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This article is about the Dark Acolyte. You may be looking for Skorr, a bounty hunter.
Tol Skorr
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19 BBY, Saleucami

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Rise of the Empire era

Known masters

Darth Tyranus (Sith Master)

"You could have saved yourself, Skorr. Sometimes you…disappoint me."
―Count Dooku

Tol Skorr was a male Human who served as a Jedi Knight during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. After falling to the dark side during the Clone Wars, he joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and became one of Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes.



Tol Skorr is killed by Quinlan Vos.

Skorr was shot down and nearly killed by pirates on a mission over Korriban, but his life was saved by Count Dooku. Skorr followed Dooku unquestioningly from that day on and turned to the dark side of the Force.

Skorr became one of Dooku's deputies in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, along with Sora Bulq, Kadrian Sey, and later Quinlan Vos. Skorr had an intense rivalry with Vos, whom he viewed as a threat to his position with Dooku. Skorr was present at Dooku's subjugation of Tibrin, at the duel against the Kiffu Guardians, and later competed with Vos on Korriban to recover the Sith holocron of Darth Andeddu.

After Vos returned empty-handed from his mission to Honoghr, Dooku tasked Skorr and Asajj Ventress to hunt him down. They trapped Vos aboard the exploration vessel Titavian IV, and would have succeeded in killing him had Obi-Wan Kenobi not intervened. With Ventress focused on Kenobi, Skorr continued to attack Vos, before being distracted by an escaped rancor. He then took to his personal ship, a KR-TB "Doomtreader", to hunt Vos, but was shot down and left stranded with Ventress on Titavian IV.

Skorr also participated in the Siege of Saleucami, where he was killed by his rival Quinlan Vos, when he was Force pushed into a lava pit after being defeated by Quinlan.

Personality and traits

Tol Skorr was extremely loyal to Count Dooku and followed his orders without question or hesitation. He was always eager to win Dooku's favor and because of this he had an intense rivalry with Quinlan Vos.

Powers and abilities

Tol Skorr displayed the ability to use Force Choke and was quite skilled in lightsaber combat though not as strong as Asajj Ventress or Sora Bulq.


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