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A detailed image of TokTz-Mej-Tal, or the Obsidian staff.

TokTz-Mej-Tal (roughly translated as Obsidian staff) is a two-handed staff. It requires 60 Magic and 60 Attack to wield and can only be used in combat. Currently, it is significantly rare, compared to other obsidian equipment. Players can buy the TokTz-Mej-Tal at the weapons store in the TzHaar city for 52500 Tokkul. It also has the same magic, attack, and defence bonuses as an Ahrims staff or Teacher wand, it costs 30k more than the price of an Ahrims staff but makes up for this by being non-degradable.

Although it has a magic bonus and could previously Autocast spells; it is also a proficient melee weapon. This weapon isn't used often because it costs Tokkul that is usually used for an uncut onyx, and it is only dropped by TzHaar-Mej, which can cast powerful spells on anyone who attacks them. Being a 2 handed weapon also gives it a disadvantage to other staves. This weapon cannot be made using the Crafting skill.

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A player wielding a Toktz-mej-tal
A player wielding a Toktz-mej-tal
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+15 -1 +55 +15 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+10 +15 +5 +15 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+55 0 +5 ?
Speed: File:speed6.gif

Combat and magic styles

Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Bash Accurate Crush Attack
Pound Aggressive Crush Strength
Focus Defensive Crush Defence


  • Though the direct translation would be Obsidian-Magic-Staff, the correct translation would most likely be Magical-Obsidian-Staff.

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