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Toronto Maple Leafs awards

Syl Apps with the Stanley Cup in 1942.
Award Wins
Stanley Cup
O'Brien Trophy
Prince of Wales Trophy
Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy
Calder Memorial Trophy
Conn Smythe Trophy
Frank J. Selke Trophy
Hart Memorial Trophy
Jack Adams Award
King Clancy Memorial Trophy
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy
Mark Messier Leadership Award
Vezina Trophy
Awards won 53

This is a list of award winners of the Toronto Maple Leafs and predecessor clubs of the Toronto NHL franchise.


League awards


Team trophies

Award Description Times
Stanley Cup NHA/NHL vs. PCHA/WCHL/WHL championship (1914–26)
NHL championship (1926–present)
13 1917–18, 1921–22, 1931–32, 1941–42, 1944–45, 1946–47, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1950–51, 1961–62, 1962–63, 1963–64, 1966–67
O'Brien Cup NHL playoff championship (1918–23)
NHL Canadian Division championship (1927–38)
NHL Playoff Runner-Up (1939–1950)
9 1917–18, 1921–22, 1927–28, 1932–33, 1933–34, 1934–35, 1937–38, 1938–39, 1939–40
Prince of Wales Trophy Regular season champions (1938–67) 2 1947–48, 1962–63

Individual awards

Nine different Leafs have won the Calder Memorial Trophy, more than any other team.

Award Description Winner Season
Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy Perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey Jason Blake 2007–08
Calder Memorial Trophy Rookie of the year Syl Apps 1936–37
Gaye Stewart 1942–43
August Bodnar 1943–44
Frank McCool 1944–45
Howie Meeker 1946–47
Frank Mahovlich 1957–58
Dave Keon 1960–61
Kent Douglas 1962–63
Brit Selby 1965–66
Conn Smythe Trophy Most valuable player of the playoffs Dave Keon 1966–67
Frank J. Selke Trophy Forward who best excels in the defensive aspect of the game Doug Gilmour 1992–93
Hart Memorial Trophy Most valuable player to his team during the regular season Babe Pratt 1943–44
Ted Kennedy 1954–55
Jack Adams Award Top coach during the regular season Pat Burns 1992–93
King Clancy Memorial Trophy Leadership qualities on and off the ice and humanitarian contributions within their community Curtis Joseph 1999–2000
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Gentlemanly conduct Joe Primeau 1931–32
Gordie Drillon 1937–38
Syl Apps 1941–42
Sid Smith 1951–52
Red Kelly 1960–61
Dave Keon 1961–62
Alexander Mogilny 2002–03
Mark Messier Leadership Award Player who exemplifies leadership on and off the ice Mats Sundin 2007–08
Vezina Trophy Fewest goals given up in the regular season (1927–1981) Turk Broda 1940–41
Al Rollins 1950–51
Harry Lumley 1953–54
Johnny Bower 1960–61
Terry Sawchuk
Johnny Bower
NHL All-Rookie Team Top rookies at each position Dan Daoust (F) 1982–83
Wendel Clark (F) 1985–86
Felix Potvin (G) 1992–93
Kenny Jonsson (D) 1994–95
Sergei Berezin (F) 1996–97
Mike Johnson (F) 1997–98
Luke Schenn (D) 2008–09
NHL First All-Star Team Top performers at each position over the course of the season King Clancy (D) 1930–31
Busher Jackson (LW) 1931–32
Charlie Conacher (RW) 1933–34
Gordie Drillon (RW) 1937–38
Syl Apps (C) 1938–39
NHL Second All-Star Team Top performers at each position over the course of the season King Clancy (D) 1931–32
Charlie Conacher (RW) 1931–32
Dick Irvin (Head coach) 1931–32
Busher Jackson (LW) 1932–33
Joe Primeau (C) 1933–34
Bill Thoms (C) 1935–36
Syl Apps (C) 1937–38

All-Star Game selections

The following is a list of Toronto Maple Leafs players and coaches who have taken part in the NHL All-Star Game.

