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Torcher's Mask
DR: 2
item HP: 15
weight: 3
value: 20
effects: Big Guns +5, Explosives +5
repair: Raider Arclight Helmet
base id: c7c4e

Torcher's Mask is a unique Raider Arclight Helmet worn by Torcher in the MDPL Mass Relay Station. It increases both the Big Guns and Explosives skills by 5 points each. It has the same bonuses as the Raider Blastmaster Helmet.

It can be repaired with Raider Arclight Helmets.


  • This mask is highly suitable for PCs with a desire for blowing their enemies to bits with either grenades or a Missile Launcher, as the enemy will probably either be quick to dispatch, or quickly crippled so they won't hit you that much.
  • In the effects tab of your pipboy, this items effect says "Blast-proof headgear Explos. +5, Big Guns +5". It appears that the helmet may have originally been called "Blastproof Headgear".
  • Because arclight helmets prevent the player from wearing eyewear (such as the Lucky Shades), if you have not yet acquired the Chinese Stealth Armor through the Operation Anchorage DLC (which allows you to wear multiple instances of headgear), then wearing the more common Raider Blastmaster Helmet for the big guns/explosives boost is actually preferable to the Torcher's Mask.


This item only appears in Fallout 3.


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