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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 17th century
Appearances: DW: The Smugglers
Actor: Mike Lucas

Tom was a stable boy at Jacob Kewper's inn. (DW: The Smugglers)

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The midnight raid of the robin gang

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Tom was a Sesame Street resident who worked at Hooper's Store. Tom is friendly, and enjoys playing with the neighborhood kids.

Tom first appeared on Sesame Street, uncredited, for ten episodes during the end of Season 2 in 1971, and became a full regular for Season 3. Like Molly and Rafael, he departed at the end of that season.

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Mentioned-only character
race: Human
affiliation: Kingdom of Tom /
Republic of Dave
role: King
family: Dave son
Rosie Daughter in law
Jessica (Fallout 3) 2nd Daughter in law
Bob Grandson
Rachael Granddaughter
Mary (Fallout 3) Granddaughter
Ralph Grandson
Flower GrandDaughter
Shawna Granddaughter
mentioned in: Fallout 3

Tom was Dave's father and the original leader of the Kingdom of Tom, the small settlement that is now the Republic of Dave. He was apparently a ruthless dictator that Dave managed to overthrow due to his extremist leadership tactics. Dave managed to take the land and created a democracy for his two wives and children, plus the other inhabitants that remain there.

Whether Tom was killed, cast out, or simply remained in the new Republic of Dave until he died of old age is not known.


Tom is mentioned in Fallout 3.

Republic of Dave

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Final Fantasy

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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy IX.


Player characters

Temporary characters

Non-player characters


The primary antagonist of the game, and Zidane's brother. Created by Garland to assist in the assimilation of Gaia and Terra, while Zidane matured.

The Queen of Alexandria, and Garnet's adopted mother. Manipulated by Kuja to wage a war across the continent.

Queen Brahne's court jesters. At first they are loyal to Brahne, they later sided with Kuja. They posses the power to remove Eidolons.

A secondary antagonist, and the "father" of Kuja, Zidane, and Mikoto. The only Terran awake, he created the three to speed up the assimilation process that would allow his world and people to live on.

A enigmatic being that appears to the group after Kuja destroys the crystal. After explaining that it has appeared to end all existence, it is battled and defeated by Zidane and his allies. Its final fate in unknown.

A bounty hunter that was hired alongside Amarant to capture Garnet. She first met the party during their crossing to the Outer Continent, and later at Madain Sari, where she kidnapped Eiko. She was defeated by Amarant this time. It appears she was left behind in Madain Sari, and the party may visit her later in the game, to reveal she has been living amongst the moogles.

Tantalus Theater Troupe

Leader of the thieves' gang; Tantalus. He acts as a sort of father figure for the first portion of the game. Later advises Lindblum and Alexandria of the group's plan to attack Kuja at the Iifa Tree.

Two (Benero and Zenero) are members of Tantalus, and the trio acts as comic relief, having no real bearing on the plot of the story. They seem to have a strong sense of brotherhood.

A member of Tantalus, but does not engage in the thievery aspect of the gang. Opens a theater in Alexandria soon before Garnet's coronation. She has little to no effect on the plot, acting as a catalyst for character development.

Other characters

Historic characters

  • Brahne's husband - The deceased husband of Queen Brahne.
  • Cid Fabool I - The first Regent of Lindblum and winner of the Festival of the Hunt.
  • Cid Fabool VIII
  • Eiko's grandfather - The grandfather of Eiko.
  • Jane
  • General Magdalene - General of Alexandria who lead nine soldiers to take on Lindblum's army and won.
  • Quan

