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Tony Gordon
Occupation Businessman
Born 1971
Birthplace Scotland
Residence Prison
Sibling(s) Pat Gordon
Sarah Gordon
Spouse(s) Lindsey Gordon (1998)
Carla Connor (2008)
First appearance 16th September 2007
Last appearance 11th December 2009
Duration 20072009
Played by Gray O'Brien

Tony Gordon is a villainous character, who arrived as a love interest of Carla Connor, eventually marrying her in December 2008, after murdering her brother in law, Liam.





Prior to arriving in Coronation Street, Tony Gordon was born in Scotland in 1971, followed by his younger brother Patrick. His father had a heart attack aged 39, Tony however had witnessed this, but didn't phone and ambulance, as he felt his mother didn't need his father. . His grandfather had died aged 42 from a heart attack. In 1998, Tony married a woman known as Lindsay, who later had an affair with his brother Patrick. Tony was a womaniser and only cared about money and mostly himself. He had ran a busienss known as Gordons Catalogues and was also a property developer. In 2006, Tony and Lindsay had divorced, although she still thought that he would eventually come back to her. He then arrived in September 2007 in Coronation Street.

Arrival and romance with Carla Connor

Tony arrives in Coronation Street as the owner of a clothing firm, giving a contract to Carla and Liam Connor's underwear factory, Underworld. He is unpopular with local residents for commissioning a new housing development in the area, destroying a colony of bats in the process. Planning to expand the Underworld factory, Tony attempts to convince corner shop owner Rita Sullivan to sell her store, and mechanic Kevin Webster to sell his garage. When Kevin refuses, Tony enlists his friend Jimmy Dockerson to sabotage his business. He also menaces elderly resident Jed Stone out of his home, wanting to redevelop the site.

Tony begins a relationship with Carla, unaware she has romantic feelings for Liam. She breaks up with him in order to prove her feelings to Liam, but they later reconcile, becoming engaged. Before their wedding, Tony realises Carla is having an affair with Liam, after seeing a video clip of them kissing.[1].

Liam's murder and relationship with Maria

He hires Jimmy to kill Liam, running him over on Tony's stag night. A distraught Carla briefly leaves the country, but upon her return, she and Tony marry. Upon discovering Carla's affair with Liam, his widow Maria begins to suspect Tony's involvement in his death. She confides in Jed Stone, who threatens to go to the police. Tony strangles Jed, and initially believes him to be dead. He plans disposal of his body, but is shocked to discover Jed is still alive. He offers him a new flat in Wigan and £3,000 to leave the area and keep his secret. Maria begins a vendetta against Tony. He attempts to depict Maria as mentally unstable, but raises Carla's suspicions in the process.[2] She tells Tony that she loved Liam more than him, and Tony confesses to the murder. Carla escapes from Tony and flees to Los Angeles.

Tony has a short-lived relationship with hairdresser Natasha Blakeman. Maria begins to soften towards Tony when she finds him mourning at Liam's grave. They become friends, and Tony helps her through her pregnancy with Liam's baby, delivering her son, who she names Liam Anthony. Liam's parents do not approve of the developing relationship, leading Tony to threaten them, stating that if they do not leave Maria alone, they will never see their grandson again. Eventually, the relationship becomes a romantic one, and Maria and Tony become engaged.

Downfall and arrest

Carla returns to Weatherfield, and instructs Tony to sell her his shares in Underworld and leave the country, otherwise she willmurder. Tony hires Jimmy Dockerson to kill her, but changes his mind at the last moment. Carla is able to escape from Jimmy by knocking him unconscious, but Tony tricks her into thinking she has murdered him, leading them to call a temporary truce. Carla then leaves the country once more. When Maria pays a visit to her parents in Cyprus, Tony suffers a heart attack. He is taken to hospital by Roy Cropper, with whom he had previously clashed over the new housing development, and confesses Liam's murder to him.

After getting out of hospital the following week, Tony began sending gifts as a thank you to Roy, although he was only possibly buying his silence. Roy began stalking Tony and persuading him to tell the police, although Tony stated he didn't know what he was talking about. Hayley was also offered a job as supervisor at underworld, which led Roy to believe Tony was again trying to buy his silence. One night when Tony looked out his bedroom window, he saw Roy in the pouring rain looking up at him. Tony had enough, so a couple of days later, went round to Roy's Rolls while it was closing and said to Roy that if he didn't leave him alone there will have to be another accident. This left Roy shaken. Hayley took the day of and when Tony came to the door to ask why she wasn't in at work, she said he had the cold. Tony saw right through her and said that "I might have to sort you like I will sort Roy". Hayley and Roy decided to go camping and get away. They phoned the police on Tony and left. When Tony came out of the clinic with medication, he saw police at the door and then he hid. He realised what Roy and Hayley have done. Tony lets himself into Roys Rolls and gets a knife but then hides behind the counter as Hayley and Roy walk in. Roy decides to go bat spotting at the canal. Then Maria comes looking for answers from Roy. Then Haley tells Maria about everything while Tony is still hidden behind the counter. While Roy is at the canal Tony comes along. With a knife. Maria rings Tony looking for answers and Roy hears, Tony implies that Roy was the one who is making this happen by putting bad things in his head. "This is all your Fault" Tony says to Roy. Roy thinks Tony has hurt or done something to Haley. They begin brawling, and Tony holds Roy over the canal. Roy says "I can't swim!" "Good." replies Tony and throws him in.

But, he later drags Roy from the canal and then hands himself into the police and confesses to his crimes. He appeared at court on the 27th November 2009, and his trial will begin on the New Year 2010. He also spotted Carla, who had returned after hearing he had been arrested and smiled at her, making her ex sister in law and Liam's sister Michelle think he was smiling at her and her son Ryan, and shouted at him. Maria has also left Weatherfield for a new life in Ireland.

In December 2009, Carla visited Tony in prison where he admitted that Jimmy was still alive. Carla was scared and angry, telling Tony how much distress he has put her through, and also that Jimmy will be after her. However, he assured her this will not happen, as he forced him to attempt to murder her. Angry and upset, she left the prison. Before she did, Tony asked if Maria will ever forgive him, and Carla said "Not a chance". She also stated Maria has left Weatherfield and couldnt get away fast enough. She then left the station.

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