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Tombstone was a city in Arizona, in the United States of America. In 1881, the Doctor visited Tombstone in search of a dentist, who happened to be Doc Holliday, and soon became involved in his feud with Ike Clanton and his brothers. (DW: The Gunfighters)

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Tombstone is a city on Earth, located in Arizona, which is part of the United States of America. The city was the scene of a famous gunfight on October 26, 1881 at the town's OK Corral.

The Melkot people recreated the city on their planet, intending to execute Captain James T. Kirk and his landing party for trespassing on their planet. However, they were impressed with Kirk's handling of the situation, and decided to welcome Kirk and the USS Enterprise to further visit their planet. (TOS episode: "Spectre of the Gun")


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A character that truly dies first becomes a tombstone. This happens when their energy reaches zero. A tombstone appears on the map they were defeated on; they do not respawn.

Tombstones have the same properties as ghosts, but cannot move at all. If you do not want to wait for a priest character to resurrect you, a tombstone can respawn as a ghost in the nearest cemetery. As a ghost, you can seek out a phoenix statue.

Note: This is new as at 1.13. Before, characters would become ghosts directly where they died, not in a cemetery.


Ghosts move much slower than normal characters, and cannot run.

As a ghost, your actions are severely limited. You cannot talk to NPCs, perform exchanges, initiate combat (or be aggroed by monsters), perform professions, use items, use zaaps, etc etc. Things ghosts can do include talking, dropping items (i.e. a phoenix potion).


Returning a ghost or tombstone to their original form is done by raising their energy above zero. There are two main ways.

Touching a Phoenix Statue (ghost only) will resurrect the character and raise their energy to 1000. These statues are marked with red flags on the world map when becoming a ghost.

Aligned characters dedicated to a priest order can also resurrect ghosts using Phoenix Potions. The energy recovered depends on the potion (and maybe the alignment tier of the priest).

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Halo 2


New Mombasa, Earth


Decommissioned UNSC Munitions Facility

Weapons on Map
Vehicles on map


Power-ups on map
Preferred Gametypes
Recommended Number of Players
  • 4-16
The UNSC decommissioned this munitions testing complex after safety concerns came to light.

The map was designed by video game company Certain Affinity. Tombstone is a remake of the map Hang 'Em High from Halo: Combat Evolved.



Tombstone has numerous significant discrepancies between itself and the Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer map, Hang 'Em High. This map also has the same idea as Ghost Town in Halo 3 and Foundry. The place is an abandoned Earth territory (Ghost Town reference) and is has many cranes and such scattered about (Foundry reference). Differences include Fusion Coils, the inclusion of background objects such as street lamps and soda machines, certain tweaks to account for Halo 2's jump height, and of course a major graphical and aesthetic overhaul.


Tombstone features a similar weapon set as Hang 'Em High. Tombstone spawning weapons are unique in two ways; It is the only map where the primary spawning weapon is the BR55 Battle Rifle, and it is the only map to have two starting weapons, the Battle Rifle and the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun. The map features two Overshields, both of which are located on adjacent locales on the map, one in the canal at the bottom of the map, and the other across the map from the first, inside the control room. A M19 SSM Rocket Launcher lies in the canal, opposite of the Overshield.

An Energy Sword spawns on a platform at the top of the map, and the only way to reach it is by running across a long bridge that is completely exposed to sniper fire from almost anywhere on the map. Despite its power, the sword often spends entire matches untouched simply because it is too risky to retrieve.

The large crane in the middle and center of the map sports a SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle on top of it, savvy, adept and capable players can get up there quickly, grab the sniper, and rush to one of the neighboring platforms and camp there. Also, very clever players will get the Sniper Rifle and the Energy Sword, making them even tougher. There are also far more Shotguns scattered across the map than there are in Hang 'Em High.


  • There is a soda machine that has BLAST soda inside on this map.
  • A picture of the original Hang 'Em High is on the main screen in the control room.
  • A box with a picture of the M6D Pistol can be seen on a crate that's behind the right side of the fence that is stretched over the water trench in the middle of the map, there is also an M6D pistol out of the box, but it is unknown if there's a way to get to it. If there was, it is unlikely that the player could wield it.
  • The destroyed city of Mombasa can be seen in the distance, and the map itself feels similar to the area of Voi. This map thus seems to be set in the time period of Halo 3: ODST.
  • Tombstone is the only map in Halo 2 to have 8 territories, which is the game's limit. This includes Sword spawn, blue base, red base, red bunker, blue bunker, center, command center and the section of blue base that includes a ramp with a large piece of sheet metal covering it.
  • Tombstone is exclusive to the Xbox version of Halo 2 which is backwards compatible on Xbox 360. It was not officially available for Halo 2 Windows Vista. but thanks to Kills Alone and JohnnyBlaz20, Tombstone has now been ported to Halo 2 Windows Vista.
  • This map was used to represent Caboose's mind in episode 100 of the popular machinima series Red vs. Blue (Caboose's mind had previously been depicted as Hang 'Em High in earlier seasons). Church commented that "Man, this place has REALLY gone to hell..." and it also reappears in Reconstruction chapter 11 where Church meets Agent Washington and a message from Delta.
  • Hang 'Em High was a Forerunner burial site, which matches up with why Tombstone was named Tombstone, and why in Hang 'Em High's description it is stated "Tombstones For Everybody".
  • It is possible that Tombstone was named after the Arizona city of Tombstone, where in 1881 Wyatt Earp, his brothers, and Doc Holliday participated in the most famous shootout of the American west, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. This would be keeping with the western style of the map's previous name, Hang 'Em High.



