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Tomb of the Unknown King.
"Located north of Deling City; the burial place of Dollet's last emperor. The tomb remains nameless due to an ancient belief that calling a dead king by his name brings bad luck. There are unconfirmed reports that a GF resides inside, as well as other monsters."
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The Tomb of the Unknown King (名もなき王の墓, Namonaki Ou no Haka) is a location near Deling City in Final Fantasy VIII.



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A labyrinthine, ruined tomb overrun with water and plant growth, the Tomb of the Unknown King is home to the GF Brothers and to the weapon of a SeeD candidate printed with an identification number needed for plot advancement. The weapon is at the entrance to the maze, thus going any further and getting Brothers is optional.

The Tomb of the Unknown King was named so due to a superstition. It is said that bad luck falls to those who call a dead king by his name. This superstition causes the king entombed to be forgotten in name, and later in memory.

When Squall and his party manages to defeat the GF Brothers, they can go to the center of the tomb. There, the king's spirit will be released, but not before lamenting why the dead have to be entombed when their spirit wants to go to heaven.

Most veterans would remember the tomb due the challenge that comes when trying to navigate it. Most of the areas are tunnels, which makes the tomb appear rather straight forward, but once the player decides to backtrack, the viewpoint will change, thus potentially confusing the player until they become so lost they decide to give up. The player must have a firm sense of direction and good memory to succesfully escape the tomb.



Tomb Entrance
Tomb Entrance

The Tomb Entrance resembles that of an ancient courtyard, now overgrown with mold and grass. Many ruined structures occupy the area around the tomb, hinting at what might have been here years ago.

  • Draw Points - Protect

Excavation Site Entrance
Statue Room

The Statue Room is located to the very east on the map. It displays a statue in homage to the tomb's protector, Sacred.


Located in the very top room on the map the watergate controls the amount of water flowing through the tomb's channels.

  • Draw Points - Float

Water Wheel.
Water Wheel

The Water Wheel is located in the west-most room on the map, powers the movement of certain items within the tomb, such as bridges, but is dependent on the amount of water available for its rotation.

  • Draw Points - Cura

Main Chamber.
Main Chamber

The main central chamber houses the coffin of Dollet's last emperor and is protected by magical forces.

  • Guardian Forces - Brothers


The tomb is located on the edge of the northern Gotland Penninsula on the Galbadian Continent.

Location of the Tomb of the Unknown King, indicated by crosshair.

Musical Themes

The Tomb of the Unknown King's theme is "Find Your Way", which is the standard dungeon music shared by other places in the game.


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