Minor characters


  • Alice
  • Alicia
  • Bobo
  • Bunce
  • Card Freak Gon
  • Chet
  • Cujo
  • Devon
  • Dolf
  • Dragoos
  • Dylan
  • Gabin
  • Gray
  • Guy
  • Gus
  • Hanna
  • Hunk
  • Heather
  • Jacob
  • Justin
  • Kal
  • Lillian
  • Locke
  • Lucella
  • Margaret
  • Marian
  • Marolo
  • Maron
  • Marsha
  • Mauliissio
  • Mogki
  • Molly
  • Moodon
  • Moonte
  • Nicole
  • Nimitz
  • Olivier
  • Pepe
  • Philip
  • Grandma Pickle
  • Polom
  • Poncho
  • Grandma Potpourri
  • Pricilla
  • Rio
  • Rita
  • Roch
  • Rosco
  • Rudruff
  • Seth
  • Shig
  • Brother Theodore
  • Thomas
  • Tiffany
  • Tim
  • Torres
  • Elena
  • Self-Proclaimed Artist Michael
  • Umaeda
  • Uzu
  • Wayne
  • Wei
  • Widget
  • Yaup
  • Engineer Zebolt


  • Ilia
  • Dishmeister
  • Eggmeister
  • Onionmeister
  • Ovenmeister
  • Doug
  • Nikolai
  • Michelle
  • Tom's Mother
  • Ryan
  • Tour Guide
  • Hippolady
  • Ashley
  • Flower Girl
  • Retired Boatman
  • Fish Man
  • Boatman
  • Tom
  • Mullenkedheim, Pluto Knight IX
  • Dojebon, Pluto Knight V
  • Breireicht, Pluto Knight VI
  • Laudo, Pluto Knight IV
  • Kohel, Pluto Knight III
  • Blutzen, Pluto Knight II
  • Gilgamesh Aka Allyway Jack


  • Snot-nosed Gudo
  • Part-time Worker Jeff
  • Part-time Worker Mary
  • Bratty Marin
  • Trude
  • Slai's Father
  • Innkeeper Hal



  • King of Burmecia
  • Adam
  • Moon Maiden Claire
  • Din
  • Night Oracle Donnegan
  • Wind Maiden Eileen
  • Sun Maiden Flourin
  • Gary
  • Gidd
  • Jack
  • Kildea
  • Learie
  • Lorena
  • Monev
  • Mopli
  • Sky Oracle Mylan
  • Star Maiden Nina
  • Satrea
  • Flower Maiden Sharon
  • Tree Oracle Wylan
  • Fratley (The lover of Freya)

Conde Petie

  • Helen Birdkeeper
  • Eiko Carol, steals food with Mog
  • Robert Dogherder, child who plans on traveling the world with his dog
  • Jinkus Emptybottle
  • Kelley Fingerwaver
  • John Fruitbringer
  • Shamis Gatekeeper, town guard, watches the gate to the Mountain Path
  • Barbara Gibgab
  • Thomas Goldpiler, shopkeeper
  • Jenny Greeter
  • Wendy Grocer, shopkeeper
  • David Heavenguard, priest
  • Betsy Lightcatcher, youth, sweetheart of Geoffrey Treefeller
  • Granin Miller, lazy husband of Margaret Miller
  • Margaret Miller, innkeeper, wife of Granin Miller
  • Mog, steals food with Eiko Carol
  • Harold Pathknower
  • "Mr. Pyntie-Het", a trader from Black Mage Village
  • Bryan Rootrunner, gourmand, brother of Darcy Skywatcher
  • Darcy Skywatcher, sister of Bryan Rootrunner
  • Derek Stonehammer
  • Walter Teamaker, father of William
  • Geoffrey Treefeller, youth, sweetheart of Betsy Lightcatcher
  • Matthew Watchman, suspicious town guard
  • Richard Watchman, exasperated town guard

Madain Sari

  • Morrison
  • Moco
  • Momatose
  • Mocha
  • Chimomo

Black Mage Village

  • Black Mage No.12
  • Black Mage No.24
  • Black Mage No.32
  • Black Mage No.33
  • Black Mage No.44
  • Black Mage No.56
  • Black Mage No.78
  • Black Mage No.111
  • Black Mage No.123
  • Black Mage No.144
  • Black Mage No.163
  • Black Mage No.189
  • Black Mage No.192
  • Black Mage No.234
  • Black Mage No.239
  • Black Mage No.288

Brahne's fleet

  • Cannoneer
  • Senior Officer

Esto Gaza

  • Bishop
  • Gatz
  • Lisa
  • Mogrika



  • Card Master Empress
  • Dark Phantom
  • Defense Phantom
  • Hades
  • Master Phantom
  • Strong Phantom


