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The timetravelers experience the pain of yet another flash ("This Place Is Death")
After Ben moves the Island, several characters, mostly survivors of flight 815, begin experiencing time flashes. These differ from the time travel experienced by Desmond in the Constant, in that those who experience time flashes travel physically through time, while Desmond and Eloise merely exchange consciousness across time. Nevertheless, extreme and prolonged exposure to the time flashes appear to be similar to those of the consciousness travels; nosebleeds, and eventually death. ("This Place Is Death")

These flashes are accompanied by a flash of white light after which those effected travel to an apparently random time. Both the time traveled to as well as the time between flashes seems completely random. Objects being carried by people who experience a time flash also seem to travel with them. Besides the survivors of flight 815, those who have been seen experience time flashes include Juliet, Charlotte, Miles, and Daniel Faraday. Juliet seems to be the only one of the Others to experience any time flashes.

Nosebleeds and headaches seem to be a side effect of these flashes.


A chronology of events on-island described as time flashes starting with episodes "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3" and "Because You Left" can be seen here.

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