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A train is a connected series of vehicles that move along a railroad to transport freight or passengers between cities.




Final Fantasy VI

The Phantom Train
Main article: Phantom Train (Final Fantasy VI)

This is the first appearance of a train in a Final Fantasy game, as Final Fantasy VI is the first technologically advanced game in the series, and the first with railroads. The ghostly Phantom Train can be ridden and is explained as a train that carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Although Cyan specifically states that Doma had a rail system, no trains besides the Phantom Train can be seen or ridden in the game.

Final Fantasy VII

The Train Artwork

The train has a very short appearance at the beginning of the game, where Cloud and the AVALANCHE members arrive to Sector 7. The trains ride up and above the plate separating the sections of Midgar, specifically the slums from the upper-class. There also exist various security checkpoints along the routes to automatically scan the ID cards of the passengers. An invalid ID results in the train being locked down car by car.

Mt. Corel is filled with an extensive abandoned rail network. It is eventually used in Disc 2 by Shinra to transport a Huge Materia. Cloud's party, temporarily lead by Cid Highwind, attack this train to save the Materia. The train then goes out of control. Depending upon the player's actions, this train can be stopped, or it will crash into North Corel.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Sector 1 Station

Zack's first training mission takes place over a train, mirroring the start of the original Final Fantasy VII, but this time the train is a digital holographic one for training purposes. After that, the real version of the train can be seen is at the Sector 1 Station, and it links Sector 5 Slums with the Sector 8. The train is called the MK93 II, however a boy at the platform says that an even newer model, the MK100-90, is in the works. Both the digital train and the real life one are the same as the one used at the start of the original, and carry the same passenger carriages as well

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: Rail Transportation (Final Fantasy VIII)

Squall and his party can take the train paying the amount of 3000 gil. Trains run all over Galbadia and connect Balamb to Galbadia via an underwater tunnel. An oceanic bridge through Fisherman's Horizon also connects Galbadbia to Esthar. The private train of President Deling is also hijacked during the game using a complex plan involving the interception and changing of his private car with a fake. Due to the unavailability of Chocobos until later in the game, the train network is generally the easiest way to travel across the Galbadia continent, and travelling to and from Balamb until either Garden or Ragnarok are obtained.

Final Fantasy IX

A monorail-like transport, known as the Air Cab, is used to travel between the four districts in the Regency of Lindblum: The Industrial District, Business District, Theater District, and Lindblum Grand Castle. Like the newly developed Hilda Garde series of airships, they operate on steam power and are not reliant on Mist as fuel. Air Cabs operate around the clock, demonstrating the technological prowress of Lindblum's engineers. They are used during the Festival of the Hunt, where Zidane and the other participants used them to hunt for the monsters set loose in the city.

When the kingdom of Alexandria besieges the Regency and temporarily takes control of it, the Air Cabs are prevented from operating. After the party returns from the Outer Continent, Alexandrian forces have left Lindblum and the Air Cabs are once again in commission.

Final Fantasy XII

Trains are no longer used as the main land transport in the game's universe, having been abandoned due to the advent of airships and the infestation of mimic-germinites that eat away metal, forcing denizens to use Chocobos as their main land transport. Abandoned railway tracks can still be found in the Barheim Passage and at the Lhusu Mines, where players can use the mine cart to travel around the passageways.

Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning and her group of l'Cie attack a prison train in numerous trailers. This train may be used by the Sanctum to transport undesirable people down to Pulse. In the most recent trailer, Lightning takes over the train and rides it into Cocoon to come to the aid of Snow Villiers and her allies. They also use it to escape the enemy forces.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Trains are a form of transportation in the game.

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