  • Andrea
  • Lord Avon
  • Bon
  • Cardona Bishop
  • Colin
  • Princess Cornelia
  • Fabrizzio
  • Frederick Ash
  • Gabriel
  • Gilbert
  • Gilbert's Teacher
  • Gizamaluke
  • Grimo
  • Hans
  • Hunt
  • Ipsen
  • Jeff
  • Joe
  • Kumool
  • Kuppo
  • Learie
  • King Leo
  • Leyra
  • General Madaline
  • Part-Time Worker Mary
  • Maurine the Mole
  • Maulissio
  • Mimoza
  • Philosopher Minu
  • Mocchi
  • Mochos
  • Moggy
  • Mogliana
  • Mogmi
  • Mogreg
  • Mogriffin
  • Mogsam
  • Mogster
  • Mogtaka
  • Moguo
  • Moguta
  • Mois
  • Mojito
  • Monty
  • Mooel
  • Moss
  • Nazna
  • Prince Schneider
  • Serino
  • Shak
  • Shannon
  • Slaar the Mole
  • Thalisa
  • Attic Man Wake
  • Worker #9

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Tom refers to a number of characters that appear throughout the Grand Theft Auto series and a voice actor. You may be looking for Tommy or Thomas instead.

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Tom may refer to the following:

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Tom Friendly
Tom Friendly
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Tom Friendly
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This is an article about the Other named "Tom". For other uses of "Tom" or "Thomas" see Tom (disambiguation).

Tom Friendly was a member of the Others who was apparently loyal to Ben. In the Flight 815 survivors' first encounters with the Others, he acted as a menacing spokesperson and seemed to be their leader. He wore a fake beard during his early encounters with the survivors, as a part of the Others' facade. While in captivity, Ben said that Tom was "no-one" compared to the real leader, although it is unclear whether Ben was referring to himself or Jacob. ("Dave") While not technically in charge of the Others, Tom did have some authority as shown in his conversation with Ethan ("Maternity Leave"), in his dealings with Alex and Pickett ("The Hunting Party")  ("Three Minutes"), and with the party that captured Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer. ("Live Together, Die Alone") Tom surrendered to and was executed by Sawyer on December 21, 2004.


On the Island


Tom was an Other living on the Island in 2001. It is unknown how and when he joined the Others. Just after Juliet's arrival on the island, Tom was sent by Ben to retrieve her from Harper's office, so that Ben could reveal her new house. While doing so, Tom stated that Harper made him "cry about [his] daddy". ("The Other Woman")

Days 16-44 (Season 1)

Tom reveals that he is going to take Walt. ("Exodus, Part 2")

When Claire was being held in the Staff station, Tom—beardless and wearing regular clothing—scolded Ethan for not making a list before bringing Claire. After hearing Ethan's explanation, he replied, "You know what he's going to do when he finds out." ("Maternity Leave")

Ben mentioned Tom going scouting with Pickett, and he was the one who happened upon Goodwin's body. When they tried to find the tailies, they were unsuccesful in this.("The Other Woman")

Tom made his first appearance as a passenger on a boat with three more Others: a pair of men, and an older woman. Jin, Sawyer, Michael, and Walt were sailing on the raft, attempting to find rescue assistance when the boat appeared on their radar screen. Sawyer forced Michael to shoot their only flare and the boat turned around to encounter the raft. Tom's initial contact brought joy to the raft passengers, who believed help had finally arrived. However, the mood quickly soured when the real intentions were made clear with Tom's declaration that he was "going to need to take the boy". Michael furiously refused, Sawyer grabbed his gun, and the Others attacked. They shot Sawyer in the shoulder who then fell into the water, punched Michael and threw him from the raft, and grabbed Walt. While Jin dove into the water trying to save Sawyer, Tom and the Others returned to their boat, blew up the raft, and drove away. ("Exodus, Part 2")

Days 49-67 (Season 2)

Tom and Michael meet again, for the first time since Walt's kidnapping. ("The Hunting Party")

