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Tomohiro Matsuda (born on the 30th of September,1983), is a Japanese wrestler known for his current stint in the WCSF, on the Unleashed (now called Rampage) brand.

Tomohiro Matsuda
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Tomohiro Matsuda]]
Real name Tomohiro Matsuda
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Height 6'1"
Weight 240 lbs.
Date of birth September 30th, 1983
Place of birth Shimotakai, Japan
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Matsuda's Backround before WCSF

Since the age of 3, he was trained by his legendary martial arts expert father, Masato Matsuda, to learn that trade. At the age of 13, both he and his older brother, Kenji, began to watch NOAH and they were amazed with what they saw. They told there father that they wanted to use there martial arts skills to help develop them into proffesional wrestlers. Masato immeadiatley got in contact with a local wrestling trainer and within a week, the two were training to become proffesional wrestlers.

At the age of 16, both he and his older brother recieved a trial for an indy Japanese wrestling fed called "ASJW" (All Star Japenese Wrestling) and they impressed. They signed up and were put together as a tag team and within 2 years on the fed, they captured the tag titles. His brother lost interest in wrestling and At the age of 21, Tomohiro moved to the U.S and wrestled for many indy feds and it is in the U.S where he is trying to establish himself as one of the top stars in the wrestling business, in the WCSF.

WCSF Career


Ascension - The start of Matsuda's WCSF career

On the 24th of September, Tomohiro Matsuda was hired by the WCSF and placed on the Unleashed roster. He is known for having an impressive record on Ascension (Unleashed's 2nd rate show), being a proud Japanese star and wanting a full time slot on Unleashed's main show. He impressed in his first two matches on Ascension, recording wins against Jake Fletcher on his debut and Eddie Sasparilla the following week. Matsuda then met his first rival on Ascension, "The Crash Test Dummy" Johnny Briggs. He faced him in a number of matches such as tag team, singles and triple threats for several consecative weeks before the mini feud came to a halt. Matsuda went on to produce some impressive performances against A.J Mistri, recording two wins and one loss against Mistri. He then went on to have an epic encounter between at the time, arguably Ascension's two most impressive stars, Matsuda and Apollo Lynx. However, the match was ruined by an interuption from Sinistra who destroyed both Matsuda and Lynx. Matsuda put on another impressive performance against Greg Gasket on the High Voltage before Hacked.

He finally got his chance on Unleashed, in a Battlefield Qualifier against an old short term rival on Ascension, Johnny Briggs. However, things didnt go Matsuda's way and after a great match, he was defeated by Briggs after he nailed him with an imploder 450 splash. The following week, Matsuda was placed back on Ascension, against a debuting Mason Ricks. Matsuda defeated Ricks after knocking him out with a Roundhouse kick and locking in his submission finishing hold, "The Wrath of Matsuda". After the match, Matsuda declared that if he wasnt given another chance on Unleashed in the next couple of weeks, somebody would suffer his wrath. Matsuda's wish wasnt commanded and the following week, he was booked to face a new Unleashed star in Ace. Matsuda defeated Ace and later showed up on Unleashed confronting John Zhilone , demanding a regular spot on Unleashed. Zhilone told Matsuda he would have to make a bigger impact if he was ever going to become succesful on Unleashed.

The Natural Born Killers

The following week on Ascension, Matsuda was cutting a promo when Explosive came up to him and whispered something in his ear. On that same night, Explosive was booked in a match against Chris Gamer. Matsuda interfered in the match, hitting Chris in the back with the chair and delivering the Shimotakai Slam to him. Later that night, both Matsuda and Explosive showed their faces again, this time attacking Mickey Broadway during his match with Steve Sinistra.

The following week on Unleashed, Mickey Broadway was scheduled to face Explosive in a singles match. Before the match began, Broadway cut a promo stating that he found out who attacked him in the locker room a few weeks back. A clip was shown on the titan tron and the attacker was revealed as Explosive. The match began and after a grualling battle, Matsuda interfered and Explosive got disqualified. The two beat down on a helpless Broadway and cut a promo, stating the arrival of The Natural Born Killers. Saxon Storm was later revealed as the leader of the faction and a feud soon ignited between the NBK and Broadway, Lynx and Tyler Rice. At Nothing to Lose 2007, the NBK walked out victorious in a match against the trio.

At Revolution III, Matsuda and Explosive along with The Gamers, Lynx/Rice were given the oppertunity to face the tag team champions at the time, The Mafia in a Fatal 4 Way match for the tag titles. Matsuda and Explosive walked out victorious, winning the gold, what was Matsuda's first WCSF title reign. At the Destruction PPV following Revolution, The NBK defended their newly won titles against The Mafia, losing the belts. Upon losing the belts, Matsuda attacked Explosive, which lead to the dispansion on the group.

Matsuda's solo career

Matsuda went solo after the break up of the NBK, winning his first PPV match as a solo wrestler against El Pardel and has put up some fine efforts on Unleashed against Brian Davis, The Executioner, and Freddy Flynn. Matsuda's most notable singles match to date was at the Meltdown PPV where he faced off against Anthony Blake for the Middleweight title, a match in which he lost. On the next PPV, Annihilation, Matsuda represented Team Bale. He would be eliminated by Alex Morgan with the Dragonslayer as his team would go on to lose the match.

