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The Trade Union was a very powerful Republic commence guild, trade cartel, megacorporation and lobbying group that was founded in 5 ABY as an association of business and trade groups with it's own commercial trade fleet.

It grew to dominate entire star systems and all major trade routes, and possessed a formidable and private military. Towards the end of the Republic, It would become increasingly dominated by the commence-sawy Twi'leks.

It was dissolved and transformed into the Imperial Workers Union by the Dark Empire.


Pre-Clone Wars

The Trade Union was a shipping corporation and cartel, it made deals with Czerka Corporation and spice traders in order to form it's own private military to accomplish their Sith-influenced aims, it was originally controlled by a directorate, which was led by a commanding Viceroy.

Tw'leks were very influential in the leadership of the Directorate. though the Union only became a Twi'lek monopoly in 33 BBY when the Trade Union Directorate was murdered, leaving Viceroy Nute Gunray. He proceeded to fill up the vacancies with his Twi'lek puppets, some of whom later comprised the Occupation Council that took control of Pau City after the Utapau invasion.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

A trade union (or a labor union) is an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals in key areas, such as working conditions.


The role of unions in the Imperium

The primary role of unions is to represent their members in negotiations for labor contracts with employers. Unions may also provide their members with direct services, such as include: health insurance, unemployment insurance, legal aid, subsidized vacations, education programs, etc.

Closed shop and open shop

Some Starports are "closed shop" (employers agree to only hire union members, and employees must remain members of the union at all times in order to remain employed) while others are "open shop" (employees are not required to join a union as a condition of hiring or continued employment). Characters without a union "ticket" (membership card) may find it difficult to obtain work at a Starport with a closed shop. Conversely, union members may find themselves blacklisted at Starports in systems that are strongly anti-union.

Organization of unions

Due to the vast size of the Imperium, authority within a union is typically decentralized to subregional councils (1 per subsector), joint councils (1 per system), and individual locals. A single Starport may have more than one local branch, e.g. the IBLT may have one local to represent shuttle crews, another to represent cargo handlers, etc. These local branches come together in joint councils, e.g. IBLT Kinorb Joint Council.

List of unions in the Imperium

Unions in the Imperium include:

  • The Interstellar Association of Longshoremen and Teamsters (IALT) is a labor union for Starport workers. The union represents blue-collar and white-collar workers. It is one of the largest unions operating in Imperial space. There are persistant rumors of corruption and organized crime involvement within the IALT and the union has been subjected to periodic investigation by the Imperial Bureau of Labor.
  • The Interstellar Service Employees Union (ISEU) is a labor union representing low-wage sevice sector employees in a variety of public (government) and private (business) sectors. It is one of the largest unions operating in Imperial space. The union is famous for its long-running "Citizens Not Bots!" campaign - citing the superiority of sentinant human (Vilani, Solomani, etc.) employees over robots and automated systems.
  • The Interstellar Maritime Officers Association (IMOA) is a labor union for licenced (i.e. officer) merchant mariners. The union's leadership considers its members to be professionals (similar in standing to doctors and lawyers) and the IMOA is less militant than its "brother union" the ISU. Due to the "officer heavy" crewing of merchant starships, the IMOA is significantly larger than the ISU.
  • The Interstellar Starfarerers Union (ISU) is a labor union for unlicenced (i.e. non-officer) merchant mariners. Membership includes starfarers in the deck, steward and engineering departments. The union's leadership is noted for its pugnacious defence of members rights and privileges - particularly when an officer from its "brother union" the IMOA occupies a job that it believes should be held by an ISU member.

This article uses material from the "Trade Union" article on the Traveller wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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