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A player being attacked by a tormented demon

The Tormented Demon, also known as TD (plural TDs), requires the completion of the While Guthix Sleeps quest to fight. It is currently the eleventh strongest monster in RuneScape. Its body is odd in that it is part organic and part Dragon metal. They are known well for being the only monsters to drop Dragon claws and the 3 parts of the Dragon platebody.

The monster can hit up to 26 with magic, ranged and melee, so be aware of your hitpoints. The magic attack is orange and draws an orange line behind it, the ranged attack is black and spiky and the melee attack is only used if you stand in front of the demon: It uses his claws and smashes them to you, this attack draws a white line. The monster also has an off-shore magic attack that hits the same as any other attack, but will damage you from a distance. You must adjust your prayers to its attacks in order to survive. Tormented Demons reside in a multicombat area, so it is possible to attack it as a team. However, there are multiple demons in the one area, so it is also possible for more than one demon to attack a player. They have very high hitpoints, but they are demons, so their defence isn't extremely high.



Getting There

To get to the Ancient Guthix Temple, go to the Lumbridge Castle basement, pass through the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, enter the Tears of Guthix cavern, and ride a Light creature to the lower level. A Sapphire lantern is required. Having a second Sapphire lantern in your bank is an advantage in case you die and need to travel back to loot your grave.


Tormented Demon Hunting Guide

The Tormented Demon is surrounded by a fire shield which greatly reduces the damage it takes. Without weakening and removing the shield by hitting it with Darklight, the demon will take very little damage, similar to a Broodoo Victim. After approximately 60 seconds, the shield will be restored, and you must take it down with Darklight again. It will also use protection prayers to block against the attack style it is currently receiving the most damage from. The demon will switch prayers after it receives 31 damage from one attack style. The dragon scimitar's special attack doesn't work against the demon's prayer. The demon doesn't run out of prayer and is thus immune to Smite. It is immune to poison from any weapons as well.

The demon's first few attacks upon spawning are magic, and it will use magic more often than ranged. Occasionally it will also cast an area-effect magic spell, damaging everyone in the area for up to 26 damage. It will change attack styles after using this attack. It is strongly recommended to wear prayer-boosting equipment and to switch prayers to adapt to the attack being used. A combination of Barrows sets, such as Verac's and Karil's armour, is a good choice.
A Tormented Demon.

When killing Tormented Demons in a party, it is most efficient to have an even number of Melee, Ranged and Magic users to keep the Demon constantly changing prayers. Meleers are advised to always bring Darklight, and switch to a Dragon halberd or Godsword once the shield is down. Mages should use Ice or Blood barrage spells from the Ancient Magicks Spellbook, Claws of Guthix, or Fire Surge from the default Magic spell book. Rangers should use Ruby bolts (e) and Diamond bolts (e) for their effects or a Crystal bow. Holy Water does not work on Tormented Demons. A small group can easily kill the demon, but a large group is more efficient.

For soloing, you must bring at least two different styles of attack, preferably melee and range. Range hits more, allows use of enchanted bolt effects, and is significantly cheaper than magic. Safe spots exist, but you may find it hard to keep other demons away from you, and should be careful not to get attacked by multiple demons at once (you will easily take lots of damage if this happens). Try to maneuver around to trap the other demons behind pillars, and make sure only one is able to attack you. Even if the demons are trapped, they still have a magic attack that hits through objects and is fairly accurate.

If you have the Summoning level required, it is recommended to bring a Bunyip, Unicorn Stallion, Ice titan, Fire titan or Moss titan for extra healing. Alternatively, you can also bring a beast of burden such as the Pack Yak or War Tortoise to carry extra supplies.

A cannon cannot be set up here: you receive the message, "A powerful presence in the cave stops you from setting up the cannon."


  • 3000-13,000 coins (uncommon)

Weapons & Armour

Dragon armour pieces

Food & Potions


This monster drops 4-10 random seeds at a time. (very common)

1-3 seeds each.


This monster drops 8-10 random herbs at a time. (very common, especially ranarr weed)


Please add your charm drop rates to the next template:

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


17 - 21%

11 - 15%

21 - 26%

40 - 45%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 785 kills.
3 charms are dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

Ores & Bars





  • On 4 December 2008, Jagex changed the drop tables for the Tormented Demons and made them more difficult to kill by changing their behaviour toward mage and range attacks.
We have made a couple of changes to the behaviour and drop tables of the tormented demons. Due to the layout of the area they are in, they didn't behave the way we had planned, and a knock-on effect of this was that they became a lot easier to defeat. We also made an error when we calculated how many demons players would normally be able to kill over a certain period of time, which resulted in the dragon platebody parts being dropped at a more frequent rate than we had intended. To fix these problems, and to balance the demons to our initial design, the following changes have been made:
The demons will behave more appropriately against Ranged and Magic attacks, and not try to use melee attacks if the opponent is attacking them from a distance.
The drop chances of the individual dragon platebody pieces have been reduced to give the drop rate we intended, considering the frequency at which they are killed.
  • On 9 December 2008, a silent update made Tormented Demons considerably more dangerous. Among other things, their boundaries had been widened, which makes it more likely that multiple demons will attack players in spots that were previously considered safe spots.
  • On 20 January 2009, another update was made that fixed a known bug that would allow players to weaken the Tormented Demons' shields by attacking with a preferred weapon and quickly switching to Darklight. This allowed players to use ranged weapons such as a crossbow and take down a Tormented Demon's defence without actually hitting it with Darklight.
  • After 12 July 2009, many people have reported that the demons have been changed yet again: the area upon in which they wander had been increased. Some players reported that up to 5 Tormented Demons attacked them at once.
  • After the RuneTek Game Engine update on 2 September 2009, Tormented Demons became even more dangerous; they were made more difficult to safe-spot as their movement pattern had been changed.
  • The armour on Tormented Demons' upper body is similar in colour and design to Barrows armour.
  • The various Ruined Dragon Armour pieces the Tormented Demons drop closely resemble various parts of their anatomy. Lump is the head piece, slice is left hand and shard is right foot.
  • An update made Tormented Demons slightly easier to fight: they will occasionally do a Silent Roar which resembles their multi-combat magic attack. This will indicate when it will switch styles, giving players a good opportunity to change prayers.
  • Tormented demons on the wallpaper have a look very similar to that of an Ifrit, which in real life are supernatural fiery demons in Arabic and Islamic cultures.

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