WCSF Middleweight Champion

Matsuda's next challenge would be singles gold, as he challenged Middleweight Champion Anthony Blake to a match at Hacked, but Blake decided he would let the fans decide who got the title shot. The next week on Rampage, Matsuda turned face, saving champion Anthony Blake from a beatdown at the hands of Muntari Mebah & Jeffrey Osprey, Matsuda made it clear that he was an honourable man who didn't care for the tactics of Osprey. At Hacked, Matsuda was chosen through fan voting to get the Middleweight Title match against Blake, and after a great match, Matsuda made the resilient Blake tap out to the Wrath of Matsuda, gaining his first singles championship in the WCSF.

Matsuda made his first defense on the next episode of Rampage against Nick Foster, making him tap out with the Wrath of Matsuda. Matsuda's issue with Jeffrey Osprey would be resolved at Wednesday Night Warzone, defeating him with the Shimotakai Slam. On the December 23rd, 2008, edition of Rampage, Matsuda would defend his Middleweight Title against Mike Maverick in the main event, and his title reign would come to an abrupt end after a Facelift from the cocky Maverick.

Feud & Alliance with Mebah

Matsuda would taste defeat yet again in the Battlefield tournament at Battlefield, losing to Mark Thomas in the quarterfinal. Matsuda would nonetheless get a chance to regain his Middleweight title at the February 23rd, 2009 edition of Rampage, but before the match he was brutally attacked by Muntari Mebah, who placed him in his sick Church of Nayarube submission. Mebah and Matsuda would continue to feud over the next couple weeks, culminating in a match at Nothing to Lose, where Matsuda gained revenge, making Mebah tap out to the Wrath. Mebah wouldn't be been in the WCSF for months.

Matsuda's next venture was to gain entry into the Gold Rush match at Revolution, he earned his way into the match, and has been feuding leading up to the PPV with fellow competitors Johnny Briggs, Mark Thomas, and Mike Maverick. At Revolution, Matsuda was viciously attacked during the Gold Rush match by his old rival Muntari Mebah, making his return. He was piledriven off the ladder and had to be stretchered out of the match, losing his title opportunity. Mebah then left with the bizarre words, "I did this for you".

Mebah in the following weeks would try to lure Matsuda to the dark side, telling him the American fans didn't care about him and he has his best success when he didn't care about them, Matsuda looked to somewhat consider Mebah's plea. In the next weeks, Matsuda was viewed suspiciously by announcers and fans, "accidentally" kicking his friend Daz in a match, and having car troubles that left Johnny Briggs to fight two on one and lose, which angered Briggs.

At Meltdown 09, Matsuda & Mebah met one on one, Mebah tried to shake Matsuda's hand and form an aliance to start the match, but Matsuda declined and attacked. The two fought hard, but eventually Mebah tapped once again to the Wrath. After the match, Matsuda took the mic and pledged his allegiance to the fans of the WCSF, and pleaded with Mebah to join his side and fight the evil, shockingly, Mebah left side by side with Matsuda.

Yakuza Member

The next night, Matsuda came out with Mebah, and Mebah made it clear he was still not a huge fan of the WCSF fans or America, but Matsuda had convinced him to help him take out the menace of The Mafia, who he saw as reminding him of the dictators of his youth.

The next week, Matsuda and Mebah saved the Yakuzas from a Mafia attack, and the new Yakuzas were formed to fight The Mafia off once and for all.

IOW (Immortals of Wrestling) career

Tomohiro Matsuda debuted on the Uprising 13 show, defeating Johnny Thunder on his debut. He appeared again later that night, interfering in the Daz and Dante main event. Matsuda formed an alliance with Daz during the match and the two began to beat down on Dante after Daz belted Dante with the chair Matsuda passed him. However, the two were then chased off by Joe Riot who made the save. It was later revealed on IOW Video Wire that Matsuda wasnt the body guard that everybody presumed he was when he interfered, he is now Daz's protegee.

It was also revealed that Matsuda will team up with Daz in the King of the Immortal's tournament.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves:

  • The Wrath of Matsuda (modified Regal Stretch)
  • The Shimotakai Slam (Picks his opponent up in a samoan drop style posistion, and then turns it into a Michanoku driver)

Signature moves:

  • Numerous Knife Edged chops
  • Tiger Suplex
  • Butterfly Kick
  • Butterfly Suplex
  • German Suplex
  • The Matsuda tri-fecta (runs towards opponent who's in corner, does a cartwheel, does a back flip and hits his opponent with a back splash)
  • Brainbuster
  • Sitout front suplex
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Several hand and kick strikes to opponents body
  • Variations of shoot kicks
  • Various judo and juhitsu style takedowns
  • Baseball Slide to the face while opponent is in tree of woe position in the corner
  • Capture Suplex
  • Springboard Side Kick
  • Asai Moomsault (very rarely)
  • Bow and arrow hold
  • Octopus Stretch
  • Variations of armbars, headlocks and leg locks
  • Shining Yakuza Kick (Single leg running front dropkick to the head of a kneeling opponent)
  • Cross Armbreaker
  • Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex
  • Inverted Indian deathlock
  • Combination of high knees

Entrance Theme:"Superstar 2" performed by Saliva

Entrance Style:He appears from the curtain with a Japenese flag draped around his shoulders. He walks down the entrance ramp with an intense look on his face. He jumps onto the apron and jumps over the top rope. In the ring, he shows off his martial arts skills and then climbs onto the top rope and looks around the arena.

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