Year Player(s)
2009 Tomas Kaberle
2008 Tomas Kaberle
2007 Tomas Kaberle
2004 Pat Quinn (Coach), Gary Roberts, Mats Sundin
2003 Ed Belfour (DNP), Mats Sundin (DNP)
2002 Tomas Kaberle, Pat Quinn (Coach), Mats Sundin
2001 Mats Sundin
2000 Curtis Joseph, Pat Quinn (Coach), Mats Sundin, Dmitri Yushkevich
1999 Mats Sundin
1998 Mats Sundin
1997 Mats Sundin
1996 Mike Gartner, Larry Murphy, Felix Potvin, Mats Sundin
1994 Dave Andreychuk, Doug Gilmour, Felix Potvin
1993 Doug Gilmour
1992 Dave Ellett
1991 Vincent Damphousse
1990 Al Iafrate
1989 Gary Leeman
1988 Al Iafrate
1986 Wendel Clark
1985 Miroslav Frycer
1984 Rick Vaive
1983 Rick Vaive
1982 Bob Manno, Rick Vaive
1981 Robert Picard
1980 Dave Burrows, Darryl Sittler
1978 Lanny McDonald, Borje Salming, Darryl Sittler
1977 Lanny McDonald, Borje Salming, Ian Turnbull
1976 Borje Salming, Wayne Thomas
1975 Darryl Sittler
1974 Jim McKenny, Norm Ullman
1973 Paul Henderson, Dave Keon
1972 Paul Henderson
1971 Dave Keon
1970 Ron Ellis, Dave Keon
1969 Tim Horton, Norm Ullman
1968 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - George Armstrong, Wayne Carleton, Brian Conacher, Ron Ellis, Bruce Gamble, Larry Hillman, Tim Horton, Punch Imlach (Coach), Dave Keon, Frank Mahovlich, Murray Oliver, Jim Pappin, Marcel Pronovost, Bob Pulford, Duane Rupp, Al Smith, Allan Stanley, Pete Stemkowski, Mike Walton
1967 Dave Keon, Frank Mahovlich, Allan Stanley
1965 Bob Baun, Ron Ellis, Frank Mahovlich
1964 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - George Armstrong, Andy Bathgate, Bob Baun, Johnny Bower, Carl Brewer, Kent Douglas, Gerry Ehman, Ron Ellis, Billy Harris, Larry Hillman, Tim Horton, Dave Keon, Frank Mahovlich, Don McKenney, Jim Pappin, Bob Pulford, Terry Sawchuk, Eddie Shack, Ron Stewart
1963 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - George Armstrong, Bob Baun, Johnny Bower, Kent Douglas, Dick Duff, Billy Harris, Larry Hillman, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Ed Litzenberger, John MacMillan, Frank Mahovlich, Bob Nevin, Bob Pulford, Eddie Shack, Don Simmons, Allan Stanley, Ron Stewart
1962 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - George Armstrong, Bob Baun, Johnny Bower, Carl Brewer, Kent Douglas, Dick Duff, Billy Harris, Larry Hillman, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Ed Litzenberger, John MacMillan, Frank Mahovlich, Bob Nevin, Bob Pulford, Eddie Shack, Allan Stanley, Ron Stewart
1961 Johnny Bower, Tim Horton, Frank Mahovlich
1960 Punch Imlach (Coach), Red Kelly, Frank Mahovlich, Bob Pulford, Allan Stanley
1959 Punch Imlach (Coach), George Armstrong, Carl Brewer, Frank Mahovlich, Bert Olmstead
1958 Dick Duff, Billy Harris
1957 George Armstrong, Dick Duff, Rudy Migay, Jim Morrison
1956 George Armstrong, Hugh Bolton, Dick Duff, Jim Morrison, Tod Sloan
1955 Harry Lumley, Jim Morrison, Sid Smith, Ron Stewart
1954 Tim Horton, Ted Kennedy, Harry Lumley, Sid Smith
1953 Sid Smith, Jimmy Thomson, Harry Watson
1952 Fern Flaman, Gus Mortson, Tod Sloan, Sid Smith, Jimmy Thomson, Harry Watson
1951 Sid Abel, Max Bentley, Ted Kennedy, Gus Mortson, Ken Mosdell, Joe Primeau (Coach), Tod Sloan, Sid Smith, Jimmy Thomson, Harry Watson
1950 Turk Broda, Ted Kennedy, Gus Mortson, Sid Smith, Jimmy Thomson
1949 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - Bill Barilko, Max Bentley, Garth Boesch, Turk Broda, Bob Dawes, Cal Gardner, Bill Juzda, Ted Kennedy, Joe Klukay, Vic Lynn, Fleming Mackell, Howie Meeker, Sid Smith, Jimmy Thomson, Ray Timgren, Harry Watson
1948 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - Bill Barilko, Max Bentley, Garth Boesch, Turk Broda, Les Costello, Bill Ezinicki, Cal Gardner, Bill Juzda, Ted Kennedy, Joe Klukay, Vic Lynn, Fleming Mackell, Frank Mathers, Howie Meeker, Gus Mortson, Jimmy Thomson, Harry Watson
1947 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NHL All-Stars - Syl Apps, Bill Barilko, Turk Broda, Hap Day (Coach), Bill Ezinicki, Bob Goldham, Ted Kennedy, Joe Klukay, Vic Lynn, Fleming Mackell, Howie Meeker, Don Metz, Gus Mortson, Bud Poile, Wally Stanowski, Gaye Stewart, Jimmy Thomson, Harry Watson

