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A detailed view of the Tool Leprechaun.
Tool leprechaun
File:Tool lep..PNG
Release date 5 December 2005 (Update)
Race Leprechaun
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Near any Farming patch.
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? None
Quest requirement? None
Gender Both male and female leprechauns.
Examine Looks after your farming tools.
Notable features Stores farming equipment

Tool leprechauns are non-player characters found wandering near Farming patches around Gielinor. They provide three basic functions: store Farming tools, exchange harvested items into banknotes, and are portals to the Vinesweeper minigame.

They will store many of the tools that players use for Farming, but they will not store seeds, crops, or plant cures. The tool leprechaun does not accept noted tools. The tools stored are available to all the leprechauns. Leprechaun Larry (found on Troll Stronghold) sells an assortment of Farming-related items.

Equipment held by Tool Leprechaun.

All Tool leprechauns can carry various Farming tools for you:

A very useful feature of the tool leprechaun is that he will swap harvested crops for banknotes if the player uses the item on him-- this includes clean herbs.

A leprechaun teleporting a player.

Leprechauns, except for Leprechaun Larry, can also teleport players to the Vinesweeper minigame. To do this, players can right-click on him and select 'teleport'. He will then say "Avach nimporto!", and the player will arrive at the minigame. There is a portal north-east of the farmhouse to return to the patch.

A female leprechaun in Falador Park.


Chathead Locations Appearance
File:Leprechaun 5.png Canifis (Mushroom patch)
Ardougne (Jade Vine patch)
File:Leprechaun 5.png Lumbridge (Wood Tree patch)
Catherby (Allotment)
Ardougne (Allotment)
Port Sarim (Spirit Tree patch)
File:Leprechaun 5.png Lumbridge (Hop patch)
Seers' Village (Hop patch)
File:Leprechaun 6.png Draynor Manor (Belladonna patch)
Yanille (Hop patch)
Varrock (Wood Tree patch)
File:Leprechaun 6.png Taverley (Wood Tree patch)
Ardougne (Bush patch)
Entrana (Hop patch)
File:Leprechaun 3.png Al Kharid (Cactus patch)
File:Leprechaun 1.png Canifis (Allotment)
File:Leprechaun 4.png Falador Park (Wood Tree patch)
Rimmington (Bush patch)
File:Leprechaun 4.png Draynor Village (Allotment)
Etceteria (Bush patch)
File:Leprechaun 8.png Karamja (Calquat Tree patch)
Harmony Island (Allotment)
File:Leprechaun 7.png Brimhaven (Fruit Tree patch)
File:Teclyn detail.png
An elf equivalent of a tool leprechaun.
Located at the LletyaFruit Tree patch.
Quest related Leprechauns
File:Leprechaun 2.png
Goth leprechaun
In the wilderness, at the western ruins.
File:Leprechaun Larry detail.png
Leprechaun Larry
Near My Arm's disease-free herb patch.
File:Shamus detail.png
Involved in the Lost City quest.


A Comparison of what Leprechauns looked like. The old look is on the left; The new look is on the right.
  • When the player attempts to exchange cabbages into a note with the tool leprechaun at the Falador allotment patch, she will decline and say, "...this whole farm stinks of the things!" and to get them exchanged elsewhere. The tool leprechaun at the nearby spirit tree patch in Port Sarim will exchange cabbages.
  • When the player attempts to exchange a non-notable item the leprechaun will say "Nay, I've got no banknotes to exchange for that item" or if it cannot be a note "Nay, I can't turn that into a banknote."
  • Also, when the player attempts to exchange a banknote, the leprechaun will say "That IS a banknote!"
  • Prior to 27 May, 2009, all Leprechauns looked alike. Now there are several different models for leprechauns, including Leprechauns seated in wheelbarrows, without hats, wearing desert or Karamja clothes, wielding magic wands and even female Leprechauns were introduced.
  • Tool leprechauns’ references to bucket was made consistent on 9 November 2009.

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