gate when 3 escaping slaves get blown up by frag mines.
  • If you have cleared out Paradise Falls by killing all the slavers, Ramsey will notice you after speaking to you and will immediately become hostile along with the rest of the slavers.
  • No time delay on your pipboys clock occurs after traveling the 249 miles to the pitt, not even one minute.
  • The footlocker in the lean-to next to the slave pen near the Train Tunnel will disappear after The Pitt's questline, do not store your items there prior to starting the quest or you will lose all of them.
  • The Enclave set up many camps near this location, so look out when using it as a fast travel drop off point to visit undiscovered locations nearby.
  • During the dialogue with the newly freed slave, the player is given the dialogue option "Your clothes. Give them to me. Now.", a reference to the movie Terminator.


Train Tunnel appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


  • Sometimes the slavers will not allow you to buy a slave despite saying it.
  • If you get the keys from Dave, dukov and ted strayer for the mission "you gotta shoot him in the head" and you get the armor from fort Constantine, then give him the keys, Mister Crowley may appear at the tunnel upon completing and exiting the Pitt.
  • The slaver outside of the tunnel may appear with a very white face that looks like a child's mapped to an adult (
  • Directly after talking to Werhner the first time and heading to the Raiders Camp/Train Tunnel to get the Tattered Slave Garbs, after the Lonesome Wanderer was able to free the slaves and talk with Prosper, he was told to get the clothing off the dead slave who died the prior night and it could be worn. 3 times this was tried over and over and there was no dead slave nor any clothing to get. The glitch was fixed by sleeping for 8 hours before releasing the slaves (after returning to a prior save) and then on the 4th try there was finally an additional body (of the dead slave) lying on a mattress (also not there previously) and the clothes were available to get for the mission/quest line.
The Pitt (add-on)

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