  1. Bungie Top Story - Certain Affinity Interview

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Lonnie Lincoln
Mainstream Continuity

Alternate Reality Versions · Television


Alternate Reality Versions

File:Lonnie Lincoln (Earth-982).jpg


File:Lonnie Lincoln (Earth-194111).jpg
File:Lonnie Lincoln (Earth-26496).jpg

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Gravestones are generated when a player dies via any means except in Bounty Worlds or PvP Worlds, through a safe minigame or at the corporeal beast, and drops at least one item at death. All of the player's items (other than their bones) are kept safe under the gravestone until the gravestone is destroyed. This can occur either due to timeout or demolition by the player.

Note: Gravestone will remain if player logs out or loses connection, but the timer will continue to run down.

Gravestones can last from three minutes to six minutes, depending on the type purchased. A gravestone can be walked through by a player, and right-clicking yields four options: Read, Repair, Bless and Demolish.

A player leaving behind a gravestone after death.
A player repairing/blessing a gravestone.
A gravestone nearing its end

Without repairs or blessing, gravestones will collapse on their own after a certain period of time, depending on the type of gravestone purchased. At 1 minute and 30 seconds a basic gravestone becomes broken, and at 30 seconds until collapsing it becomes a collapsing gravestone. The gravestone will remain upstanding if the player logs out, but the timer until demolish will not be paused. The text that appears on the gravestone will also change. The comparison between the Memorial Plaque and the Angel of Death gravestones are shown below:


  • Read: Reveals the name of the player who died and, in some cases, how long ago.
    • Read your own gravestone: "It looks like it'll survive another X minutes, Isn't there something a bit odd about reading your own gravestone?"
  • Repair: Allows a player with a prayer level of 2+ to extend the longevity of the gravestone by up to five minutes, by giving up one prayer point per minute. Can only be used on broken or collapsing gravestones, as long as you have more prayer points than necessary to extend the life of the gravestone.
  • Bless: Allows a player with a prayer level of 70+ to extend the longevity of the gravestone by as many points of prayer as they have,
    The best possible gravestone in RuneScape, shown here.
    minus ten, or up to one hour after the gravestone had been set up.
    • Bless your own gravestone: "The gods don't seem to approve of people attempting to bless their own gravestones."
    • Demolish one's own gravestone: "It looks like it'll survive another X minutes. You demolish it anyway."
  • Examine: An awesome statue placed in memory of the person who died here.

Types of gravestones

Available to all players

These gravestones can be purchased by donating to Father Aereck in the Lumbridge church (all proceeds go to the Varrockian Guards' Widows & Orphans Fund). You must complete The Restless Ghost in order to purchase gravestones.

Image Gravestone name Cost Duration Text
Memorial Plaque Default (Free to switch to) 3 Minutes In memory of (player name),
who died here.
File:Stone flag.gif Flag 50 Coins 3 Minutes In memory of (player name),
who died here.
File:Stone basic.png Small Gravestone 500 Coins 3 Minutes In loving memory of our dear friend (player name), who died in this place _ minutes ago.
File:Stone ornate.gif Ornate Gravestone 5,000 Coins

4 Minutes

In loving memory of our dear friend (player name), who died in this place _ minutes ago.

Available to Members

These gravestones can be purchased by talking to Blasidar the sculptor in Keldagrim. Requires completion of The Giant Dwarf.

Image Gravestone name Cost Duration Prerequisite Text
File:Stone urn.gif Font of Life 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None In your travels, pause awhile to remember (player name),
who passed away at this spot.
File:Stone grave stele.gif Stele 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None In your travels, pause awhile to remember (player name),
who passed away at this spot.
File:Stone saradomin.gif Symbol of Saradomin 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None (Player name),
an enlightened servant of Saradomin,
perished in this place.
File:Stone zamorak.gif Symbol of Zamorak 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None (Player name),
a most bloodthirsty follower of Zamorak,
perished in this place.
File:Stone guthix.gif Symbol of Guthix 50,000 coins 5 Minutes None (Player name),
who walked with the Balance of Guthix,
perished in this place.
File:Stone bandos.gif Symbol of Bandos 50,000 coins 5 Minutes Land of the Goblins Quest (Player name),
a vicious warrior dedicated to Bandos,
perished in this place.
File:Armadyl_Grave.PNG Symbol of Armadyl 50,000 coins 5 Minutes Temple of Ikov Quest (Player name),
a follower of the Law of Armadyl,
perished in this place.
File:Stone ancient.gif Ancient/Zaros Symbol 50,000 coins 5 Minutes Desert Treasure Quest {Player name},
servant of the Unknown Power,
perished in this place.
File:Stone angel.gif Angel of Death 500,000 coins 6 Minutes None Ye frail mortals who gaze upon this sight, forget not
the fate of (player name), once mighty, now
surrendered to the inescapable grasp of destiny.
Requiescat in pace.

