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Train Graveyard, as seen in Final Fantasy VII

The Train Graveyard is a location inside the city of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. As its name suggests, it is a location filled to the brim with many broken trains. Many retired or broken train cars are scattered about a huge area, creating a labyrinth of rusted metal. Under the plate, the scene is covered with eerie darkness, creating an excellent example of the neglect that Shinra gives to the Slums. It is located right next to the Sector 7 slums.



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Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Aeris Gainsborough all come to the Train Graveyard after being dropped down into Midgar's sewers by Don Corneo. They make their way through the graveyard from the sewers of Midgar after leaving Wall Market on their way to save Sector 7 from the Plate being dropped upon it. The party reaches Sector 7 just before the Turks blow up the pillar, causing the entire Sector 7 Plate to collapse. The Graveyard cannot be visited again. A topic of mild interest amongst fans is the fact that the Train Graveyard lacks a "Ghost Train" enemy, unlike many other Final Fantasy games.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

During the assault on Midgar by the WRO, Vincent Valentine lands in the remains of the slums after dropping out of Cid's Airship. Out of position, Vincent has to navigate his way through the rubble of disused train cars with the guidance of Shelke. The graveyard holds many Deepground troops that Vincent must combat, and some WRO soldiers who also ended up out of position. Eventually, Vincent exits the graveyard, and arrives at the front entrance of Shinra Headquarters, which he proceeds to infiltrate.

Items Found

It's also worth noting that the Train Graveyard is the only place that a player can acquire a Ghost Hand (an item which drains MP) by stealing it from the Ghosts. Therefore, it is important for players wishing to get a complete item set to steal all the Ghost Hands they will ever need, as no more can be gotten after the party leaves the Train Graveyard.

Enemy formations


North (Before Aps is fought)

North (After Aps is fought)

Musical Themes

"Heart of Anxiety" from Final Fantasy VII''
Image:FFVII - Anxious Heart.ogg
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The background music of the Train Graveyard is "Heart of Anxiety" (不安な心 Fuan na Kokoro).

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