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Tower of First Knowledge
General information

Jedi Temple; rebuilt in the New Jedi Temple


The Tower of First Knowledge was the northwestern tower surrounding the Tranquillity Spire atop the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The First Knowledge Council Chamber was located at the peak of this tower, accessed via a turbolift. The Tower crowned the First Knowledge quarter and served as the hub of Jedi training during the Galactic Republic.



The rooftop entrance to the Tower.

The four Council towers were added to the Temple Ziggurat circa 1000 BBY, and would stand for years, through crisis and war, serving as a symbol of peace and order to the local Coruscanti. Surrounding the tower's base were several gardens filled with states and memorial stones. Following the New Sith Wars, a meter tall block of white stone was inlaid with the five lightsaber hilt's of the Jedi responsible for the defeat of the last Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Bane. In reality, Bane had in fact survived, but Masters Valenthyne Farfalla, Worror Dowmat, Raskta Lsu, Knights Johun Othone, Sarro Xaj, and Caleb of Ambria were still memorialized here.

When the Council of First Knowledge was founded, its members occupied the chamber at the Tower’s peak and set to counseling all Jedi who requested it. The Caretaker of First Knowledge presided over the Council and the Holocron Chamber; an extension of the Jedi Archives. Jedi Master Mace Windu came to the Holocron Chamber to consult Caretaker Astaal Vilbum and a holocron that contained information regarding Volfe Karkko.

At the climax of the Clone Wars, the Council convened for a final time. The night Knightfall was issued, Darth Vader led the 501st Legion into the Temple and slaughter all the Jedi present. The Chamber and Tower would lay in ruin, with its only occupants the stormtroopers that barred entrance to the secret Jedi knowledge.

After sitting empty for several years, except for the constant stormtrooper patrol, Galen Marek, Vader's secret apprentice, traveled to the Temple. Dropping onto the rooftop entrance, Marek made his way through the entrance hall to the center of the Tower. The giant memorial statue had been dislodged; the bridge leading through it had broken. Marek made his way through the ruins of the map room and the training chambers, eventually making it to the other side of the great shaft. Once inside the holocron chamber, Marek accessed a holocron, and his father appeared, demanding he finish the Jedi Trials. Marek found himself deep within the bows of the Temple Ziggurat, though still in the First Knowledge quarter. After finishing his trials, Marek left the Temple, never to return.

After Marek departed, the Tower would lay empty for another several years. After the fall of the Galactic Empire and the Fall of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong, the Tower collapsed and all the chambers within were shattered across the roof of the Ziggurat. Rebuilt in the New Jedi Temple, the Tower was enclosed within the transparisteel pyramid that now formed the exterior of the Temple.

A century after the reconstruction of the Temple, a new Tower would be built in its place, Darth Krayt's Tower, the location of a fierce duel between the Sith and Cade Skywalker.


The masonry of the spire was supported by a highly-tensile substance known as magnate, which aided in the support of the thin frame of the tower. Also, the permem incorporated into the council chamber’s windows aided in maintaining constant gravity balance, along with keeping the artificial air supply operational at such altitude. The turbolift that led to the Council chambers was crafted by great Jedi architects, who incorporated Force-inspired, internal dynamics, which allowed for the different sizes and shapes of the Order’s members to ascend the narrow spire.

An elevator could then be taken to the rooms of the tower, all the way up to the Holomap Chamber. From there, Jedi would have to exit in-order to board an ancient turbolift that would ascend solely to the Jedi Council Chambers.

At the base of each Council Tower was a reception and entrance hall leading from the roof of the Temple Ziggurat into the center of the tower. The hall was dotted with six bronzium statues of long dead Jedi, with two doors to either side, leading to curved halls. A large memorial statue was held in the cavernous center shaft of the Tower, held by repulsarpads. A bridge spanned the lofty shaft of the tower, passing through the chest of the statue and into the Holocron Chamber on the other side. The hall leading to the main chamber was dotted with holocrons sitting in niches and on pedestals. The chamber at the end of the hall was cast in a blue light; holocron's floated in the air, while the center of the room was dominated by a pedestal upon which sat a large holocron.

Mace Windu comes to Astaal Vilbum for information.

Off of the main hall were several chambers that encircled the central shaft of the Tower. To the left of the entrance hall was a curved chamber which contained several large stone tablets of Jedi lore, and many heritage tapestries hung from the roof. The room had several balconies with windows; behind which were statues and ancient artifacts. At the center of the hall was a map consisting of several large spheres, representing planets. At the end of the hall was a large memorial to Qui-Gon Jinn, the semi-circular atrium was lined with stained glass windows. The hall led into a short passage, underneath of which was another hall that led to a balcony overlooking the central shaft of the tower.

To the right of the entrance hall was a short hallway that led to one of the many Jedi Training Chambers. The chamber had a balcony encompassing the entire area, from which a Jedi Master could observe the training going on below. The floor of the chamber was retractable in order for maintenance to be done on the large holoprojector below it. Four statues appeared to support the balcony, while in fact, they contained the chamber's stock of training droids. The droids wielded training lightsabers; while the holoprojector below cast images of droids that cast lightning. In reality, the lightning was cast from pylons around the circumference of the sunken dueling area. A hallway off the balcony area, led to another balcony in the central shaft of the tower.

The elevator to the Council waiting room was located along one of the curving and sloping hallways. The turbolift deposited visitors into the holomap room located directly below the Council chamber, where important locations, relevant to the Council of First Knowledge, were plotted onto a holographic representation of the galaxy. Around the circumference of this section was a spacious balcony with three separate Contemplation Stations overlooking Galactic City where Jedi preparing to go before the Council were encouraged to meditate.

Crowning each of the Temple spires were reception/transmission antennas which, along with a constant connection to the HoloNet, tapped into the cosmic energy fields of the galaxy itself in order to stay in contact with Jedi on far-flung planets. The central topmast of this unique array of antennas was a powerful multi-frequency eradicator/scrambler that when coupled with the eradicators incorporated into the tower’s frame scrambled all communications in and out of the Temple. Communication bundles in the wall cavities fed data from these masts, through the columns within the Council chambers, to the holomap room. Receiver vanes within the walls of the spire converted signals from hyperspace locations into real-space coordinates before displaying them on the map. From here, the location of a Jedi stationed anywhere in the Galaxy could be pinpointed, and disturbances in the Force or high concentrations of Force energy were displayed on the map.

Each spire was also equipped with a hangar; though they would be completely refurbished just before the Clone Wars began. A landing platform extended from the hangar mouth, with two large bronzium statues flanking the entrance; their lightsabers crossed over the entry, lifting to allow access to the hangar. Located fifteen stories below the council chambers, the hangars were connected with a small garage that serviced the space craft. Also within the Tower were the chambers and offices of Jedi Council members, which could be found a quarter of the way up the tower. Located off of the stairs that climbed up around the central shaft, the masters kept large yet Spartan chambers, designed for meditation and reflection. Maser Obba kept a greenhouse in his quarters, reflecting his Ithorian heritage.


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