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For the Last Great Time War between Daleks and Time Lords, see separate article.

The term Time War can be applied to at least two types of time-spanning conflicts. The first type of time war is where sides fight each other across different points in history. The second type of time war is one in which Time itself is used as a weapon by two or more time-active factions, employing with pre-emptive strikes, time loops, temporal paradoxes and the reversal of historical events. It is difficult to study these wars, since they tend to erase the damage before it was made.

The first time war fought by Gallifrey was the Black Sun War, starting when the Order of the Black Sun sent a time-travelling assassin to prevent Gallifrey gaining time travel. (DWM: Star Death) The Order itself existed 30,000 years in the future, and launched a second attack twenty years later (4-D War); the Order viewed the Time Lords as striking first in the present, thanks to a Sontaran scheme. (Black Sun Rising)

A second war, lasting thirty thousand years, took place a generation after the time of Rassilon. It was fought between the Time Lords and other races that were developing time travel. The Time Lords destroyed one such race, the Charon, before they even existed. (NA: Sky Pirates!)

Other time wars include the skirmish between the Halldons and the Eternals. Another was the brutal slaughter of the Omnicraven Uprising. Neither of these wars directly involved the Time Lords, though on both occasions the Time Lords intervened (DWA: 2006 Doctor Who Annual).

At one point in the Doctor's future a war was fought between the Time Lords and the Enemy (who had no other known name). Although Gallifrey was also destroyed as a result of the Doctor attempting to prevent the war from beginning (EDA: The Ancestor Cell), this was a different event than the Last Great Time War with the Daleks, which also destroyed Gallifrey. (DW: The End of the World onwards)

At some point, Gallifrey was possibly restored, only to be destroyed again in the Last Time War.

Behind the Scenes

A fan-turned-pro, Russell T Davies has considerable knowledge of the mythology of Doctor Who Universe and knew about Gallifrey's previous destruction in The Ancestor Cell. In oaaane of his regular Doctor Who Magazine columns, he compared Gallifrey being destroyed twice with Earth's two World Wars. He also said that he was "usually happy for old and new fans to invent the Complete History of the Doctor in their heads, completely free of the production team's hot and heavy hands." Despite Davies' unequivocal statement that the two wars are not the same, Lance Parkin, in his Doctor Who Universe timeline AHistory, suggests in a speculative essay that the "two" destructions of Gallifrey could be the same event seen from two different perspectives, with the Eighth Doctor present twice (and both times responsible for the planet's destruction).


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Time War
Start date 2389 from corporial point of view
End date unknown
Place(s) Milky Way Galaxy
Result unknown
Federation Alliance, Guardians (by proxy), Home Guard, Temporal Command Borg, Optimum Movement
Puto, Lewis, Jonathan Kent, Jimb'a, Laura Lee, Jean-Luc Picard Colonel Phillip Green
unknown unknown
material losses
unknown unknown
unknown unknown

The Time War was a conflict fought between various factions and alliances, including the Federation Alliance and the Borg across many eras of history within the Milky Way Galaxy. Although the war may have manifested itself in multiple forms depending on points of view, the apparent cause of the conflict from the perspective of Unity Starbase's crew was Colonel Phillip Green using an assimilated Guardian of Forever to create a Time Lock in which no "grandfather"-style paradoxes could exist. The changes made to the core timeline during the duration of the lock would not cause a butterfly effect ripple. In effect, the entire war would be contained within the lock. Colonel Green's plan was to assimilate what he could of the galaxy and then disable the lock so that paradoxes would revert and he could control everything via the Borg.

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