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Torunka affected by the Minus Curse





Alternate names

Dark Sage

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 048

Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's



Seiyū (Japanese)
  • Aki Kanada
Voice actor(s) (English)
  • Mike Sinterniklass (young)
  • Sean Schemmel (old)

Torunka is an inhabitant of the Duel Monsters Spirit World. Torunka is the spirit of Dark Sage, but after being affected by the Minus Curse, he appears as a child (teenager in the dub). In the dub he suffers from Sciatica, even in his younger form.


Torunka, along with other Spellcaster spirits, managed to escape while Zeman the Ape King captured other spirits. However they fell victim to the Minus Curse changing them into children.

While Zeman's soldiers were invading a village, Torunka saved Luna by helping her hide. He explained the political situation of the land since Zeman's arrival to her. He recognizes Luna as a Signer after she tells him Ancient Fairy Dragon sent her to find Regulus in order to save Ancient Fairy Dragon. In the Japanese version, he uses the personal pronoun "washi" (a stereotypical old man pronoun), and he tends to call Luna "Little Miss" (Ojo-chan) as a sign of elder formality and also due to Luna's title as a Signer.

Torunka reluctantly helps her find Regulus, knowing Regulus has been acting hostile lately. Both find Regulus, and after a chase, Luna disposes of the Cursed Needle and she shows Regulus her Mark of the Dragon.

Old Torunka.

The trio set out for the castle, and infiltrate it in disguise as traveling magician's who have captured Regulus. They mange to fool Zeman enough for him to start releasing Ancient Fairy Dragon, believing he can truely Minus her, by resealing her with Regulus. Torunka gets excited and trips over his baggy clothing. He accidentally reveals Luna's disguised Cursed Needle and turns it, making him tell the truth when he intends to lie. Regulus locks Luna and Torunka in the cage to temporarily protect them, while he stops Zeman resealing Ancient Fairy Dragon.

The Minus Curse was dispelled when Regulus killed Zeman. Torunka returns to his true age and sends Luna back to the human world after "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" is summoned.

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