Career achievements

Hockey Hall of Fame

The following persons have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The list includes anyone who played for the Toronto NHL franchise (which includes the Arenas and St. Pats) who was later inducted as a player. The list of builders includes anyone inducted as a builder who spent any part of their career in a coaching, management, or ownership role with Toronto. As of 2007, 55 players have been inducted, more than any other franchise.

Individual Category Year Years with Toronto
Eddie Gerard Player 1945 1921–1922
Frank Nighbor Player 1947 1929–1930
King Clancy Player 1958 1930–1936
Sprague Cleghorn Player 1958 1920–1921
Dick Irvin Builder 1958 1931–1940
Conn Smythe Builder 1958 1927–1966
Jack Adams Player 1959 1922–1926
Frank J. Selke Builder 1960 1929–1946
Syl Apps Player 1961 1936–1948
Charlie Conacher Player 1961 1929–1937
Hap Day Player 1961 1924–1937
George Hainsworth Player 1961 1933–1937
Harry Cameron Player 1962 1917–1923
Rusty Crawford Player 1962 1917–1919
Reg Noble Player 1962 1919–1924
Sweeney Schriner Player 1962 1939–1946
Joe Primeau Player 1963 1927–1936
Foster Hewitt Builder 1965 1927–1963
Red Horner Player 1965 1928–1940
Syd Howe Player 1965 1931–1932
Max Bentley Player 1966 1947–1953
Ted Kennedy Player 1966 1943–1957
Babe Pratt Player 1966 1942–1946
Turk Broda Player 1967 1936–1952
Red Kelly Player 1969 1960–1967
Babe Dye Player 1970 1920–1926, 1930
Busher Jackson Player 1971 1929–1939
Terry Sawchuk Player 1971 1964–1967
Hap Holmes Player 1972 1917–1919
Dickie Moore Player 1974 1964–1965
George Armstrong Player 1975 1950–1971
Gordie Drillon Player 1975 1937–1942
Pierre Pilote Player 1975 1968–1969
Johnny Bower Player 1976 1958–1970
Harold Ballard Builder 1977 1957–1989
Tim Horton Player 1977 1952–1970
Ace Bailey Player 1978 1926–1933
Andy Bathgate Player 1978 1963–1965
J. P. Bickell Builder 1978 1919–1951
Jacques Plante Player 1978 1970–1973
Marcel Pronovost Player 1978 1965–1970
Harry Lumley Player 1980 1952–1956
Frank Mahovlich Player 1981 1957–1968
Allan Stanley Player 1981 1958–1968
Norm Ullman Player 1982 1968–1975
Punch Imlach Builder 1984 1958–1969, 1979–1980
Bernie Parent Player 1984 1970–1972
Gerry Cheevers Player 1985 1961–1962
Bert Olmstead Player 1985 1958–1962
Leo Boivin Player 1986 1951–1955
Dave Keon Player 1986 1960–1975
Darryl Sittler Player 1989 1970–1982
Fernie Flaman Player 1990 1950–1954
Bob Pulford Player 1991 1956–1970
Lanny McDonald Player 1992 1973–1979
Harry Watson Player 1994 1946–1955
Borje Salming Player 1996 1973–1989
Mike Gartner Player 2001 1994–1996
Roger Neilson Builder 2002 1977–1979
Grant Fuhr Player 2003 1991–1993
Cliff Fletcher Builder 2004 1991–1997
Larry Murphy Player 2004 1995–1997
Dick Duff Player 2006 1954–1964
Ron Francis Player 2007 2003–2004
Jim Gregory Builder 2007 1969–1979
Glenn Anderson Player 2008 1991–1994
Brian Leetch Player 2009 2004

