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For similar names, see Thomas.
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 20th century
Appearances: DW: Planet of the Spiders
Actor: John Kane

Tommy was a simple-minded handyman working at the Buddhist meditation center somewhere in rural England.



When the meditation center had come under investigation on the count of Lupton’s unnatural practices, Tommy had become aware of strangers coming to and from the house as well as the strange goings on there. He befriended Sarah and Yates who were there secretly to find out what was going on. When the blue crystal comes to house with Lupton, Tommy, eager to add it to has collection of "pretties", takes the crystal hiding it in a box in a broom closet under the stairs were he sought solitude. Later, Lupton followers, who often treated him poorly, told him how he couldn’t read the "Do not disturb" on their door. After hearing this, Tommy returns to his broom closet to refer to children’s book; he reads the simple text aloud. He looks into the crystal and it looks into his mind making him faint. Waking up, he realizes that something has happen to him and that he can read much better. He then goes to get more books and is changed once more by the crystal. Later, when the Doctor and Sarah return, he helps them foil the plans of Lupton’s spider infested followers, where he realizes that he can resist their lighting bolt attacks. He faithfully stands guard outside K'anpo’s private room keeping them from getting to the crystal. He presumably remained a changed man afterwards. (DW: Planet of the Spiders)


Before he looked into crystal, Tommy had a mind of a child and was slow to pick up on things but he had a kind heart and innocence; it was this innocence that protected him from harm. He also had a fondness for beautiful things and collected them whenever he could. After the change, he retained his kindness with a renewed nobility of spirit to help others. (DW: Planet of the Spiders)

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This is a disambiguation page for Tommy, which could mean a number of things

Tommy can refer to a number of characters in GTA games

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London, United Kingdom
Drug dealer
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Family members
Charlie's heroin dealer

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Tommy is Charlie's friend in London with with whom Charlie does heroin. When they began to run low on heroin, Tommy took Charlie to a nearby bar, where he pointed out Lucy Heatherton, a potential victim for a scam to score more drugs. He then selected the song "You All Everybody" on the jukebox in the bar, setting up Charlie for the scam with Lucy. Charlie later told him of the job he had taken, which Tommy felt was a bad idea. After Charlie told him that he needed to start thinking of his future, he retorted that Charlie would not be able to do his job on the coming Monday because of detoxification from the heroin. ("Homecoming")

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Real Name




Base Of Operations
The Morlock tunnels beneath the New York subway system.


5' 3"

110 lbs (50 kg)



Marital Status


First appearance
Appearance of Death

Uncanny X-Men #210
(October, 1986)
Uncanny X-Men #210
(October, 1986)




Tommy was a young Morlock. She ran away from New York after the Marauders killed some of her Morlock friends under as yet un-detailed circumstances. She was rescued by the Hellfire Club mercenary Richard Salmons and brought to Los Angeles, where the Marauders tracked her down. Stunned by one of Harpoon's spears, Richard begged Tommy to give him his gun, but Tommy panicked and fled, abandoning Richard, who was soon afterwards shot by Scalphunter.

Tommy hitchhiked a train ride back to New York, but she was trailed by some of the Marauders to 'The Alley', the Morlock home in the New York sewer tunnels. Just when Tommy was about to flee into the tunnels, she was incapacitated by Harpoon and then shot by Scalphunter off-panel. She was the first person to die in the Mutant Massacre.

Powers and Abilities


Ability to render herself into a two-dimensional state in which her body was as flat as paper.

Strength level

Average Human


Discover and Discuss

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