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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese トンベリ
Romaji Tonberi
SNES Name Pug
PS Name Pug
GBA Name Tonberry

The Tonberry, not to be confused with the Tonberries, is an enemy from the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a rare enemy found in Umaro's cave. It often attacks with Step Mine and counters every attack with its special, Cleaver, followed by a casting of Step Mine. As a result, it is the most dangerous enemy found in Umaro's cave.

However, the Tonberry has a weakness to exploit: the Imp spell. When it is Imped, it no longer uses Step Mine. It is also susceptible to Petrify. The Break spell will fail due to the fact that they are immune to Instant Death, but Gau's Deep Eye Rage works well, as its Dread attack (which induces Petrify) does not check for Instant Death protection.

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