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The town of Tokkul.
The town of Tokkul on the World Map.

Tokkul, also known as Tokkle, is a location in Final Fantasy III found at the southern end of the Floating Continent. Most residents will run away in fear if approached. The elder in the house on the north end of town explains that soldiers from Castle Argus recently attacked, so people have been on their guard.

There are no shops, inns, or wellsprings.



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Before the visit of the Light Warriors to Tokkul, the town was attacked by the forces of the evil wizard Hein. As they arrive to the town after restoring the Fire Crystal, they are attacked and abducted by his soldiers and taken to his castle.


Item Location
Ice Staff Hidden in town
Bacchus' Cider Hidden in town
Great Bow Hidden in town
Lamia Scale Hidden in town
Sonic&Knuckles House in the north
Kenpo Gi House in the north
Serpent Sword House in the north


Note: Enemies are only encountered outside of town.


The background music that plays in Tokkul before the events at Hein's Castle is "Djinn's Curse", and is replaced by "Return of the Warrior" after the Light Warriors defeat Hein.


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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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Due to a recent update by Jagex, the information in this article may be out-of-date. You can help to improve this article by updating the information.
Also called? Tokkul
Members only? Yes
Tradable? No
Approximate value 1-2.5 (Varies with price of Toktz-xil-ul) coins
Examine It's a Token of some kind made from Obsidian.

Tokkul is the only currency of the TzHaar people residing in the underground TzHaar City. It is made from obsidian, a volcanic glass (actually hardened bodies of dead TzHaar); it cannot be created by players. Tokkul is sometimes referred to as TokKul by some of the NPCs in the city. Apparently, Tokkul is made out of corpses of the TzHaar, as said in a Postbag from the Hedge letter, which is why players cannot trade Tokkul with other players.

According to the Wise Old Man in Postbag from the Hedge 12 and 14, the name TokKul means, roughly, rock token or material value.


Getting Tokkul

Since Tokkul isn’t tradeable, it is difficult to get. There are currently only three ways to get Tokkul:

TzHaar Fight Pits

The TzHaar Fight Pits minigame, along with selling to the TzHaar shops (this can no longer be done due to an update by Jagex), was the first way to get Tokkul. Tokkul is only received from the fight pits if you are its champion. The amount of Tokkul you receive as a reward is based on how many participants are in that round.

TzHaar Fight Cave

The Fight Cave is the ultimate gauntlet for players proving themselves worthy of a Fire Cape. Players obtain variable amounts of Tokkul as a consolation prize depending on how far they progress before succumbing. If a player completes the Fight Cave, they will receive 16,064 Tokkul along with a Fire Cape.

Spending Tokkul

After a player earns a good amount of Tokkul, they have three places to spend it in.

Note: The Tzhaar shops no longer offer a discount if a player is wearing the Karamja gloves 1 after the Personalised Shops update.

TzHaar-Hul-Tel's Equipment Store

Item Type Grand Exchange
Price (coins)
Buy Coins per
File:TokTz-Xil-Ul.png Toktz-xil-ul Throwing Ring 857 375 2.285
File:TokTz-Xil-Ak.png Toktz-xil-ak Sword 67,300 60,000 1.122
File:TokTz-Ket-Xil.png Toktz-ket-xil Shield 136,100 67,500 2.016
File:TokTz-Xil-Ek.png Toktz-xil-ek Knife 35,800 37,500 0.955
File:TokTz-Mej-Tal.png Toktz-mej-tal Staff 42,700 52,500 0.813
File:TokTz-Ket-Em.png Tzhaar-ket-em Mace 52,600 45,000 1.169
File:TokTz-Ket-Om.png Tzhaar-ket-om Maul 94,600 75,000 1.261
File:Obsidian_cape.png Obsidian cape Cape 138,600 90,000 1.54

TzHaar-Mej-Roh Rune Store

Rune Default stock Grand Exchange
Buy Coins per
File:Fire Rune.PNG Fire rune 1000 5 26 0.192
File:Water Rune.PNG Water rune 1000 38 26 1.462
File:Air Rune.PNG Air rune 1000 12 26 0.462
File:Earth Rune.PNG Earth rune 1000 30 26 1.154
File:Mind Rune.PNG Mind rune 1000 5 26 0.192
File:Body Rune.PNG Body rune 100 14 24 0.583
File:Chaos Rune.PNG Chaos rune 300 85 210 0.405
File:Death Rune.PNG Death rune 100 374 465 0.804

TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem Store

Note: prices without an alternate selling price listed are only the starting shop prices, these prices will likely drop dramatically as you sell more to the shop. onyx bolt tips add 1 each one you buy. A recent update has dramatically increased the prices of all these items.

Rune Default stock Grand Exchange
Buy Coins per
File:Tin Ore.PNG Tin 5 93 30 3.1
File:Copper Ore.PNG Copper 5 110 30 3.667
File:Iron Ore.PNG Iron ore 2 206 25 8.24
File:Uncut sapphire.gif Uncut sapphire 1 1,784 37 48.216
File:Uncut emerald.gif Uncut emerald 1 3,797 75 50.627
File:Uncut onyx.gif Uncut onyx 1 7,800,000 2,700,000 2.889
File:Onyx bolt tip.PNG Onyx bolt tips 50 7,763 13,500 0.696


  • TokKul is spelt 'Tokkul', when in your inventory. But when you attempt to value something at a Tzhaar store it reads 'TokKul'. It is unknown whether this is an error in the coding of the game or there purposely.
  • With the personalised shop update, the price of the uncut onyx gem was increased by roughly a factor of 10. The buying and selling prices of other items were also somewhat increased, thus devaluing the Tokkul currency. This angered some players who were saving up to buy an onyx gem, and had therefore invested substantial funds in Tokkul.
  • With an update in December 2009, Jagex made it so that it is no longer possible to sell items to the Tzhaar shops. It used to be possible to do this, and many people bought onyx gems for much lower than the GE price with very little effort, making millions in the process.
  • The Mi-go, a race from the works of H.P. Lovecraft mine a metal called tok'l. The tok'l is used to create a Mi-go's "brain cylinder". This is remotely similar to the TzHaar in that TokKul comes from a TzHaar when they die. The name is similar, while the use is an opposite.

This article uses material from the "Tokkul" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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