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Tolk le Trene
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Rise of the Empire era


Galactic Republic

Tolk le Trene, a female Lorrdian nurse, was stationed at RMSU-7 on Drongar during the Clone Wars.


le Trene tends to a wounded clone trooper

During her service there she met and fell in love with Corellian Republic surgeon Jos Vondar. Tolk was briefly suspected as being a saboteur by Jedi Barriss Offee as she had been onboard the MedStar frigate at Drongar at the time of an explosion and afterwards her attitude towards Jos Vondar became more distant. However Tolk's coldness was due to the fact that she had learned Jos would lose his position if she continued their relationship. She had needed an opportunity to think, and this was perceived by Barriss Offee when Tolk opened her mind to the Jedi.

Despite his people's traditions barring marriage to offworlders, Vondar brought her to his home world after the cessation of fighting on Drongar. Accompanying them on their journey was Vondar's great-uncle, Admiral Erel Kersos.


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