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The Tormented wraith is a monster found in the part of the Spirit Realm accessed through the invisible portal at the centre of the Dark Warriors' Fortress. This portal can only be accessed with the upgraded Jennica's ring after the Summer's End quest. It is recommended to switch to and wear a Ring of Wealth once there. It is also recommended to bring alchemy runes, because of the common black armour drops. Tormented wraiths are also known to be the only monster beside the Corporeal Beast to drop Holy Elixir and also are known for their high drop rate of blue charms.

Before it became a wraith, the being was apparently tormented and killed by the Kinshra (Black Knights), and as a wraith it seeks revenge against anyone who appears to be a Black Knight. To have this monster become aggressive or even to fight it, full black armour and a black weapon must be equipped:

Slot Allowed items Not allowed
Headwear/ Black full helm, Black med helm, Elite black full helm Any trimmed, gold-trimmed, or heraldic black armour
Body Black chainbody, Black platebody, Elite black platebody Any trimmed or gold-trimmed black armour
Legs Black platelegs, Black plateskirt, Elite black platelegs Any trimmed or gold-trimmed black armour
Shield (only if a two-handed weapon is not equipped) Black kiteshield, Black sq shield, Black defender Any trimmed, gold-trimmed, or heraldic black armour
Hands Melee: Any Black melee weapons; Range: Black darts, Black knives Range: Black crossbow (even if using Black bolts)


  • Heraldic, trimmed, and gold-trimmed black armour cannot be used to fight the wraith.
  • Elite black armour can be used in lieu of normal black armour but does not seem to provide significantly more protection against the wraith.
  • All other equipped slots do not need to be black armour: Cape, gloves, boots, necklace, and ring can be any item. If the player plans to use Protect from Melee, it is recommended that prayer-boosting items be used for the cape, gloves, and boots slots.

It is helpful to fight this monster using the Protect from Melee prayer as it will hit frequent and hard through black armour and elite black armour. It is not possible to change equipped items while fighting this monster. Familiars will not attack the wraith and cannonballs will simply pass through it. It is possible to slay this monster using some ranged weapons. When ranging, a black shield must be wielded. It is not possible to throw the last knife or dart, as then the hand slot would not have a black weapon, which is not allowed. It is also not possible to add to the equipped ammunition either (such as would normally be done when picking up dropped knives or darts).

When ranging the wraith, the black armour that must be worn will reduce the player's ranged ability. This cannot be avoided, as there is no black ranged armour. (Black dragonhide armour is not black metal armour.)

Magic can be used against the wraith, however there is no black magic staff or black magic armour, so magic is not recommended due to the negative effects of the armour the player must wear to kill the wraith. If black armour with the least possible magic penalty is worn, it is possible to cancel out the negative bonus with equipment worn in other slots, such as Infinity boots, Barrows gloves, a God cape, a Seers' ring and an Amulet Of Glory. A Black dagger also helps since it gives a +1 magic attack bonus, or Black claws, that give no magic attack bonus, but also negates the need for a shield that lowers the magic attack bonus.

Monster Examine states that the wraith is a Slayer monster and as such counts towards ghost assignments.


Fighting Tips

  • Bring a Salve Amulet (e) for higher damage.
  • The Wraith can hit quite hard so be prepared!
  • It takes a few moments for the wraith to respawn after being killed. If your attention is likely to wander at this time, to be safe unequip one of the black items that must be worn. This way, the wraith won't start attacking you when it reappears. Just equip the item again when you are ready to fight.
  • You can bring a black dagger(p++) and poison it, and wait for it to die. This is of course time consuming but it saves you food, and is safer. You can also hide behind the skeleton, run and stab the wraith then run back every 5-10 seconds and avoid all damage if timed correctly.
  • Familiars will NOT use their normal attacks on the wraith, but a player CAN use the familiar's scroll attack to fight the wraith. This is impractical for most players as it counts as the player's combat turn, but a summoning pure (with prayer) may find it useful as their summon could hit more than them, the wraith's drops often cover the cost of scrolls, and the common blue and crimson charms are important to summoners.
  • Lower level players with 66 Magic may find it helpful to cast Vunerability on the wraith to reduce its Defence. With a proper setup and due to the wraiths weakness against magic. It is almost guaranteed to hit the wraith dropping its Defence by 10%


The former safespot.

The safe spot (as shown below) has been removed, it is now impossible to trap the wraith as it follows you instead of becoming stuck.

In FAQ 02/09/09 Mod Emilee said:

"Did you remove some of the safe spots on purpose?"

No, they were affected by the game engine changes.

We shall be investigating them on a case by case basis.

— Mod Emilee, [1]




Another obsolete safespot for killing tormented wraiths
Another obsolete safespot for killing tormented wraiths.



Runes and Charms

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


8 - 16%

4 - 10%

11 - 20%

20 - 31%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 164 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)


(Herbs are dropped in pairs, but can be different herbs)



While near the Tormented Wraith, and wearing a Ghostspeak amulet, the text box can display messages such as:

  • "The stench of Kinshra still lingers in my wounds."
  • "I can feel them closing in."
  • "I must have my vengeance."
  • "Bring me the dark warriors or suffer my displeasure!"
  • "I will not rest until every black knight is dead."
  • "Bid farewell to your breath, black knight!"
  • "Prepare to suffer as I have!"
  • "You shall die for what you did to me!"
  • "Zamorak cannot save you from my wrath!"
  • "Suffer the pain of my torment, wretch!"
  • "Spill your life for me!"
  • "Coward! Hiding behind your false gods!" (if you are praying to block its attacks)
  • "Your dark prayers will not keep you safe forever!" (if you are praying to block its attacks)
  • "Accept your punishment, weakling!"

Without the amulet, the text would display as "Woo wooo woo."


  • On the first day of release no melee experience could be gained by killing this monster, it now currently gives around 4.1 exp per damage point.
  • Even though it commonly drops black equipment, some of which sells well, many players feel that this is an unsatisfactory way to make money.
  • There were complaints on the official Forums about high-levelled players "camping" at the wraith. As it is a multicombat area, those players would always get the drop. Also, the fact that there is only one wraith in each world, and that the wraith is easily killed with a small team, only led to more rants. Since then, the popularity of the wraith has dropped off, since the Holy elixir is a very rare drop and many players do not regard the wraith's other drops as valuable enough for the time it takes to kill it using black weapons. Accordingly, there is little competition for the wraith at present.
  • One way to maximise the value of the haul from the wraith is to bring high alchemy runes. When your inventory fills up with black equipment, use this guide on what to keep or alchemy. The goal is to keep the items that sell on the Grand Exchange for the highest premium over their high alchemy price. (Price differentials are based on early May 2009 rates.)
    • Black platebodies should be kept in preference to all other black equipment, as they can sell on the GE for a bonus of about 1,100-1,200 coins each above their high alchemy return.
    • Black platelegs and black full helms are next, each with a bonus of about 800-900 coins.
    • Black chainbodies have a bonus of about 600-700 coins.
    • Black kiteshields have a bonus of about 100-150 coins.
    • Black longswords have a bonus of about 50 coins.
    • Black medium helms do not sell for a bonus on the GE and should be alchemised (345 coins) or discarded.


  1. ^ Mod Emilee. Recent Update FAQ - 02/09/09. RuneScape Official Forums. Retrieved on 2009-09-13.

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