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Toshiro Kago
race: Human, Asian
affiliation: Japan, Abductees
role: Abducted Samurai
location: Mothership Zeta
appearances: Fallout 3 (add-on Mothership Zeta)
quests: Among the Stars
This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...
base id: xx0032fc
ref id: xx003307

Toshiro Kago is a Japanese Samurai who is found by the Lone Wanderer on Mothership Zeta in the year 2277.



He is a Japanese Samurai abducted from earth's past. Toshiro cannot speak English. Unlike the Chinese Remnant or General Jingwei, the Lone Wanderer can't understand him and the subtitles don't translate what he says.

Interactions with the player character

Toshiro, when first met, will say something in Japanese that can be translated as "What/who are you? Where is this place?" then will say something about his sword and how he can't find it. If you find his sword and give it to him he will thank you. After that, he will disappear. Later, he can be found in the east wing of the Living Quarters, where he took revenge of the aliens, killing several of them.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Samurai Armor
Samurai Helmet
Samurai's Sword* - -

*Toshiro will use the sword if you either recover it from the Waste Disposal area and give it to him, or if you never enter the Disposal area. Should you decide to keep the sword, he will be unarmed.


  • He is originally called "Chinaman" by Paulson, but after Sally tells him that Kago is from Japan, Paulson then calls him "Oriental".
  • You can obtain his Samurai Armor and Samurai Helmet by reverse-pickpocketing him, or you can attack him at any time in the game and kill him and none of the other NPCs will turn hostile (Elliot may actually aid you in killing him). This makes it easy to get his armor (he doesn't have his sword before you've returned it to him).
  • After the questline of Mothership Zeta he stays aboard the ship and cannot be interacted with. After a while he will disappear from the ship.
  • If you have obtained the Samurai's Sword and had not given it to Toshiro, he may spawn with another copy of the weapon when encountered in the Living Quarters.


Toshiro Kago appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.

Behind the scenes

A rough translation of some of Toshiro's dialogue is as follows:

  • "Onushi wa nanimono? Koko wa dokoda?"
    • "What/who are you? Where is this place?"
  • "Sessha no ken! Sessha no ken wa dokoda?"
    • "My sword! Where is my sword?"
  • "Sappari wakaranai. Koko ga doko nanoka mouse. Sessha no ken wa doushita?"
    • "I don't understand [you] at all. Tell me where this place is! What has become of my sword?"
  • "Sessha no ken wa dokoda? Ima sugu kaesanu ka?"
    • "Where is my sword? Return it now!"
  • "Nani wo itteorunoda. Sappari wakaran. Nantoka shitekure!"
    • "What are you saying? I can't understand. Please do something!"
  • "Nantoka senuka! Sessha no ken wa ittai doko ni aru no ka?"
    • "Won't you do something?! Where the hell is my sword?"
  • "Nani wo itte orunoda. Kono chi ni mioboe no nai. Ittai sessha ni nani wo shita?"
    • "What are you saying? I have no memory of this world. What in hell has been done to me?"
  • "Sessha no ken wo imasugu kaesunoda. Hayaku kaesanu ka."
    • "Return my sword immediately. Hurry and return it!"
  • "Onushi wa ittai nani mono? Sessha wa naze koko ni iru?"
    • "What on earth are you? Why am I here?"
  • "Sessha no ken wa do natta. Eei, hayaku kaesanu ka!"
    • "What happened to my sword? Argh, return it at once!"
  • "Youkai kara mi wo mamoru niwa, ken ga iru!"
    • "I need my sword to defend against [these] demons!"
  • "Nani ga okotta no ka, kento tsukanu."
    • "What has happened? I do not have my sword!"
  • "Youjutsu de sessha wo toraete youkai me. Kono mama de wa okanu zo!"
    • "These wretched demons have taken me captive with their sorcery. I cannot be left like this!"
  • "Ken wo ubawarete shimatta, taegataki kutsujoku!"
    • "I have been robbed of my sword - this is an unbearable disgrace!"
  • "Ken wo sugu torimodo saneba naranu!"
    • "I must take back my sword immediately!"
  • "Hito wo azukeru na. Onushi no monoii wa sappari wakaran."
    • "Do not insult me! I cannot understand a word you are saying."
  • "Sessha wo tasuke takuba, sessha no ken wo sagashi dase!"
    • "If you want to help me, go and search for my sword!"
  • "Nanto? Nani wo nozonde orunoda. Nani yue, onushi no iu koto ga wakaranu no da?"
    • "What? What do you want? How is it that I have no idea what you are saying?"
  • "Onushi, naniyue sonoyo ni hanasu? Nanika shomo no mono demo arunoka?"
    • "You, why are you talking like that? Is there something you want?"
  • "Oh, sessha no ken! Kaeshite moraerutowa, katajikenai."
    • "Oh, my sword! I am most grateful for its return!"
  • "Oh, korekoso sessha no ken. Katajike nai."
    • "Oh, this is my sword! My utmost thanks!"
  • "Sumanuga, sessha mizukara korekara okorukotoni sonaeneba naranu."
    • "I am sorry, but I must now prepare myself for what is to come."
  • "Jyama wo suru na." (after finding his Samurai's Sword)
    • "Don't get in my way."


  • After completing the main quest of Mothership Zeta, with Toshiro still alive, it is possible to pickpocket him. In his inventory his Samurai Sword will appear but trying to steal it may result in the game crashing.
  • If you kill Toshiro once you thaw him out, scripted dialogue options about him with the other NPCs will remain.
Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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