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Emblem of the Cardassian Union

Gul Toran was a Cardassian male who attended the Bamarren Institute for State Intelligence in his youth where he was given the designation Four Lubak.

Four had something of an obsession with the girls at the institute and well developed shoulder ridges making him appear to be older than the rest of the group. He aligned himself with One's subgroup. Four was one of the hunted in Lubak groups first wilderness hunt and managed to evade capture for an extended period of time. Four was later recruited by Ten Lubak and Eight Lubak to assist in Barkan Lokar's team in the institute’s mock battle competition. He was part of Ten Lubak's team flanking the enemy when the group was attacked by Honge, Four and Ten ended up using there team mate Three Lubak's stunned body as a shield to approach the enemy.

In the next mock battle he again worked with Eight but this time against Barkan Lokar's team, this was however a deception and he purposefully gave away his position resulting in the competition being a draw rather than Eight getting a clear win.

Later in life he became a Gul and served under Lokar on Bajor during the occupation.

Despite an offer to negotiate by Elim Garak Toran order the destruction of the shuttle Taklan which had been commandeered by Bajorans trying to escape a life of slavery on Terok Nor. Garak later sought a deadly revenge on Toran for this brutal act.

(DS9 Novel: A Stitch in Time)

Strangely; Gul Toran was killed on Deep Space 9 many years earlier however there were reports during the Dominion War of a Glinn Toran who was a member of the Fifth Order that was stationed at Deep Space 9 and in charge of a fighter wing. He was known to have been outspoken of his contempt towards the Dominion alliance.

However, the name Toran may have been a common name.


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Biographical information
Began service

Before August 17th, 2517

Ended service

After August 17th, 2517

Physical description

Male Programming

Political information and functions

United Nations Space Command,

Primary function

Navigation AI


Toran was a UNSC AI construct. He was classified as a "dumb" AI, as opposed to Cortana, who can hack into anything. Toran knows only what he was designed to know. He was assigned to the Diplomatic Shuttle Han with Jacob Keyes and Dr. Catherine Halsey during the Spartan-II candidate evaluation mission.


  • He was likely named after Toran, a sacred element of Buddhist architecture.


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ST Expanded

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Toran was a Vulcan Starfleet Officer in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

When Jonozia Lex and Sara Parker joined the crew of the USS London in 2367, Toran was their commanding officer.

In 2371 he took command of the newly commissioned USS Sovereign, taking Jonozia Lex with him to be the ship's Science officer.

In 2373, he recommended Jonozia Lex for the position of First Officer on the Sovereign, but was overruled by Starfleet Command. When the same position became available on the USS Argus, Toran recommended Lex again and this time Lex was accepted.

Later the same year Toran was promoted to Rear Admiral and assigned to oversee the final stages of construction of the remaining Sovereign-class vessels and make them ready for war.

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