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Cecil confronts Rubicante at the top of the Tower of Babil.
The Tower of Babil on the surface.
"A tower of this magnitude could not have been built by human hands."

The Tower of Babil, also known as the Tower of Bab-il or the Tower of Babel, is a location in the game Final Fantasy IV. It is a large tower that stretches from the Earth's Underworld to the Overworld. In the game, it is used by Golbez to summon the Giant of Babil from the Moon to the Earth. He did it by collecting the eight Crystals from both worlds and bringing them to the tower. If the Giant is summoned, it means certain doom for the entire world. Dr. Lugae and Rubicante, the Archfiend of Fire have made the tower their headquarters. They operate a "Super Cannon," which they use to fight the Dwarves of the Underworld. The tower's origin remains unknown, although due to its architecture, technology and connection to the Red Moon, it is likely of Lunarian creation.




Final Fantasy IV

The Tower in the DS cutscene.

Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, and Yang attempt to sneak into the lower half of the tower and steal back the Crystals stolen by Golbez. When they do so, they find Dr. Lugae and Rubicante preparing for war with the Overworld kingdom of Eblan. Rubicante escapes, but Cecil and his friends must fight Dr. Lugae and his robotic son Barnabas. After defeating them, they obtain the key to stopping the Super Cannon. They are able to stop it, but Yang locks himself in the room and presumably dies in the explosion. During the escape from the tower, Golbez tries to make the bridge leading to the tower collapse from afar. However, Cecil's party is saved by Cid.

Rydia in the Nintendo DS version of the Tower of Babil.

After another series of events, Cecil and his party meet Edge and arrive at the upper half of the Tower of Babil. There, they meet the King and Queen of Eblan, who were turned into monsters by Lugae. Edge helps them return to their senses, and they are killed as a result. Rubicante then appears, and says things that make Edge lose control of his emotions. Cecil and his friends are able to defeat Rubicante and find the room with the Crystals. However, they fall into a trap door leading back underground. There, they find an abandoned Red Wing airship which Edge christens the Falcon and use it to escape the tower.

Once Golbez acquires all the Crystals, the Tower of Babil becomes shielded and no longer accessible. Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, and Edge, along with the Lunarian Fusoya, return arrive to deactivate the shield, however, they are too late. The Giant of Babil emerges, and they must destroy it. Afterward the Tower cannot be entered at all.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Tower of Babil in The After Years.

Edge and the Eblan Four head to the Tower of Babil when they notice that it is pulsating. Upon reaching the inners of the tower, Edge and the ninjas encounter the Mysterious Girl, who summons Ifrit after them. The ninjas escape narrowly onto the airship that Rydia and Luca are using.


The Tower of Babil in the Underworld in the DS version.
The base of the Tower of Babil in the Underground.



Passage to the Falcon

Enemy formations

Final Fantasy IV



Passage to the Falcon

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


  • しさくきかいほう x2, Domovoi x2
  • しさくきかいほう x2, しさくきかいへい
  • しさくきかいへい, しさくきかいほう, Gatlinghog x2
  • Spirit x3, Soul
  • しさくきかいへい x2
  • しさくきかいほう x2
  • Soul x2
  • Gray Bomb x4


  • しさくきかいへい x2
  • しさくきかいへい, しさくきかいほう, Domovoi, Lilith
  • しさくきかいほう x2, しさくきかいへい
  • Spirit x3, Soul
  • Gray Bomb x4
  • Soul x2
  • Soul x2
  • しさくきかいほう x3





"Tower of Babil" from the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV
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The background music that plays inside the Tower of Babil is its eponymous theme.


The Tower of Babil is named for the Tower of Babel from a story from the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, as well as other various ancient documents. The story tells of how early humanity united together to build a great tower that would extend to the heavens so they could see God. They called this the Tower of Babil. However, God destroyed the tower, scattered humanity throughout the world, and confused their language, so that they could never again unite to challenge God's authority.


In the European DS remake, Rubicante refers to the crystals as being on the top floor of the tower, but when the party enters it through the Eblan Cave, they go down underground levels (B1, B2, etc.) instead of going up. As such, when the trap door opens under their feet, they only fall two floors at most.

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel is mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

A legendary tower that extends to the heavens from deep below the earth. Also called the Tower of the Colossi, this mighty spire withstood the Cataclysm, and is a priceless remnant of ancient civilization.


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