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Rydia and Rosa as a Toad.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Toad (トード Tōdo), also known as Frog, is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series. Characters inflicted with the ailment have their attack power reduced to it's base amount. Spell casting character affected cannot cast any spells other than Toad. Toad can be cured by casting Toad on an afflicted character or by using the Maiden's Kiss item.




Final Fantasy II

Any units turned into a Toad will have their Accuracy greatly reduced, making them miss more often, and are unable to cast magic. This status lasts after battle until cured with a Maiden's Kiss, the spell Esuna at level 4 or higher, or the spell Toad.

Final Fantasy III

The status effect appears again, once more preventing the use of magic and drastically decreasing a character's Attack and Defense. The decrease causes all attacks to be 1, or 0. The ailment can only be cured with a Maiden's Kiss, Esuna, or another Toad spell.

Final Fantasy IV

A party member with the Toad ailment will lose the ability to cast magic and will become weakened in Attack and Defense stats. Cures for the status effect are a Maiden's Kiss, Remedy, Esuna, or the Toad spell.

Final Fantasy V

The field map Toad player sprite.

Toad-inflicted characters can't cast spells and their attack is pitiful - but may also inflict Toad on their target.

Note that Toad inflicted characters have different sprites for the battle screen and the field map.

Game Element Type Effect
Toad Black Magic Inflicts and cures Toad.
Pond's Chorus Blue Magic Inflicts Toad.
Toad Kiss Mix Inflicts Toad.
Kurukuru Enemy Attack Inflicts Toad to the party.

Final Fantasy VII

In addition to the spell, an enemy skill called Frog Song causes the status along with Sleep. The Toad status is the worst of the transformation statuses in the game, preventing all commands except Attack, Item (including W-Item), and the spell Toad if the player has it equipped. It also decreases the attack power of that character by 1/4 of their base damage.

Game Element Type Effect
Toad Magic Inflicts or cures Toad.
Bad Breath Enemy Skill Inflicts Toad as well as other statuses.
Frog Song Enemy Skill Inflicts and/or cures Toad and Sleep.
Frog Jab Enemy Attack Inflicts or cures Toad.
Pale Horse Enemy Attack Inflicts Toad, Mini, and Sadness.
Petrified Frog Enemy Attack Inflicts Toad and Slow Petrify.
Right Revenge Enemy Attack Inflicts Toad and Slow Petrify, as well as reducing the target's HP by 15/32.
Right Thrust Enemy Attack Inflicts Toad and Slow Petrify, as well as reducing the target's HP by 15/16.
White Cape Accessory Prevents Toad and Mini.
Impaler Item Inflicts or cures Toad.

Final Fantasy XI

Poroggos have a weapon skill named Frog Song that can turn a character into a frog. It also inflicts a charm effect on the character. Notorious Monster Poroggos have a more powerful version called Frog Chorus that inflicts Charm on all enemies in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Character can only attack or cast Toad. Can be caused by the Black Mage's spell. The following are other abilities that cause the Toad status:

Job Abilities

Enemy Abilities

Players can cure it using a Maiden's Kiss or Remedy, or the magicks Esuna, Toad, or Dispelna.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

An archer "frogshaped!"

The status effect is known as Frog. It is inflicted by the Alchemist spell Toad, the Animist skill Frog Song, and the enemy Lamia's Poison Frog attack.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Frog status appears in the same manner as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, with Alchemists, Animists, and the Lamia family of monsters being able to inflict it.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Toad status card will cause treasure cards not to appear. Also, one of the in-game manuals' tutors is a blue toad, in the shape of one from Final Fantasy IV.

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

In the anime, Cid was turned into a frog by the Frog Sage during the Ocean Puzzle sequence. The cure to this is apparently a maiden's kiss, which he obtained from Miles by kissing her when she made a sandwich out of him.


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