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Tolna's rift
Kingdom Misthalin
Members Area Yes
Main Music See article
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Hopeless Creature (level 71)
Quests A Soul's Bane
Inhabitants/Race See article
Tolna's rift.

Tolna's rift can be accessed after completing A Soul's Bane. It is located east of Varrock and west of Paterdomus.

This dungeon is designed to be efficient for players training their combat skills. The monsters here have fairly high hitpoints and relatively low defence. However, as the area is designed purely with combat training in mind, almost all of the monsters do not drop any items. This does, however, mean that players can stock their entire inventory with food without having to worry about having to drop some should they get an item.

This can be an excellent area to level Ranged for players who have finished Animal Magnetism and have Ava's accumulator or Ava's attractor. Creatures can be ranged from the central lobby without retaliation. As the device will collect arrows as they are fired, Range can be trained without fear of damage or having to pick up arrows. Magic can also be trained this way here.

There are four major areas of the dungeon each consisting of quite strange monsters:

Anger Room

This room contains monsters suitable for level 40s-50s to train on. The monsters are level 47 and have 50 hitpoints. The angry giant rat in this room drops bones. The monsters in this room are:
Angry bears, Angry unicorns, Angry giant rats and Angry goblins.

Fear Room

This room contains Fear reapers and is only recommended for those with combat levels in at least the high 40s. Fear reapers are level 55 and have 57 hitpoints.

Confusion Room

This room contains level 63 Confusion beasts. They can no longer poison as they could during the quest.

Hopeless Room

This room contains Hopeless Creatures. At level 71, they are the strongest monsters in the dungeon.

Notable Changes from the Quest

The first thing any adventurer will notice upon entering the dungeon after completion of the quest is that they will enter a lobby type area, allowing them to go into any of the rooms. The dungeon is much smaller than during the quest, and more easily navigated. In the anger room, the weapons rack is no longer present, for if it was, you would be allowed to attack ALL monsters in the dungeon. The rage meter is also no longer present. After finishing the quest, the creatures will be noticeably stronger. Also there are no bosses.



  • Tolna, the lost boy who discovered the rift. His madness caused the rift, for unknown reasons, to change drastically.


Tolna was a young boy when he left his home in Varrock in search of a more exciting life away from his parents. He travelled northeast of Varrock, but did not make it far. Shortly after leaving his home, Tolna discovered a strange crevice in the woods northeast of the city. As he moved closer to investigate, he fell in, where he would be imprisoned for the next twenty five years.

Tolna's emotions caused the rift to change. His emotions, which were mostly anger, confusion, fear, and hopelessness, were manifested in the caverns' chambers. Tolna descended further into madness and ultimately lost his humanity.

Upon completion of A Soul's Bane Tolna tells that, while trapped, he could feel a powerful evil emanating from the area. He believes this is what caused him to go insane and what made the dungeon twist to his emotions. While this may just be an illusion he suffered during his insanity, this disturbingly fits with the presence of the Digsite to the south. The Digsite was once a massive temple complex, part of the mighty Zarosian city of Senntisten. The city was three times bigger than modern-day Varrock and reached as far as Edgeville, another old settlement of the Zarosian Empire.

Tolna's Story

I managed to find the remnants of the ancient civilization that the stories talk about. It seems people used to worship a god here years ago in numbers far greater than a simple cult following. Sadly there is little remaining so I have nothing else to tell. As soon as I entered the area the ground swallowed me whole. I felt there was something watching, waiting. It’s like there is some evil power under the ground that wanted me to suffer. As if it got some sort of empowerment from it. At least whatever it is, it doesn’t want to reveal itself to the world yet…


  • Wrath and Ruin
  • Method of Madness
  • No Way Out
  • Fear and Loathing

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