*Note: Requiescat in pace is Latin for "May he/she rest in peace".


  • Unfortunately, some untradeable items are not protected by the gravestone - for example, magic secateurs and Achievement Diary items. See Items Not Kept on Death.
  • Essence pouches and ectophials crumble to dust.
  • Chinchompas and other animals will be released when you die.
  • All Barrows equipment will break if dropped upon death.
  • Other items that get destroyed when dropped will behave accordingly
  • Demolition of the Gravestone causes items underneath to appear for around 30 seconds before disappearance, and natural destruction removes the items immediately. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pick up items while the gravestone is still standing, and pick up the most valuable items if a gravestone is about to collapse.
  • Gravestones only appear if items are lost. If the player was only carrying 3 items when he died, it would not appear. However, if players lost a fourth item, even if it's as insignificant as a needle, a gravestone would appear.
  • If a player dies and loses items when a gravestone belonging to him is already standing, that gravestone and all items belonging to it are destroyed immediately and a new one is set up at the new site of death. (valid as of 7 October 2009)
  • The Memorial Plaque is the default gravestone. You can switch back to it for free by speaking to any of the two .
  • If a player wishes to change their gravestone, they must purchase a new one at the full price.
  • Contrary to popular belief, graves are not a one-use item, but rather a one-time purchase long term investment for all of your deaths - one purchase of a grave will allow all of your deaths to use this grave.
  • Players may kill themselves to purposefully create a gravestone as a temporary decoration in banks or other places.(In some banks its been noted that the persons name will not appear. This is thought to be to prevent people from wanting to die in a bank to spread their name. The grave will read" The inscription is too unclear to read.")
  • It is common practice to bless or repair someone else's gravestone.
  • Gravestone types purchased by members can still appear in the free world, even if their subscription runs out. The timeout is also identical.
  • As of 19 February 2008, Recipe for Disaster quest gloves can now be retrieved from your gravestone.
  • Graves of Jagex moderators cannot be repaired or blessed (As shown below-right).
  • Mod Mark's grave text and text appearing when you try repair or bless a Jagex Mod's grave.
  • If the owner of the grave is logged off it will read: The inscription is too unclear to read.
  • You can not take the items of the people who died even if their gravestone collapses.
  • You only receive a gravestone if you are risking an item, it could be any item.
  • Currently, the Gravestone timer will still run even if you get teleported by a random event.
  • The formula for calculating the cost of any given gravestone (excluding the memorial plaque) is as follows:


math Where math is the gravestone number (1 is a flag, 2 is a small gravestone, 3 is an ornate gravestone, 4 is any of the Keldagrim gravestones excluding the Angel of Death, and 5 is the Angel of Death). This formula shows that the lower priced gravestones value than the higher priced ones. However, the one minute could practically be necessary to save one's items that could very well have a greater value than the 500K that the Angel of Death costs - and of course can be used time and time again.

  • When selecting a new gravestone, it tells you about it.
    • Memorial Plaque - A simple plaque, bearing the name of the deceased.
    • Flag - A dignified little flag flutters in the wind.
    • Small Gravestone - A simple little gravestone.
    • Ornate Gravestone - An ornate carved gravestone.
    • Font of Life - An elaborate font. As water collects in the bowl, it symbolises new life and hope.
    • Stele - A monolithic memorial stone bearing a selection of emblems.
    • Symbol of Saradomin - The four-pointed star is universally recognised as the symbol of Saradomin.
    • Symbol of Zamorak - This serpentine sigil represents the ruthless Zamorak.
    • Symbol of Guthix - Favoured by humans of a mystical or druidic inclination.
    • Symbol of Bandos - Followers of Bandos are scarce, but this symbol is still used by those who remember that violent god.
    • Symbol of Armardyl - Armardyl's love of winged creatures is represented by this elegant symbol. Little else is remembered of him.
    • Ancient symbol - Adventurers often request this symbol, although its origin and meaning have been obscure in the centuries since the God Wars.
    • Angel of Death - The ultimate marker for a grave, this statue evokes intimations of mortality in all who are faced with it.

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Anakin Skywalker kneels at the tombstone marking his mother's grave

A tombstone was a piece of rock marking the grave where someone was buried.


  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (First appearance)
  • Star Wars 6: Is This the Final Chapter? (First mentioned)

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