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Toba Bari
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48 BBY

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Otolla Gungan



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Rise of the Empire era


Toba Bari was an adventurous Gungan scout and the son of Bullba and Neesada Bari. Unlike many other Gungans, he was fascinated by Naboo's surface and unperturbed by the thought of encountering Humans. His curiosity and bravery drove him to explore much of the planet.

In 32 BBY, he played a minor role in defending Naboo from Trade Federation forces as a member of the Naboo Underground.

After the defense of Naboo, Toba became fascinated with the prospect of piloting. When the time came for the Gungans to build a colony on Ohma-D'un, Toba was one of the first to be hired. He spent an unknown amount of time at the colony working as a shuttle pilot before being accepted into the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps. His previous experience working for the Ohma-D'un colony on an independent basis made acclimating to military life difficult, but Toba did his best to adjust.

As a member of the Space Fighter Corps, Toba became a founding member of the Iron Cesta Flight, an exclusively Gungan organization. The flight used G-1 starfighters to combat smugglers and pirates in the area between Naboo and Ohma-D'un.

Two years after the creation of Iron Cesta Flight, Toba was offered command of the military unit. However, due to his long-standing dream of interstellar travel and adventure, Toba quit the flight as well as the Naboo military. He used the money he had earned as a pilot and combined it with his inheritance to purchase a small freighter (which he named Sea Killer) as well as an R5 astromech droid.

Toba then began his career as a smuggler, working out of Ohma-D'un.

Behind the scenes

His last name is never actually said, but due to his parents' last name being the same it can be assumed that his last name is also Bari.


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