A few days later, it is understood that Tom went to the Pearl station for some reason, as Juliet comments on Day 49 in the station "Tom was in here a couple of days ago". ("Exposé")

After the three raft survivors were reunited with the main camp, Michael set off to find Walt. Tom and some of the Others overtook Michael, captured him with bolas, and took him hostage, warning him not to make a sound. When Jack, Sawyer and Locke finally caught up with Tom, he came out from the shadows and warned them not to cross "the Line", meaning that they were not to explore the northern part of the Island. He said that doing so would change the situation from a "misunderstanding" to "something else". ("The Hunting Party")  ("Three Minutes")

Tom declares that the Island is theirs. ("The Hunting Party")

During this encounter, Tom revealed to the three survivors that Walt and the others they took, including Emma and Zack, were still alive. He referred to Walt as "special". He quoted Alvar Hanso, saying: "You know, somebody a whole lot smarter than anybody here once said 'Since the dawn of our species, man's been blessed with curiosity", and asked Jack if he knows the other one about curiosity, referring to the statement "curiosity killed the cat". ("The Hunting Party")

When Jack accused Tom of not having any real strength, instead having to rely on spies like Ethan to infiltrate the survivors' camp and learn their names, Tom called that an "interesting theory".
Tom at Pala Ferry, moments before taking off his beard. ("Live Together, Die Alone")
He suddenly yelled "Light 'em up", after which numerous torches were lit, implying that Jack's party were surrounded. Tom then called for Kate to be brought out, revealing they captured her when she followed them in their search for Michael. Tom held what appeared to be a WWI or WWII-era German Luger Parabellum P08 or Walther P38 pistol to Kate's head, which made Jack, Sawyer, and Locke surrender their guns. ("The Hunting Party")

Tom then brought Michael to the Others' camp, where he left him to Ms. Klugh to take care of him for the next 10 days. ("The Hunting Party") ("Three Minutes")

13 days later, after Michael helped the Others capture Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley, Tom acted as spokesperson for the group. Kate said that she knew his beard was fake, but she was gagged so Tom didn't understand her. Ms. Klugh explained: "she says she knows your beard's fake, Tom." Tom removed his beard, commenting how much it itches, and sarcastically thanking "Bea" for revealing his name. After the exchange of Walt for the four people on Klugh's list, Tom helped take the prisoners away to the Hydra Island. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Days 68-74 (Season 3)

Tom brings Kate to her breakfast with Ben. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

Tom was in charge of getting Kate ready for her breakfast with Ben. When Kate told him that she wouldn't take a shower in front of him, he said "you're not my type". He led her to a beach where Ben was waiting for her. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

At the cages area, where Sawyer was being held, another prisoner named Karl escaped from his cage and freed Sawyer. Karl was captured by several Others, including Tom, who made him apologize to Sawyer for using him as a diversion for his own escape. He was then taken away to an unknown fate. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

After Kate's breakfast, Tom led her to the cage that used to be Karl's. During this scene, a ring is visible on Tom's hand, located specifically on his left finger. Sawyer showed him the fish biscuit he got after figuring out their "complicated gizmos". Tom noted that it only took the polar bears two hours. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

Following the prisoners' first day on the Hydra Island, Tom and Danny took Kate and Sawyer to a rock clearing quarry. While they were going to the labor area, an Other named Colleen approached them, kissed Danny and enlisted Tom for her strike team which was sent by Ben to capture the survivors' sailboat. They reached the boat without being seen by Sayid or Jin, who were guarding it, possibly using the "Galaga". On the boat, Sun shot Colleen in the stomach, and tried to escape. Tom and Ivan opened fire, and Sun escaped. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Tom orders Danny to give Kate the walkie. ("I Do")

When the strike team returned with an injured Colleen to the Hydra island, they all hurried to the operating room, where Juliet tried to save her life. Tom on the other hand went with Ben, Matthew, and Jason to the underwater section of the Hydra station, where they tortured Sawyer. After Sawyer was released, Tom went back to the operating room, where Jack helped Juliet with Colleen's surgery, which eventually failed. ("Every Man for Himself")