† played for Toronto Arenas or Toronto St. Pats.

Retired numbers

The Leafs have a policy of retiring numbers only for players "who have made a significant contribution to the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club and have experienced a career-ending incident while a member of the Maple Leaf team". Barilko (whose career ended with death in a plane crash) and Bailey (whose career ended with a severe head injury) met the criteria. These two numbers were not officially retired until October 17, 1992. Ron Ellis received permission from Bailey, by the time of his career the Leafs' Director of Scouting, to wear number 6.

Number Player Date Years with Toronto
5 Bill Barilko October 17, 1992 1947–1951
6 Ace Bailey October 17, 1992 1926–1933
99 Wayne Gretzky February 6, 2000 Retired by NHL

Honoured numbers

In 1993, the Leafs began a policy of honouring their greatest players by declaring their number an "Honoured Number" rather than retirement. MLSE CEO Richard Peddie formed a committee in 2005 to study the issue and announced the decision to continue with the honoured number program late that year, citing a desire to allow current players to build upon the legacy of those numbers.

Number Player Date Years with Toronto
1 Turk Broda March 11, 1995 1937–1952
Johnny Bower March 11, 1995 1959–1970
4 Hap Day October 4, 2006 1924–1937
Red Kelly October 4, 2006 1961–1967
7 King Clancy November 21, 1995 1931–1937
Tim Horton November 21, 1995 1950–1970
9 Ted Kennedy October 3, 1993 1943–1955, 1956–1957
Charlie Conacher February 28, 1998 1930–1938
10 Syl Apps October 3, 1993 1937–1943, 1945–1948
George Armstrong February 28, 1998 1950–1969, 1970–1971
17 Wendel Clark November 22, 2008 1985–1994, 1996–1998, 1999–2000
21 Borje Salming October 4, 2006 1973–1989
27 Frank Mahovlich October 3, 2001 1957–1968
Darryl Sittler February 8, 2003 1970–1982
93 Doug Gilmour January 31, 2009 1991–1997, 2002–2003

Team awards

Molson Cup

2007–08 Vesa Toskala 1994–95 Mats Sundin 1983–84 Rick Vaive
2006–07 1993–94 Doug Gilmour 1982–83 Rick Vaive
2005–06 Mats Sundin 1992–93 Doug Gilmour 1981–82 Michel Larocque
2003–04 Ed Belfour 1991–92 Grant Fuhr 1980–81 Darryl Sittler/Wilf Paiement
2002–03 Ed Belfour 1990–91 Peter Ing 1979–80 Borje Salming
2001–02 Mats Sundin 1989–90 Gary Leeman 1978–79 Darryl Sittler
2000–01 Curtis Joseph 1988–89 Gary Leeman 1977–78 Borje Salming
1999–2000 Curtis Joseph 1987–88 Ken Wregget 1976–77 Borje Salming
1998–99 Curtis Joseph 1986–87 Rick Vaive 1975–76 Darryl Sittler
1997–98 Felix Potvin 1985–86 Ken Wregget 1974–75 Darryl Sittler
1996–97 Felix Potvin 1984–85 Bill Derlago 1973–74 Borje Salming
1995–96 Felix Potvin

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