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Tràkata in action

Tràkata was a form of lightsaber combat. It took advantage of a lightsaber blade's ability to be turned on and off, a unique quality in a melee weapon. Quickly shutting off then re-igniting the blade could cause confusion in one's opponents, allowing for diversionary feints in combat. Sith Lords would occasionally use this form to free their blade hand, allowing greater control of some force powers, such as Force lightning.



Philosophically, Tràkata involves practical combat and deception, rather than single minded determination or endless patience. It is rarely used by the Sith, since the power of the Sith comes from passion rather than practicality, and neither is it commonly used by the Jedi, because of their unwillingness to rely on deception. The latter may, however, utilize this technique on occasion, their purpose usually being to exert greater influence over the Force.


Known moves and maneuvers

Pass the Blade

The duelist deactivates his blade as he attacks, bypassing the opponent's block before igniting it into the hapless foe.[1]

Unbalancing Block

The duelist catches the opponents blade with his own before momentarily deactivating it, causing the opponent to stumble and leave himself open.[1]


Obi-Wan Kenobi used Tràkata when facing Darth Vader during their duel on the first Death Star. Obi-Wan kept his former apprentice at bay by quickly switching his blade on and off while parrying. Wary of a lightning-fast strike to his torso or arms, Vader was forced to keep his distance and advance slowly on his former mentor, instead of rushing in and use his superior height, girth and strength.

Members of the New Jedi Order known to employ this technique include Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker.[2] Jedi Master Corran Horn used a variant of this technique during the Yuuzhan Vong War, one notable occurrence being while he was battling Shedao Shai on Ithor. During the battle, Horn and Shai were locked in combat, and Horn deactivated his lightsaber, then reignited it into Shedao Shai, killing the temporary Supreme Commander.[3] During her duel with Ben Skywalker, Sith apprentice Tahiri Veila used this technique to great effect. Skywalker forced her lightsaber aside, so Tahiri switched her lightsaber off and on so fast Skywalker barely had time to react, allowing her to extend the blade to where his throat had been just moments before.[4]

Known practitioners

Behind the scenes

Tràkata was a fanon creation that was brought into continuity by the Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition Core Rulebook.

Although not an official form in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, turning off Jaden Korr's lightsaber increased the potency of Force Lightning, Force Grip, and Force Push, which can be seen as use of Tràkata.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, Darth Sidious fights with Tràkata to free his blade hand and use Force Lightning.


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