Tom supervised Ben's operation, in which Jack purposely made a small incision in Ben's kidney sac, giving him an estimated one hour to live, and demanded Tom hand over his walkie-talkie so Jack could speak to Kate. Tom complied and contacted Danny, just in time to save Kate and Sawyer's lives. ("I Do")

Tom holds the walkie for Jack during the surgery. ("Not in Portland")

Jack revealed to Tom Juliet's plan to kill Ben during the surgery, but Juliet denied it. After Juliet left, Tom asked Jack if it was true, and Jack confirmed it. When Juliet started to cry during her talk with Ben, Tom commented that they have a history together. ("Not in Portland")

As Juliet left to help Kate and Sawyer escape, Jack enlisted Tom's help with finishing the surgery. Tom seemed to have problems with blood, and made the mistake of revealing this to Jack, who subsequently showed him the bloody tumor he removed from Ben's spine. Tom also listened to Kate's confirmation story, the same story Jack told her when she stitched him up after the crash. While listening to this story, Jack completed the surgery. ("Not in Portland")

Tom has twice referred to "when the sky went purple". The first time was in regard to communications ("Every Man for Himself"), the second time was when Jack asked why they didn't take Ben to a proper facility for his spinal surgery. Tom began his explanation, but he was cut off before he could fully explain it. ("Not in Portland")

Tom speaks to a caged Jack. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")

After Ben's surgery, Tom had an intense conversation with Jack, who believed that the Others would kill him, since they didn't need him anymore. Tom asked for an explanation, and Jack replied that people who abduct a pregnant girl and hang a guy from a tree are not good people, prompting Tom to respond with a quip about glass houses. Once Jack was transferred into Sawyer's cage, Tom gave him food, and discovered that Jack knew about the video surveillance. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")

After Jack and Alex stopped Juliet's trial, Tom grabbed Jack by his shirt, demanding to know why he was there. Isabel calmed him down, and read a note from Ben, who ordered to stop the surgery, and to mark Juliet instead of killing her. Later that day, Tom and the Others left the Hydra Island on the yacht. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")

Off the Island

Days 75-79

Tom fights Michael in New York City. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Tom found Michael in a Manhattan alleyway, about to shoot himself, and distracted him by asking him the time. Tom revealed himself and remarked to Michael, "we let you leave one island and you just go to another". They fought, ending with Michael holding a broken champagne bottle to Tom's throat, and Tom holding a gun to Michael. Michael begged him to pull the trigger. He surmised Michael's deathwish was because he had revealed to Walt that he murdered Ana Lucia and Libby to save Walt. But he said that the Island wouldn't let Michael kill himself, and returned his gun to let him find out for himself. Tom told Michael he had more work to do, and once he figured it out, to see him in the penthouse at the Hotel Earle. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Tom introduces Michael to Kevin Johnson. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

After seeing the news bulletin on Flight 815 in the Sunda Trench, Michael visited Tom at the hotel, surprising him with how quickly he arrived. Tom was there with a man named Arturo, who correctly guessed that Michael was the guy who hit Tom with a champagne bottle; Tom admitted he "had it coming". Tom asked Arturo to let him talk to Michael alone, and Arturo left, kissing Tom on the cheek. Tom asks Michael if he would like a drink, to which Michael declines. Tom explained that he didn't make it to the mainland often, so when he did he liked to indulge himself (alluding to the food and drink, and perhaps sexual indulgence). ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Tom said that some of the people on the Island can just come and go, and explained the plane at the bottom of the Ocean, claiming that Charles Widmore staged the whole wreck, so no one else would find the Island.
Tom calls Michael, telling him that it is "Game time".("Meet Kevin Johnson")
When Michael demanded proof of this Tom showed him photos of a cemetery in Thailand whose bodies have been exhumed for the crash, the purchase order for the 777 through a shell company, and the shipping logs for the freighter that dropped the plane into the Sunda Trench. He told Michael that Widmore had located the Island, and that Michael would have to join the crew of the freighter leaving from Fiji to find it, under the name Kevin Johnson as a deckhand. He said that if Widmore found the Island, he would kill everyone on it, and preventing this would be Michael's chance to redeem himself, by killing everyone on board the freighter. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

