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Deck Specifications
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  • Set Name: Tournament Pack 1st Season
  • Set ID: TP1

TCG Release Date: 1 July, 2002
TCG Set Size: 30 Cards
TCG Set Card Ratios:

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French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish

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Ultra Rares

Super Rares


Spoiler Card List


TP1-001/TP1-E001 Mechanicalchaser

TP1-002/TP1-E002 Axe Raider

TP1-003/TP1-E003 Kwagar Hercules

TP1-004/TP1-E004 Patrol Robo

TP1-005/TP1-E005 White Hole

TP1-006/TP1-E006 Elf's Light

TP1-007/TP1-E007 Steel Shell

TP1-008/TP1-E008 Blue Medicine

TP1-009/TP1-E009 Raimei

TP1-010/TP1-E010 Burning Spear

TP1-011/TP1-E011 Gust Fan

TP1-012/TP1-E012 Tiger Axe

TP1-013/TP1-E013 Goddess with the Third Eye

TP1-014/TP1-E014 Beastking of the Swamps

TP1-015/TP1-E015 Versago the Destroyer

TP1-016/TP1-E016 Oscillo Hero #2

TP1-017/TP1-E017 Giant Flea

TP1-018/TP1-E018 Bean Soldier

TP1-019/TP1-E019 The Statue of Easter Island

TP1-020/TP1-E020 Corroding Shark

TP1-021/TP1-E021 Wow Warrior

TP1-022/TP1-E022 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2

TP1-023/TP1-E023 Oscillo Hero

TP1-024/TP1-E024 Shining Friendship

TP1-025/TP1-E025 Hercules Beetle

TP1-026/TP1-E026 The Judgement Hand

TP1-027/TP1-E027 Wodan the Resident of the Forest

TP1-028/TP1-E028 Cyber Soldier of Darkworld

TP1-029/TP1-E029 Cockroach Knight

TP1-030/TP1-E030 Kuwagata α


TP1-F001 Mechanicalchaser

TP1-F002 Axe Raider

TP1-F003 Kwagar Hercules

TP1-F004 Patrol Robo

TP1-F005 White Hole

TP1-F006 Elf's Light

TP1-F007 Steel Shell

TP1-F008 Blue Medicine

TP1-F009 Raimei

TP1-F010 Burning Spear

TP1-F011 Gust Fan

TP1-F012 Tiger Axe

TP1-F013 Goddess with the Third Eye

TP1-F014 Beastking of the Swamps

TP1-F015 Versago the Destroyer

TP1-F016 Oscillo Hero #2

TP1-F017 Giant Flea

TP1-F018 Bean Soldier

TP1-F019 The Statue of Easter Island

TP1-F020 Corroding Shark

TP1-F021 Wow Warrior

TP1-F022 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2

TP1-F023 Oscillo Hero

TP1-F024 Shining Friendship

TP1-F025 Hercules Beetle

TP1-F026 The Judgement Hand

TP1-F027 Wodan the Resident of the Forest

TP1-F028 Cyber Soldier of Darkworld

TP1-F029 Cockroach Knight

TP1-F030 Kuwagata α

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