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Non-Elite Tome
A Warrior Tome
Item details
Image:Recharge.png Uses: 1



{Profession} Tome

Uses remaining: 1

Double-click to learn one non-elite {Profession} skill that is already unlocked on your account while in a town or outpost. A skill tome only has one use.



  • Tomes do not require skill points to use.
  • In order to acquire a skill, your primary or secondary profession must match the tome's (e.g. to use a monk tome, you must be a Monk/... or .../Monk).
  • Tomes cannot be sold to merchants.
  • There is a tome for each profession, marked by the relevant emblem colored similarly to the corresponding boss aura.
  • Tomes of the same profession stack; Elite and non-elite tomes do not.
  • Monsters tend to drop tomes of their profession (e.g. Skeleton Monks will most likely drop a monk tome).

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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The Tibia Tomes are a special collection of books, written by ancient wizards. They hold some of the mystic secrets of Tibia. Although the red and purple tomes are still currently lootable, the other three colors have been very scarce and are extremely expensive to purchase, found in hands of collectors in old worlds, like Antica, Nova and Eternia. The Tome of Knowledge is a new item and was added with the Christmas Update 2009. This tome can be found in a few places around the area of Zao and is only really valuable to those players who collect them, as part of a quest.

(See other books)


Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Red Tome 19.00 oz Warlock, Infernalist, Ferumbras
Purple Tome 19.00 oz Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth
Grey Tome 19.00 oz
Green Tome 19.00 oz None
Blue Tome 19.00 oz Ghazbaran
Tome of Knowledge 15.00 oz None.

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