After Michael got to Fiji, Tom directed him to wait a few days until he was in open sea, and warned him not to get cold feet after meeting some of the crew, naming "Sun, Sawyer, Jack, Claire, her baby..." as those would die if he didn't follow through. He warned Michael that he would have to explain to Walt how he let all of them die too. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Back on the Island

Days 80-91 (Season 3)

Tom warns Jack that the room is bugged. ("The Man from Tallahassee")

After returning to the island, Tom was seen by Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle playing football with Jack at the Barracks. ("Par Avion")

That same night he informed Ben that Kate and Sayid had been captured and were being held at his place; Ben ordered Tom to separate them. Later, Tom took Jack to where Kate was being held and told him that the place was bugged. Following Jack and Juliet's "farewell" to Ben, Tom escorted them to the dock, where he witnessed the destruction of the submarine. ("The Man from Tallahassee")

Tom was present when the bound and gagged Anthony Cooper was revealed to Locke, and promptly shuts the door to the room before too many questions were asked. Later, Tom was again present at the Others' camp, seen packing up and leaving with them after Locke's failure to kill his father. ("The Man from Tallahassee") ("The Brig")

Tom and Alpert are shocked to hear Locke is going to meet Jacob. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Locke startled Tom and the rest of the Others when he turned up at their new campsite with his father's body on his back, asking Ben to take him to the mysterious Jacob. Mikhail was punched repeatedly after disagreeing with Locke's decision while Tom watched neglectfully. Along with the other Others, Tom gazed in disbelief at Ben and Locke, who set out on a trek to talk to Jacob. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Tom participated in the raid on the beach camp, survived the explosions which killed seven Others, and helped capture Sayid, Jin, and Bernard.
Tom stares at Sawyer, seconds after getting shot. ("Through the Looking Glass")
Although Ben ordered him over his walkie to kill all three captives, Tom fired his gun into the sand instead, making it sound like he'd killed them. When Pryce questioned this decision, Tom stated that he'd been following Ben's orders, but that they should have killed them (if it were up to him). After Hurley intervened and the other two members of the strike team were killed, Tom surrendered.

Sawyer, however, shot and killed Tom anyway. Sawyer stated, "That's for takin' the kid off the raft," (i.e. the kidnapping of Walt). When questioned by Hurley, Sawyer said he didn't believe that Tom's declaration of surrender was genuine. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Juliet buried Tom's corpse with the other camp raiders next to the jungle. ("The Beginning of the End")


