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File:Tothdral.gif NPC Tothdral
Location: Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun, (here).
Occupation: Astrologer, Supreme Magus
Notes: Tothdral is located in the library of the Serpentine Tower. He teaches all spells available to free account sorcerers.
See also transcripts.
Items traded: Sells:

Find Person 80 gp
Light100 gp
Light Healing 170 gp
Antidote 150 gp
Intense Healing 350 gp
Great Light 500 gp
Magic Shield 450 gp
Fire Wave 850 gp
Energy Beam 1,000 gp
Creature Illusion 1,000 gp
Summon Creature 2,000 gp
Great Energy Beam 1,800 gp
Invisible 2,000 gp
Energy Wave 2,500 gp
Poison Field 300 gp
Fire Field 500 gp
Light Magic Missile 500 gp
Ultimate Healing 1,000 gp
Strong Haste 1,300 gp

Rune Spells:
Fireball 800 gp
Destroy Field 700 gp
Energy Field 700 gp
Great Fireball 1,200 gp
Heavy Magic Missile 1,500 gp
Firebomb 1,500 gp
Stalagmite 1,400 gp
Thunderstorm 1,100 gp
Poison Wall 1,600 gp
Explosion 1,800 gp
Fire Wall 2,000 gp
Energy Wall 2,500 gp

Sudden Death 3,000 gp

Black Hood 190 gp
Book of Necromantic Rituals 180 gp
Book of Prayers 120 gp
Cultish Mask 280 gp
Cultish Robe 150 gp
Dark Rosary 48 gp
Elvish Talisman 45 gp
Unholy Bone 480 gp

Witch Broom 60 gp
See the entire NPC list.

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