  • The name "Friendly" was never used in an actual episode. "Mr. Friendly" was originally a name used by the show's producers to refer to the character in their scripts, but was revealed to the public by TV Guide, which has a tendency to name characters even when they aren't referred to by name in the actual episode. (Official Lost Podcast transcript/May 26, 2006) The name "Mr. Friendly" was used in closed captioning before the character was referred to as "Tom" in "Live Together, Die Alone". It was also used three times in the enhanced captions of Meet Kevin Johnson: "Mr. Friendly is staying at the Hotel Earle", "Friendly will soon return to the island where he will be shot and killed by Sawyer", and "This is Tom Friendly, an Other and the man who kidnapped Walt from the raft." For a long time, it was assumed that "Mr. Friendly" was just an unofficial nickname for the character among the writing team; however, the increasingly frequent use of the full name "Tom Friendly" (such as in issue 20 of Lost: The Official Magazine, "Escaping The Island") eventually caused some fans to speculate that "Friendly" was actually the character's real last name. This was finally officially confirmed to be canon in the memorial video shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2009, which also established last names for Libby, Alex and Karl.[1]
  • Out of the main characters, Tom has met Ben, Juliet, Claire, Michael, Jin, Sawyer, Walt, Kate, Jack, Locke, Hurley, Sun, Sayid and Richard.
  • Tom (or someone looking a lot like him) appeared in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 12, 2006. J.J. Abrams was guest-directing the show. When Kimmel commented on Mr. Friendly’s appearance, Mr. Friendly responded with a sentence that was obviously pre-recorded and played backwards. (Lost-Media)
  • Many fans thought that he was the silver-haired man on the stretcher in the hospital in "A Tale of Two Cities", which Jack was treating when he was trying to eavesdrop on Christian Shephard. This resemblance was refuted (Official Lost Podcast transcript/October 09, 2006) when Damon Lindelof said that there is no connection.
  • Tom does not like the sight of blood. (Kate and Hurley share the same aversion.)
  • "Tom" is also the alias given to Christian by Ana Lucia in "Two for the Road". He calls her "Sarah".
  • In "The Hunting Party", Sawyer calls Tom "Zeke". In the film The Wizard of Oz, "Zeke" is the name of one of the farmhands who worked for Dorothy's uncle.
  • Tom's sexual orientation was originally hinted in "A Tale of Two Cities", when he told Kate that she wasn't his "type". Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse later suggested in the October 30, 2006 Official Loat Podcast that one of the characters on the show might indeed be gay. In issue #13 of the Official Magazine, actor M.C. Gainey confirmed that he had deliberately played Tom as being homosexual ever since he picked up on internet discussions about his character's sexual orientation following the aforementioned line from "A Tale of Two Cities". However, Tom wasn't explicitly confirmed as being gay until a flashback scene in "Meet Kevin Johnson", after he had already died in the real-time narrative in "Through the Looking Glass". It was again confirmed by Lindelof and Cuse in the March, 21 2008 Official Lost Podcast, following "Meet Kevin Johnson".
  • To date, he and Arturo are the only known gay characters to appear on the show.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Tom Friendly/Theories
  • When and under what circumstances did he join the Others?
  • How could he travel back to New York and recruit Michael, when he had referred to a situation where the Others could not travel back after "the sky turned purple"? ("Not in Portland")
  • What did he mean when telling Michael only some of the Others can go off the island whenever they wanted?

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Tom was an information broker on Windstride.


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File:Tom.gif NPC Tom
Location: Rookgaard, here.
Occupation: Tanner
Notes: Tom the tanner owns a shop in the center of the town on Rookgaard. He will buy rat, rabbit and wolf corpses from you for some money. Tom has been on the island for some time and might tell you of some hidden goods left behind somewhere. His mother, Zirella, lives to the south on the Tutorial Island.

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He tells you about the Doublet Quest.

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Items traded: Sells: Nothing. Buys:

Antlers 5 gp
Bear Paw 10 gp
Bunch of Troll Hair 5 gp
Fresh Dead Rabbit 2 gp
Fresh Dead Rat 2 gp
Fresh Dead Wolf 5 gp
Lump of Dirt 2 gp
Minotaur Leather 12 gp
Orc Tooth 40 gp
Pig Foot 2 gp
Spider Fangs 4 gp
Wolf Paw 7 gp

Wool 10 gp
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist - Duel 028

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 016

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Sam, known as Tom in the manga and Japanese version is an amateur duelist, Maximillion Pegasus used to humiliate Bandit Keith.

Manga biography

Tom was a fan of Duel Monsters, but didn't get enough allowance money to build a strong Deck.

When Pegasus and Keith arranged a Duel in the New York Duel Stadium, he was present in the audience. Before the Duel, Pegasus took time to gather children unfamiliar with the rules of Duel Monsters, including Tom and explained how to play. While helping Tom, he said that he was impressed with how well he was doing. Tom told Pegasus how he couldn't afford to make a good Deck, so Pegasus gave him a Deck as a gift.

At the start of Pegasus' Duel with Keith, Pegasus scanned Keith's mind with his Millennium Eye. Before playing any cards, he wrote down some instructions on a piece of paper and called Tom over. Using the instructions Tom defeated Keith.

Afterwards, Pegasus brought Tom over to the camera and invited people to buy Duel Monsters, a game where a beginner can beat a champion.

Anime biography

Sam was present at the Intercontinental Duel Monsters Tournament in New York City, having learned to play Duel Monsters the week before.

At the start of Pegasus' Duel with Keith, Pegasus scanned Keith's mind with his Millennium Eye. He wrote down some instructions on a piece of paper and called Tom over. Using the instructions Tom defeated Keith.

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Gender Male  +

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